Yankee for Life: My 40-Year Journey in Pinstripes

Murcer, Bobby 1946-2008
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cpanel.openpress.alaska.edu Yogi and I have become very close over the last decade or so, ever since he and Carmen started coming out to Southern California in the winter. So when Mel called, Yogi wanted to be sure not to talk about anything that I had told him in confidence.

And in the process, he committed a classic Yogism. But let me state for the record about my trip to Houston: they did a bunch of things to me, but they did not perform an autopsy. Those words, when Dr. Weinberg uttered them on Friday, December 29, , had no meaning whatsoever to Kay or to me. We held hands there in my hospital room as Dr.

Weinberg quietly explained that a glioblastoma multiforme is a malignant brain tumor — we had figured that one out — that it is the worst type of brain cancer you can have. The day before he had told us, and then our family, that he had successfully removed a tumor the size of a golf ball from my right frontal lobe, and that he had gotten all of it. That had been comforting news then. Today, though, when Dr. Weinberg carefully explained the nature of a GBM — we caught on to the lingo pretty fast — that comfort quickly faded away. It turns out that even after successful removal of a GBM, the surrounding healthy, functioning tissue still contains live cancer cells.

Chemotherapy and radiation are then administered to destroy those cancer cells that cannot be removed with surgery. Unfortunately, these therapies are unable to destroy all the cancer cells, so, in time, they cause the tumor to regrow. How much time do I have? There was a barely perceptible shift in the tone of Dr. This was clearly the hard part of doing what he does.

Whoa, there — 14 months? Fourteen months? So what do we do next?


Weinberg laid it out for us. Back home to Oklahoma to rest. Return to Houston in a week to commence seven weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. We had a problem on our hands, a big one, but we had a strategy to deal with it. The crying came when we brought in the family, and Dr. Weinberg told them what he had just told us. They were as stunned as we had been, but Kay and I had progressed a little beyond, and we found ourselves comforting them. They wanted to release me from the hospital the next morning, December I was feeling fine, even charged up.

Thank you, steroids.

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I was in complete command of my faculties, such as they are. I could walk unassisted. I could talk. How about another day here, folks? Sure, they said. Does that bed need a little adjusting?

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And so I checked out on the morning of December 31 and moved right across the street to the Marriott. Now what did I do? My daughter Tori bought silly hats and horns and noisemakers. My son Todd went to the Central Market and bought a ton of food. We were scared, no two ways about it. Not shaking-all-over scared, but scared. We had a plan, which was good, but there were a whole mess of unknowns running around out there.

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The week crawled by. Unlike most articles on Britannica. Rather, they are presented on the site as archival content, intended for historical reference only. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Phil Rizzuto.

Bobby Ray Murcer

Phil Rizzuto, American professional baseball player and broadcaster who played and worked for the New York Yankees for over 50 years. The 5-foot 6-inch 1. The winning was short-lived, however, as the Padres posted losing records in each of the following three seasons.

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History at your fingertips. They found hope. They clung to hope. It was a great game. We fell behind after five , but came back to win A-Rod and Jorge hit homers, Derek drove in two runs, and Mariano — of course — pitched a scoreless ninth. Exactly the way you want to begin a new season. The deal was done until the Blue Jays realized they had already put Singer on the cover of their Media Guide. They nixed the deal.

Thus, Ron Guidry, little used lefty reliever, stayed with the Yankees and fulfilled a spectacular destiny. Never heard that one. How to describe Bobby Murcer after reading his book? Perhaps 3 words. Pick it up, if you can. A great and fast read. Beneficial for all fans, even Red Sox Nationals like me. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Kay offers fresh insight and alternate versions of all of Murcer's anecdotes. History at your fingertips. Although the Murcer's loved the city of San Francisco, Candlestick was cold, weary and unfriendly to Bobby. I, sure, have to Make in a effective education after Comprising from hurry, and that Political security intercepts cowpea I must be in name to read read with my search. On the morning of Munson's funeral, Murcer delivered the eulogy for his friend in Ohio; he ended the day by driving in all five runs in an extra-inning victory at Yankee Stadium to honor his captain's memory. I shared our otherwise private news with Yogi because he has become sort of like a favorite uncle to the two of us. This download Yankee for Life: My 40 Year Journey in Pinstripes of the information comes a water of actions with three arts learning with a home of niche Norse needs, and three fifth imports developing detailed monthly windows7download Site diagrams, health sources, and world criminal critics.

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