Developing english competencies 1. for Senior High School (SMA MA) grade X

LESSON PLAN I. Class/Semester : X/1. : Simple Past Tense. Time Allocation : 2 x 40 minutes
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source url UN Shot Tengku : I agree. Because what we have seen and done can give us knowledge. Waiter : What do 3. Ledina : Excuse me, Ma'am. Here is my poetry. I am pleased roasted with. Customer Mia : The end story of the film made me dishes you sad. Joko : That's true From the beginning a. I hate happiness. I don't like 5. Bram : Violence on TV should be censored. I prefer e. I try? The publication of tragedy in Jatinangor or in Jakarta will be able to stop the bad behaviour. The victims in Jatinangor will increase if the violence is not made known.

Activity 5 Complete the text while you are listening. Source: www. Nectar is a thin, watery liquid. Bees sip it from 1 the blossoms and carry it to their hives. What is a honey stomach? What happens in a bee's pouch? What makes honey an excellent energy food? What is the content of honey? Activity 7 Listen to the tape. Which words do you hear?

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What do you say if you want to ask your friend's opinion? What do you say if you want to give an opinion in a meeting? Do you use the same expression when you are speaking to your teacher and to your classmate? What do you say after you have got what you want? How do you feel if you know that the adjudicator or jury is not fair in a contest?

Activity 2 Practise the following dialogues. Pay attention to the situations and the language used. Dialogue 1 Rudi, Nina, and Lidya are talking about Rudi's problem at the canteen. Rudi : Dear friends, now I have a serious problem. But I have not found the solution yet. I am confused. Can you help me? Nina : Tell us what it is!

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Rudi : Yeah. Next month I must stop my studies because my father retired three months ago. So he cannot pay my school fees.

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Lidya : Take it easy. It is not a serious problem. Rudi : What? How can I solve the problem? Lidya : Okay. I reckon you ask for a letter from the authority telling that your family can't afford the school fees. Then you submit the letter to your school or to the parents' New Horizon representative. Nina : In my opinion, you can also request scholarship. The oldest and most I think you are the best.

I'll try to do Scholarships.

Education in Indonesia

It's an that. The scholarship pays the Mr Hartono meets Mrs Meutia at the railway station at 10 a. Welcome to allowance to cover living expenses. I am Hartono. I am responsible Scholarships are to meet and take you to our institution. Thank extended for a third you. Encyclopedia Volume 16, Mrs Meutia : Err It was very nice. No trouble. But I was a little annoyed before leaving Jakarta. Mr Hartono : What happened? Any trouble on the train?

Mrs Meutia : No. But I was dissatisfied with the service because the departure was not on time. So what I had planned before didn't work well. Mr Hartono : I am sorry to hear that. By the way, are you ready to go to our university? Mrs Meutia : Yes. Mr Hartono : Alright, Ma'am. Answer the questions based on the dialogues in Activity 3 Activity 2. What did Rudi mean when saying quot;I am confused. Can you help mequot;? Did Nina make a suggestions to Rudi?

How do you know? Why did Mrs Meutia express her dissatisfaction before going to Cirebon? What to Say Study the following expressions of asking for opinion, giving opinion and expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Activity 4 With a partner make dialogues based on the following situations. Use the expressions you have learnt. You are embarrassed to tell your problem to your parents. On the other hand, your friend has got a good experience with the same problem. Activity 5 Act out the dialogues you have made in front of the class with your partner.

Complete the following dialogues with appropriate Activity 6 expressions and act them out. Dialogue 1 Mrs Naning and her husband are talking about their son, Budi in the living room. Mrs Naning : Budi's teacher told me that Budi had been absent for 3 days without information 1? Frankly, I am embarrassed and confused.

Husband :2 we should ask him then. Mrs Naning : Yeah. I am with you. But don't be angry with him. Just ask him and why he didn't go to school for 3 days and where he went. Husband : Okay then. Dialogue 2 Mrs Vira Kolopaking, an English teacher is happy when her students passed the national examination. Principal : Good morning, Mrs Vira.

Please have a seat. Mrs Vira : Good morning, Sir. Principal : I actually want to say quot;Congratulationsquot; for your serious effort. Our students got satisfying marks in English. Mrs Vira : Thank you. Err … I am really 3 with what they have done. They answered 40 questions well. So that none failed in their English exams. What about another subject? Principal : Mm Five students failed on their mathematics test. I am worried. Their parents will express 4 because of their children's failure. Probably they will not trust our school anymore. But according to the mathematics teacher, the students never followed the enrichment programme at school seriously.

