Thundar: Man Of Two Worlds

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Thundar Man Two Worlds by John Bloodstone

Byrne born October 26, is an American screenwriter and writer of science fiction and fantasy. Byrne was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Later, he recalled, "I was in there early enough to see magic lantern slides instead of movies, to wat Stuart James Byrne or S. Later, he recalled, "I was in there early enough to see magic lantern slides instead of movies, to watch the little man in the black suit climb his ladder to light our gas lamp out front, and in the early twenties I was excited by whisperings of a thing called radio!

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In his teen years, his interest in science fiction continued. He also became an avid amateur astronomer. Years later, he recalled that "many a summer night In fact at fifteen I was grinding parabolic mirrors for my amateur telescope. He earned an M. He published his first science fiction story, entitled "Music of the Spheres" in Amazing Stories in It told how a young man sacrificed his life to send a passenger spaceship away from a fatal encounter with the sun.

In their capsule review of the book, Bleiler and Bleiler state, "The story, which is purple in writing, now considers the sensations of the young man as he approaches death in the sun, fancying that he hears the music of the spheres. The first two of these stories were collected as Godman spelled "Godman! According to Byrne's later reminiscence, the name "John Bloodstone" was suggested by Ray Palmer to fool Howard Browne, the editor of Amazing, who had requested that Palmer write a story about a picture showing a man going through some kind of lens.

Palmer passed the job over to Byrne, but eventually confessed the switch to Browne. The novel could not be published because Palmer was unable to get authorization from the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He is credited with writing the episode entitled "Quarantine" and providing the story for the one entitled "Contraband" He received credit for the story of the film called "The Deserter" as well as the original story and screenplay for the film "The Doomsday Machine". According to Bleiler and Bleiler, he was also a screenwriter for the film Journey into Fear, although he is not so credited in the IMdb online database.

Byrne reverted to the Bloodstone pseudonym for the publication of his original paperback novel Thundar. This vivid novel of the adventures of Michael Storm, also known as Thundar, on earth in the far future is one of Byrne's best. After a framing device concerning Michael Storm's diaries, the story begins with Storm's adventures in the Peruvian mountains searching for the legendary time-gate of Viricocha. These guys are seen briefly battling the Pack — and losing. Clearly their only role is to slow down the Pack and our heroes never have to mess with them so they seem to serve a more narrative purpose than anything.

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It crumples on the first hit before it even tries to attack. Assuming that Infernus used the same technique as when summoning the Lava Worm, he did so while being a werewolf so clearly Werewolf Traits was invoked as a compel against him at the time. And maybe he rolled poorly as well. Impressive until you remember that the Sun Sword averages 16 damage. One blow to take it out sounds about right. Can you feel the love tonight? Arial can. In her cracked ribs. As is typical, our heroes arrive in the middle of a battle between two opposing forces and somehow instinctively choose the side of the good guys.

The conflict is between a team of sexy amazon warriors and… a different team of sexy amazon warriors. The amazons are also blue-skinned amphibians so a good portion of the episode takes place underwater. Ookla too, feels the love and hugs the both of them. See, I toldja he had Empathy. These lovely ladies are fairly typical examples of the amazon trope, except for their semi-aquatic nature and high-tech laser guns and rifles. I kid you not. They ride sharks.

Later on, in non-aquatic conflict some of them tool around on flying platforms. Also water breathing. Same for the Marksman archetype. I want them to be pretty tough, but not so tough that if I have to battle groups of them against each other combat will be completely drawn out. If it becomes necessary to have stats for their shark-mounts, use the Maneater Shark from the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition. The former queen of the amazon warriors, Djorna makes her hideout in the remnants of Mount Rushmore which has had the top third sheared off.

Her position was usurped by the evil Stryia and she just wants to set things right. Djorna leads a rag-tag group of amazon loyalists who are identical to the other amazon warriors in pretty much every way. She also has a giant dorsal fin on the back of her wetsuit. So is her domestic policy, for that matter. She has grey skin, webbed fingers, shark-like teeth, and simply deplorable taste in headgear.

It may be that wizardry affects the mind as well as the body. Also I heard she balanced the budget in her first quarter as leader. That alone would be worth a free fate point in one of my games. The kraken is a giant octopoid creature with a human-like face and the ability to shoot purple lasers from its tentacles. It can also squirt out clouds of blinding ink when it needs to flee. Savage Worlds: At first glance, it seems that this thing is going to need a custom stat block, but then I realized… Water Elemental. Use the standard Water Elemental stats but replace the Whirlwind ability with a 2d6 Bolt power that it can use at will.

I thought about giving it some sort of entangling power but I realized that it could just do that with a Fighting attack. The mighty Ookla is at -4 to everything due to his major fear of water unless maybe he spent an advance to reduce it to minor? Then two words came to me: Sun Sword. Unlike many adventure series, Thundarr wastes no time with exposition and opens up the episode right in the middle of a chase scene. We soon learn that they know Kordon, at least by reputation.

