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There are several other small governmental data sources.

The Model Data Source

Using all of these sources, EP analysts construct a historical time series of final demand, commodity output, industry output, and industry employment. At each stage, analysts review all time series for outliers and adjust them where necessary using analyst discretion based on qualitative and statistical assessments of the relative reliability of conflicting data.

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Similar review processes are used for projected data. Major data sources are listed in exhibit 1 below.

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Census data EP bases its labor force projections on long-term demographic projections published by the U. Other: government Due to the specific nature of some industries, EP also uses additional sources to estimate industry output. Part of the data are published in handbooks which are updated on a regular basis.

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If you're a developer looking to supplement your own data tools and services, this concise book covers the most useful sources of public data available today. A Guide to Public Data Data Source Handbook Pete Warden Download from Wow! A Guide to Public Data Data Source Handbook Pete Warden Data Source Handbook Data Source Handbook Pete Warden Bei Handbook of Data Compression Fifth Edition David Salomon Giovanni Motta With Contributions.

The newest version was published in and can be purchased from our store. The figure on the right illustrates the occurrence frequency of words and expressions within the publication keywords.

Data Sources Used in Business Intelligence

In addition, we know that the handbook is frequently used in decision support throughout the whole system lifecycle, from design e. To obtain a reasonable population for presenting reliability data for topside equipment in the edition, some data issued in the previous handbook 4th edition have also been included.

Compared to the edition, there are some minor changes in the reliability data presentation. For the subsea volume, however, data is presented at more detailed taxonomy and application levels than the issue.

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