Egrets to the Flames

Egrets to the Flames
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see Most of the lean, lanky, long-legged birds in the world spend the majority of their daylight hours standing in shallow water, hunting for fish, frogs, crabs, or anything else they can spear with their sharp, pointed beaks.

  1. Egrets to the Flames by Barbara Anton.
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The one exception to this rule is the cattle egret, a wading bird that mostly stands around and feeds on dry land. Actually, this is — in a way — how it works.

The cattle egret is a cosmopolitan species of the heron family found throughout the tropics, subtropics, and warm temperate zones of the world. Adult birds are all white except for washes of buff feathers during the nesting season. Due to its close relationship with humans and their cattle, the cattle egret has undergone one of the most wide-reaching expansions of any bird species in the world.

Global population estimates for cattle egrets now exceed five million birds. A sweeping southern saga that will keep you riveted to your seat and turning pages!

Egrets to the Flames

Sadly, Barbara Anton passed away in May , she will be missed! It seems that while a sugar cane field is being burned, egrets are attracted to the flames and continually fly into them.

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Egrets are becoming vegetarians. I found it unecessary and annoying. Also, according to the book, egrets are drawn to the flames of the burning fields and swoop in and out amid the smoke and fire — somewhat like moths are drawn to a light on a dark night. For a while the book follows the youngest son, Henny presumably a nickname for James Henry IV , but once he is forced to give up his high-school sweetheart and turns to drinking and cocaine, he is basically ignored for the rest of the novel. Dig Deeper Overview Taxonomy.

Thus, the title of the novel Egrets to the Flames. The National Audubon Society was actually founded in part to protect this species, and the Great Egret is still used as a symbol for that organization.

Barbara Anton

Great Egrets eat a variety of fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians, crayfish, and even small birds and mammals. I once watched a Great Egret catch a large water vole in a rice field, then walk the rat over to a nearby pond to drown it before swallowing it whole.

Carrollton neighborhood on patrol for egrets

Like Great Egrets, however, Snowy Egrets also nest in large colonies in tree-tops. Both males and females help to incubate the eggs, and sometimes pass sticks on to one another as they shift positions on the nest.

These egrets are also known to cross breed with herons and other egrets producing hybrid species.