Shown here with Ookla bowing his head in respect. He instantly bonds with Ookla and the two of them team up to dispatch several of the pirates. We later learn that Korden was after Oblach because he knows the secret location of the fire lances see below and the titular treasure of the moks.

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Oblach has Respected Mok Chieftan as a high concept aspect. The good Captain, shown with her most emo minion of all. Kordon is tricky because it seems like she has a lot of little attributes, but few major ones.

Imagine Dragons - Thunder

The only area she consistently shines is in the arena of knowing stuff. She consistently seizes opportunities that her minions want to pass up and is generally more familiar with 20th century than anyone else with the possible exception of Arial. But Andrew, you say, how does that skill-set enable her to summon giant lobster monsters? She uses a whistle, right? Most of them are armed with sticks. Yes, honest to gosh sticks.

He demonstrates use of the Command edge — or at least he gives orders that they obey. I mean, how can you not just love that thing? The visual of an aircraft carrier held afloat by giant wooden pontoon-logs is utterly amazing to me. Savage Worlds: The boat is basically an armor plated galley, complete with catapults.

There will be two Thors

I think I'd put it more in the sword and planet camp, as the subtitle, "Man of two worlds" suggests. Darrin w marked it as to-read Dec 20, It can lift and throw things with its pincers, extend blades and spiked maces on a chain from the tail and generally kicks much butt. Djorna leads a rag-tag group of amazon loyalists who are identical to the other amazon warriors in pretty much every way. About Stuart J. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Maybe there was some behind-the-scenes story about using the I-Ching to tell your fortune. Thundarr refuses, knowing that to do so would be to abandon Ookla and Oblach. Moks really hate water. Being forced to stick around in a suicidal situation is plenty. But if they get 5x successes in an exchange or maybe 10 total? By the way, Thundarr wins by succeeding with style on a roll to create a This Place is on Fire advantage using Fight — and the fabulous sun-sword.

Savage Worlds: This is a basic Swarm. If they inflict a wound on their targets, the target has to roll Vigor to resist a Lethal poison. Kind of. They detonate on impact so they might actually have been torpedoes.

Fire-Lances are a Weapon: 4 that affects everyone in the same zone without needing to divide shifts. It tears through steel walls and absorbs repeated clubbings from mighty Ookla without seeming to notice. Thundarr defeats it by crushing it under heavy machinery, which is either some clever use of scenery or a GM ex machina. If definitely used the Tail Lash power against Ookla to no small effect. Admittedly, they were a little daunted when a fire lance blew up most of their homes, but just a little.

Early on, Ooblach probably created a Rousing Speech advantage… which they invoked to survive the fire lance detonating. They are armed with magic rods that allow them to attach a Paralyzed advantage to a foe rather than inflict stress. They also have nets with which to ensnare paralyzed opponents for the purposes of carrying off. He momentarily holds his own against Thundarr by creating an Avalanche of Boxes zone advantage but once the free invocation is gone, so are his chances.

A sneeze could take them out. After the humans have their life energy drained by the raiders, they shrink down to about half-size for some reason. In this state you could either argue that all their skills are Poor -1 or every single roll they make has their Depleted Power aspect invoked against them. At no point do they demonstrate any skill use throughout the episode. A nameless wizard happens to live nearby who knows the secret of restoring the drained humans to full health and full size.

He seems pretty old and frail so no physical skills and he lives alone in a hard-to-get-to tower so probably no Contacts, Rapport, or other social skills. They all think mastery of one skill justifies them acting like jerks to everyone they meet. Naturally Thundarr happens by and rushes to give battle for no other reason than he really hates wizards. These guys are servants of Mindok and they appear more-or-less human at first glance — apart from the solid green eyes.

But once they get in frame alongside our heroes they stand a good foot-and-a-half taller than the humans and are as bulky as Ookla. Still, he never manages to harm anyone so his Spellcasting skill is probably a d6 or d8 at most. Frozen in suspended animation since the 20th century, these poor guys are dismayed to discover the world is in ruins and 2 of the first 3 people they meet wear fur. A creature of pure intellect and even more rarefied insanity , Mindok talks a good game but only demonstrates a few powers, namely an energy blast, the ability to teleport scientists, and shrinking people while simultaneously trapping them in little glass spheres.

As is typical of evil masterminds of a certain age, he demonstrates this last ability on his own minions when they fail him. Also his flying propane tank lets him automatically overcome ground-based obstacles in a zone, letting him automatically move at least 2 zones per round. Savage Worlds As a brain in a bucket, Mindok needs to be a custom build. And so does the bucket. They probably have another mutation that ignites the gas. Regardless, a fire-breathing aquatic animal gets more points for style than it does for effectiveness.

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Located slightly right are the escalators up to Castle Walk Level. After taking the escalators, head right towards the Castle Walk Food Court and take an immediate right for the hallway heading toward the Buffet entryway, the Thunderland Showroom is on the right. All bags are subject to search. Backpacks, luggage or like items are strictly prohibited in the show room.