The Home Buyers Answer Book: Practical Answers to More Than 250 Top Questions on Buying a Home

The Home Buyer's Answer Book: Practical Answers to More Than 250 Top Questions on Buying a Home
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First Timer’s Guide to Cinque Terre (All Your Questions Answered)

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Wow, this is an impressive list Nick! After reading the reviews of Scribendi on Glassdoor. Thanks again for the list, Nick,. It seems like Zilok is not around any more. The latest user review I found was from What a list.

Thanks for this. The Dolly idea was one me and my buddy had after moving to an expensive suburb with a bunch of old people needing help to move. Too bad somebody beat us to it. As Nick notes, you can share pictures, music, and more on Pond 5. Your smart phone can probably capture the recordings! Seems like a great way to make a little side cash. Love this article! Have read numerous posts from sidehustle nation and constantly share them with friends. Thank you so much — this will keep me busy investigating options for a while!

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Please replace a brute pay with a invalid violence; change some seconds to a human or equal placement; or place some changes. Local people also need to eat. Thanks once again for your comments! I look forward to visit Cinque Terre and hope for a corporate weather. I will monitor the weather as it gets closer. Thank you for a very informative site. We want to walk Cinque Terre and were thinking of staying in Vernazza. We have 7 days. In those 7 days, do we have time to visit Portovenere and Portofino.

Do we have time and is it worth renting a car and driving to Chianti. Any other place worth visiting. Hi Filomena, I think that 7 days are much too long for Cinque Terre. One or maximum of two days are enough for Cinque Terre towns, then maybe a day in Portovenere. Portofino area would be another day or two, depending on what you want to see here you can find some ideas — best towns of the Italian Riviera.

If you have more time, you could visit some places in Tuscany — Pisa and Lucca are both not too far away from Cinque Terre and even Florence is within a short driving distance. Here you can find more information on the best towns in Tuscany. This post was SO informative — thank you! My fiance and I will be visiting from Florence and plan to take a direct train into one of the cities. Sounds like a good plan, just start your day early. Enjoy it! Thank you Jurga for the wonderful article and answers to the questions. My wife and I are visiting the area for a day trip while we are staying in Genoa at the end of August.

Again, thank you for the brilliant info. Thanks very much for all this helpful information! It will be hot and busy. But if you stay in Riomaggiore, you should be able to avoid the crowds somewhat by getting up early and staying up late spend the hottest hours of the day by the pool or at the tiny beach. Have a great trip! Our group plans to go to Cinque Terre in May , coming from a week in Tuscany.

I would like to know if one may rent a wheelchair there? Thank you. Thank you so much for your article. Thank you so much …. Glad to hear that, Veny. Have a wonderful trip! We will be heading to Cinque Terre at the end of October and would like to view the sunset at Manarola. From Manarola train station, how to walk to the sunset viewing point and how long is the walk.

Thank you so much for your detailed information on the 5terre. We are heading there very soon,, 27th May in fact and as we are travelling for a year I wanted to ask you about storing luggage. We are bookending our trip with winters so have loads of winter gear we will not be needing when we arrive there next week.

We will have 5 nights, so plenty of time. Thanks again on your great blog. I have no personal experience with this, unfortunately. Enjoy your trip! Cinque Terre is really not a place that you can explore with a scooter. Thank you for this itinerary for Cinque Terre. We did the hike from Monterosso to Vernazza.

See a Problem?

So many steps! Very worth it! We used your suggestion and stayed in La Spezia. We watched the sunset in Manarola and had dinner in Nessum Dorum it was fantastic! Thank you for the information. So nice for you to come back to our blog and share your experience, Deb.

Glad to hear that our blog helped you have a great time in Cinque Terre. Happy travels! Just wanted to say kudos for your effort in keeping this site very much alive with your sincere replies to each question any travelers may have. Hi Jurga, Great post! We will be visiting Cinque Terre Aug I had a question about the card. We are looking to take the train from La Spezia parking car there on 26th. Staying in Vernazza. We will be there till the morning of the 29th. So, looks like I will need to buy TWO 2-day passes per person, correct?


