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blog.studypro.eu/genrico-hidroxicloroquina-400mg-tableta.php To read more about the breeding biology of this species, go here. To avoid the cold and hard Arctic winter, when snow covers all the grassy food on the tundra, the geese migrate south, in this case to the south and southwest. To read more about the wintering ecology of this species, click here.

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During winter, the geese mainly use agricultural fields for feeding. Often this causes conflicts with farmers. Read more about agricultural conflicts.

During migration, the geese use a variety of complex migration routes. However, some of them migrate eastwards via Belarussia and Russia before heading north. Read more about the migration routes of this species.

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Throughout the entire year, the geese have to worry about their enemies. As trophic interactions are a key mechanism by which invaders influence communities, we used a combination of approaches to investigate the feeding preferences and community impacts of two globally invasive large benthic decapods that co-occur in freshwaters: the signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus and Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis. Schlagworte: carbon , nitrogen , ecol , elem. In this study, stable carbon isotope ratios in the glucose samples were extracted from annual pine tree rings as bio-indicators of contemporary environmental changes in heavily urbanized areas.

The analysed samples covered the time span from to AD, the time period of the development of industrialization and the modernization in the industrial sector in Poland, similarly as in Eastern Europe. This modernization was connected with EU legislation and the implementation of restrictive governmental regulations on emissions.

The carbon isotope discrimination has been proposed as a method for evaluating water use efficiency. The measurements of carbon isotopes were carried out using the continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer coupled to the elemental analyser. In this study, the first results of water use efficiency in glucose are presented. Schlagworte: carbon , soil , ecol , elem.

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The Science of the total environment Zooplankton play a central role in marine food webs, dictating the quantity and quality of energy available to upper trophic levels. They act as "keystone" species in transfer of mercury Hg up through the marine food chain.

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MMHg concentrations in Calanus spp. Biomagnification of MMHg between Calanus spp. Our results show large geographical variations in Hg concentrations and isotopic signatures for individual species related to regional ecosystem features, such as varying water masses and freshwater inputs, and highlight the increased exposure to Hg in the marine food chain of the southern Beaufort Sea.


Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. We synergistically address a wide variety of perspectives and methodologies in evolutionary ecology, including plant and animal ecology, integrative botany and zoology, ecotoxicology, and conservation. Libellenatlas Webseite. Infos HGP. Learn more. Soil acidity has some influence, and there is an apparent germination optimum around neutrality.

Schlagworte: carbon , nitrogen , ecol , ocea , poll , elem. Latitudinal variation in ecological opportunity and intraspecific competition indicates differences in niche variability and diet specialization of Arctic marine predators Ecology and Evolution David J.


Yurkowski, Steve Ferguson, Emily S. Choy, Lisa L. Loseto, Tanya M. Brown, Derek C. Muir, Christina A. Semeniuk, Aaron T.

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Individual specialization IS , where individuals within populations irrespective of age, sex, and body size are either specialized or generalized in terms of resource use, has implications on ecological niches and food web structure. Niche size and degree of IS of near-top trophic-level marine predators have been little studied in polar regions or with latitude.

We quantified the large-scale latitudinal variation of population- and individual-level niche size and IS in ringed seals Pusa hispida and beluga whales Delphinapterus leucas using stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis on paired ringed seal liver and muscle samples and paired beluga skin and muscle samples from eight locations ranging from the low to high Arctic. We characterized both within- and between-individual variation in predator niche size at each location as well as accounting for spatial differences in the isotopic ranges of potential prey.

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Total isotopic niche width TINW for populations of ringed seals and beluga decreased with increasing latitude. Higher TINW values were associated with greater ecological opportunity i. Our findings highlight the differences in TINW and level of IS for ringed seals and beluga relative to latitude as a likely response to large-scale spatial variation in ecological opportunity, suggesting species-specific variation in dietary plasticity to spatial differences in prey resources and environmental conditions in a rapidly changing ecosystem. Specialized morphology corresponds to a generalist diet: linking form and function in smashing mantis shrimp crustaceans Oecologia Maya S.

Stock, John H. Christy, Gregory R.

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Goldsmith, Todd E. Effects of lipid extraction and ultrafiltration on stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions of fish bone collagen Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry Eric J. Guiry, Paul Szpak, Michael P. Rationale Fish bone collagen isotopic measurements are increasingly important in palaeodietary and paleoenvironmental studies yet differences in the chemical and physical properties of fish relative to other vertebrate bones are rarely considered.

Given the high quantities of lipids in fish bones we recommend the inclusion of a chemical lipid extraction step when isolating collagen from modern and archaeological fish bones. Schlagworte: carbon , nitrogen , arch , ecol , elem. Determining the geographical origin of Asian longhorn beetle Anoplophora glabripennis specimens using stable isotope and trace element analyses Pest Management Science