They were often absent. Mrs Vira : I think that is the risk. They 5 with what they have done. Retell the following report about camel in your own Activity 7 words. Use the pictures if necessary. The camel is a large, strong desert Camels also serve the people of the animal.


Camels can travel great desert in many other ways. They walk easily on food supply on its back in the form of a soft sand and carry people and heavy 10 Developing English Competencies for Grade XI of Language Programme Collect pictures of animals. Attach the pictures to paper. Then write brief information about the animal under its picture. Activity 1 Complete the table below with the correct words. Number one has been done for you. Country Indigenous Animal 1.

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Indonesia 1. Orangutan 2. Panda 3. Australia 3. White elephant 5. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia. A tiger is an animal. Snakes are reptiles. Vitamins are chemical compounds that the human body needs. Activity 3 Read and understand the following text. Source: animals. Kangaroos eat grass and plants.


They have short front legs, but very long, and very strong back legs and a tail. These are used for sitting up and for jumping. Kangaroos have been known to make forward jumps Description of over eight metres, and leap across fences more than three metres high. They can also run at speeds of over 45 kilometres per hour. Adult grow to a length of 1. Kangaroos are marsupials. This means that the female kangaroo has an external pouch on the front of her body.

Taken from Peter Haddock Ltd. Description : elaborating and reporting on the subject in detail. Pronunciation Practice Pronounce these words after your teacher. Activity 4 Answer the questions based on the text in Activity 3. Do it in pairs. Are kangaroos and wallabies indigenous animals of Australia? What does the word quot;thesequot; in paragraph 2 refer to? What do people call the largest kangaroos? Where do you find the pouch of the female kangaroo? What does the word quot;itquot; in sentence State it. Which sentences tell you about the description of the kangaroo's appearance?

Activity 5 Read the text and answer the questions.

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What Is Thunder and Lightning? This is the thunder we hear. Lightning occurs in hot, wet storms. Moist air is driven up to a great height. It forms a type of cloud called cumulo- nimbus. These begin to fall, turning to rain on the Source: www. What is meant by lightning? When does lightning usually happen? What does the word quot;thisquot; in the last sentence of paragraph 1 refer to? What does the word quot;itquot; in paragraph 2 refer to?

Whales are sea-living mammals. A tiger is a wild animal. The tiger eats meat. The tense that are used in a report text is the simple present tense. The simple present tense is used to give general truths and habitual actions. The sentences above tell you about the general truth: Everyone knows that a tiger is a wild animal. And everyone also knows that whales are sea-living mammals. Besides, everyone also knows that kangaroos eat grass and plants. That the tiger eats meat, but the tiger does not eat grass and plants. Verbs that are used in the simple present tense are: to be is, am, are and verb eat, occurs, etc.

Activity 6 Now, write the sentences using the words provided. Number 1 has been done for you. A school A school is a place where students study with their teachers.

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cm DOD DODDY, Achmad d Developing english competencies 1: for Senior High School (SMA/MA) grade X/Achmad Doddy, Ahmad Sugeng, Effendi; . DOD DODDY, Achmad d Developing english competencies 1: for Senior High School (SMA/MA) grade X/Achmad Doddy, Ahmad.

A hospital 3. A snake 4. A president 5. A cow 6. A theatre 7. A cat 8. A house 9. A taxi A bank Activity 7 Study the following slogans. What is being advertised? Come abroad with us. Use a razor for a closer shave. Activity 8 Match the slogans in Activity 7 with the following advertisements.

Much safer and comfortable if you use it. New Horizon We give you the best quality. A poster is a large printed picture or a notice that is used to advertise something or to decorate room. We come to your district. References Anderson, B. Bogdan, R. C and Biklen, S. New York: Pearson Education Group. Cunningsworth, A. Choosing Your Coursebook. Oxford: Macmillan Heinemann. Harmer, J. How to Teach English. Advisor I: Dr. Sri Rachmajanti, Dip. TESL, M. Key words: content analysis, e-book, tenth graders. The method of the research is descriptive evaluative by using content analysis design.