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Only a couple of mistakes in the text jarred on me, but only because I know and love the book so well. Overall the narration by David Monteath is good, especially with the distinction of different characters. I am new to audiobooks and this series is a great favourite of mine with a wonderfully flawed but charismatic hero and a carefully researched and wide arching historical setting.

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Checkmate The Lymond Chronicles, Book 6. Written by: Dorothy Dunnett. Narrated by: David Monteath. Also I want to say a special thank-you to dunnettfandom , weirdsociology , doh-rae-me , sixappleseeds , thevagueredhead , master-of-foolhardy-plans , llamapunk , aussielover57 , owlsongsandgoblinlaughs , dandiemacg , invite-me-to-your-memories , mudiooch, and to all the others who liked and reblogged my posts and made me realize that I was not alone on this journey. And one day - if I ever have a daughter of my own - oh, what a beautiful thing it will be to introduce her to the sparkling, magical world of Francis Crawford of Lymond.

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If you had not wanted a divorce, you would not have stayed in France …. Why did you accept your marriage in the end, and then break it? They say you are fickle.

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Checkmate book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. For the first time Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles are available in the Unit. Checkmate: The Lymond Chronicles, Book 6 (Audible Audio Edition): Dorothy Dunnett, David Monteath, Penguin Books Ltd: Audible Audiobooks.

You withdrew because of Philippa, am I not right? Then you might like to know that if you made a sacrifice, it was not in vain. But I shall never marry again, nor I think will she.

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I hope you will find one day what we had. Even if it lasts only an hour, it is worth it. Tags: spoilers did I say spoilers lymond lymond chronicles tiny fandom.

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He has tried to end his life twice. Once Archie brought him back. Now I have done the same. Unbelievably tense and brilliant, full of plot twists and drama, ending to Lymond! Very hard to resist skipping ahead to see what happens, but try to, as the payoff is fantastic. I have waited until I finished this magnificent series to review it, all I can say is- I wish there were more writers like Lady Dunnett.

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I don't really like her but may be being too harsh. Dorothy Dunnett. And of course it makes the conclusion of the book all the more powerful. Those who do like the series will find this a magnificent conclusion. But for many in an already divided Scotland, where conspiracies swarm around the infant Queen Mary like clouds of midges, he is not welcome. Sometimes those are fun to read independently and be reminded of the wonderful scenes in which the allusions appear! Book 3.

From the first meeting with the brilliant, and sardonic Francis Do I have to rate each different edition? Oh well.

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Checkmate is the culmination of the underlying story line of Lymond's growth into his massive and varied talents. It also ends speculation on a more Early in this book, Lymond is cornered in the streets of Lyon by various people intent on murdering him. With his companion Philippa Somerville he embarks on a high-speed chase through the streets and I love this author of historical fiction.

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Her writing got me interested in English history. I came upon another author, Thomas Costain who wrote fiction as well as history.

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I actually checked out A worthy finale to The Lymond Chronicles, with more happiness than I would have expected but not more than is deserved by the long-suffering characters.