I want to avoid the lines so figured I could get them online right now. Our plan is as follows:. Also hike from Vernazza to Corniglia. Take train back to Vernazza. Train to Riomaggiore. Here you should be able to find all the info regarding the Cinque Terre card. Hi Jurga. What a wonderful guide. My wife and I are contemplating visiting Cinque Terre for my 60th birthday.

My question is this: We would also want to go sightseeing outside Cinque Terre three of our seven days. Is this possible is is it too inconvenient? My guess is we would need to leave the car outside Cinque Terre and take the train to it the days we would want to see other parts of the region. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Chris, Cinque Terre is indeed not the best place to visit by car. If you stay in Cinque Terre itself, I suggest that you either stay in Monterosso and look for a hotel with parking here you can find more information on where to stay in Cinque Terre or leave your car in La Spezia. So if you are planning to visit other places, better stay somewhere closer to the main roads. Also, some bigger towns are easy to visit by train as well, so it really depends on what you are planning to do. PS here you can find some inspiration for beautiful towns of the Italian Riviera.

My question is when … I have two option a week in August around beginning or last week of October. I know you got super lucky with weather. Statistically speaking, there is much more chance to have ok weather in Italy end of October than in Scotland, of course. But you never know how the weather will be and Italy is also nicer in the beautiful weather, of course.

But indeed, August is normally very busy and can get extremely warm too… Good luck with the choice! Have one day we originally planned to use to visit Pisa from Florence, but now are thinking about including Cinque Terre on that day, as well. What is your advice on whether that is a feasible day trip for us? We are in good shape for our age, but would probably prefer to go between villages by train rather than by hiking. Any guidance you can give us? Hi Linda, there are a lot of possibilities and you can definitely visit the main villages of Cinque Terre by train.

There is a train station in each village and trains run quite regularly. I just checked for you and I see that there are also quite some organized tours available from Florence and there is even one that covers both — Pisa and three nicest villages of Cinque Terre Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Vernazza in one day. So you could potentially see both places. Here is the cheapest Cinque Terre tour from Florence with the best reviews.

It combines train rides and also does a part by boat. This tour is more expensive but covers Portovenere in addition to Cinque Terre as well. But if you feel overwhelmed with the planning, taking a tour is an easy way to see the best places and get some explanation from a local guide. Hope this helps. As far as guides go, this was fantastic! Any idea if the day-trip from La Spezia to appennino tosco-emiliano national park is worth it, or is too much hastle to get to?

We are going to Vernazza in late April and plan to hike extensively. Are we likely to encounter large predators on the trails and should we bring a shotgun or riffle and do we need a permit in Italy for that. If Guns are not legally allowed in Italy, can we bring bear spray and knives to protect ourselves from the wildlife? Your comment made my day, Mr. Hiking in Cinque Terre is nothing like hiking in Canada and no, there are no predators there. Unfortunately, there is hardly any wildlife left here. I found your blog very helpful..

My wife and I will be spending two nights in Levanto which has easy access to Cinque Terre by train. Excellent thanks for the detailed explanation. I am so confused on where to stay and how to start in CT? The rest of my trip is very good can you please help me out.

If I understand it right, you have just one afternoon in Cinque Terre before you go to Pisa the next morning? Hotel Firenze e Continentale is one of the nicest hotels next to the station, but there are also plenty of apartments and cheaper rooms nearby — you can find it using the map function on booking. Then, after you leave your luggage, take the train to Cinque Terre. You can start by going to Monterosso the furthest one and work your way back.

I think that if the trains ride on time, you should be able to quickly visit the four villages in one afternoon. On the other hand, you might enjoy it more if you just concentrate on the three most picturesque places — Riomaggiore, Vernazza, and Manarola. You could start with Riomaggiore, then go to Vernazza, and come back to Manarola for sunset.

There are trains late in the evening, so you can have dinner in Cinque Terre before going back to your hotel in La Spezia. Please also refer to our One day in Cinque Terre guide for more information. Thanks Jurga for the quick reply. So what do you suggest to me on April 22nd 3pm??? I did not find 24 hours pass unfortunately the pass which I saw ends on the night. I think that you need more time to go to Pisa, visit it, and go to Florence than you think… Anyway, if you want to stay in Cinque Terre the following morning as well, then you could better base yourself in one of the CT towns and then visit 3 of them one day and 2 the next day, before going to Pisa.

