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The 5 Best Cinemas in Madrid You Should Visit
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More onLiving in Spain. Jester McGree. Now Showing Click here for movies now showing. Wednesday is "Dia del Espectador. Directed By: Gerardo Naranjo. Critics Consensus: An unsettling and absorbing cautionary tale with John Leguizamo playing an unscrupulous TV reporter who uses the medium to further his own goals. Synopsis: A man struggles to come to terms with the unexpected consequences of a secret love in this drama from director

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There's the initial setup, the prying nature, the fallback to reassess the tactics, the furtive counselling as they watch their quarry sit and stew, and then the eventual reveal with either the intended or unintended consequences of it. It makes sense to attempt something like 'Criminal', to see if a police procedural can sustain itself with the build-up and investigation happening beforehand and distilling it down to the moment of truth. While the acting really is first-rate, and the dialogue is beautifully put together, 'Criminal' ultimately is let down by its own concept.

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You can only sit through so many interrogations, before you begin to wonder whether some of the investigation may have yielded the answers that are so arduously drawn out of them. There's an air of self-satisifed smugness in each of the episodes; the interrogators knowing they've got the criminal du jour dead to rights, and that they simply need to pressure a confession out of them in order to close the case as is.

Rather than this, wouldn't it be more exciting to have the second season - if there is one - to have it played out in a court? As much as interrogation rooms are the crucible of police procedurals, courtrooms arguably have more effective range to them rather than an interrogation.

The push-pull nature of the interrogation, though it yields some insight into how people crack under pressure, doesn't have enough in it to sustain it for twelve episodes, sadly. Still, 'Criminal' does have its moments and it's an interesting experiment by Netflix and the makers to try and craft something new in a heavily saturated field of television. Brian Lloyd 1 day ago.