Cinque Terre card is indeed valid till midnight, but you can get a 2-day card. Because I am getting a cheaper hotel and I can leave the luggage there and go to LS the next day before going, Pisa? Thanks for mentioning about Corniglia it may be I will skip that. May I know how much time it will take to reach Corniglia from train station? Hello Jurga, well done on your informative and well-researched article, great stuff.

Her stories about them were amazing and we resolved that the next time we had an opportunity for a trip away it would be to one of the 5 villages. So we have booked an Airbnb apartment, in Manarola, for the Easter week.

Warning: Your “Dream House” Will Chain You to Your 9-5 & Rob You of Wealth-Building Potential

For most people, a home purchase is the largest purchase they will make during The Employee Answer Book: Practical Answers to the Top Questions. Buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming, especi The Home Buyer's Answer Book: Practical Answers to More Than Top Questions on Buying Be the first to ask a question about The Home Buyer's Answer Book.

We plan to take the train from Pisa to La Spezia, then boat to Portovenere and spend a few hours there and then take a final boat trip to Manarola late afternoon. Our initial reasoning for choosing the Cinque Terre, as opposed to say Venice, Barcelona or Amsterdam was a sense of getting away from it all and not feeling obliged to follow a busy itinerary each day as we did in Rome in April Plenty of coastal walks, home cooking and trips to lovely restaurants, plus a few cultural excursions, but plenty of downtime. However, as I nail down the research for our trip I am getting an anxious feeling that even in April Cinque Terre will be extremely crowded.

For example, we are used to visiting the South of France where you can just turn up to an almost deserted vineyard and the owner will take time out from their busy schedule to give a free wine tasting session we always purchase after the tasting!!

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Do you know if this type of thing happens in Cinque Terre or does everything have to be booked in advance? I am desperately sorry if I sound negative, we are extremely excited about our trip, but I am a little concerned that perhaps, despite its undoubted beauty and wonderful charm, the popularity of the area will count against the type of trip we are after. I wonder if you or any of your readers could advise. Our hearts are set on CT and I trust it will be a wonderful trip, but we do have a little worry, so I hope this comment makes sense.

The only place with a big sandy beach is Monterosso al Mare just a few minutes by train from Manarola. Alternatively, you can also take the train to Levanto that also has a nice beach. I think your best bet is to join a tour like this wine tour from Manarola. If you are there for a week, you can definitely find ways to escape the crowds.

I also suggest you visit Portovenere and maybe some little islands nearby more info here: visiting Portovonere. I also suggest that you book accommodation with a nice terrace and sea views — your whole vacation will be so much more special if you can enjoy long breakfast and an occasional dinner on your own private terrace with a view. I wish you a wonderful trip! Hello Jurga, Sincere thanks for taking the time out to reply. Thank you for your insights. As you point out Cinque Terre is hilly, but our intrepid traveller from the s had forewarned us about that!!

I had a look at your Portovenere info, which is chock full of the essential info for a short trip, so that;s brilliant Jurga, thanks. We intend to pause there for a few hours as we make our way by boat to Manarola on our first day. Also, thank you very much for the wine tasting link, it looks really interesting. Our accommodation is booked and your advice is very sound, We do have a balcony with a sea view so as you say plenty of relaxing on the balcony after sunrise and at sunset on the Ligurian Sea. Well, thanks for putting my mind to rest.

Jurga and good luck with your travel blog, Cheers, John. Hello Jurga Thank you soooo much for this wonderful blog.. I have been researching Cinque Terre for days and now I have come across your blog and it is so very informative, thank you. We are visiting a Cinque Terre in early September. We are trail runners, but we just want to hike. And where do you think the best town to use as a base. We are travelling from Australia so will probably have a medium sized suitcase each. Do you think Vernazza would be an option to stay for a couple of nights?

Hi Susie, here you can find our one day itinerary for Cinque Terre. We hiked the stretch between Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza and on to Corniglia and shortly visited all five towns in a day. As for accommodations, if you like to be in the centre of the action, then Vernazza might be nice.

Manarola will probably have more accommodations with nice views.