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The Hidden
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What they might be actually doing is tracking the energy signature of these items when used. They were actually using the Helmacron ship, rather than a Yeerk device reverse engineered from Helmacron tech. The few times they have tracked the Animorphs by their use of the morphing power, it has only worked when they morphed between forms.

Book fourteen says so, and I mean materials like plastics and metals. How dare you doubt me. The Poop Joke book? So how come they never found the morphing cube in the construction site for all that time? Or never tracked it to Cassie's place? Agh, Adam!!

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Are you trying to give us nightmares?! Seriously, though, that is the most creepy-awesome piece of art I've seen it a long time. You're really talented. Cannoli: Yeah, that's how the Yeerks found out about the porta potty, the materials aren't from earth. The fact that they couldn't track the Morphing Cube does put a hole in that theory. Plus, if they were constantly tracking all non-Earth materials, they'd likely be breaking into museums and people's homes to steal their souvenir meteorites.

I guess the real reason is that a bunch of kids with guns likely wouldn't please Scholastic, so they had to stick to animal powers. If you're a five year old playing with your friends, do you honestly go: "I'm an Animorph! Bang bang, you're dead! If my friends and I had been roleplaying accurately, we'd just sit around being all sullen and paranoid.

That didn't happen until high school. RE: Book My guess is that the scientists at pseudo-Area 51 kept flushing the thing when they were trying to figure out what it was. Cassie's whining about killing a creature with human DNA is pretty much the corollary to the David rule about only killing humans in morph. Either you are what you are, regardless of what morph you are using, or else you are your morph. Either David is right for saying it's okay to kill humans in morph, or the Chap-buffalo is a cow no matter what shape he's in, and killing him has no more moral ramifications than eating a hamburger.

Is the Cape Buffalo that hard to control or does Cassie just really suck at controlling morphs? I mean, Yeerk, eel, termite, squirrel, Tyrannosaur, buffalo, race horse, dolphin have all gotten out of her control at one time or other, and there was that time she lingered for a snack of Aftran's brother.

My theories: 1. Deficiency that balances whatever special quality makes her an estreen 2.

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She is so "close to nature" and has so much empathy for animals that she dives too deeply into the morph when she changes. Except for animal trivia, she tends to have the least knowledge of the Animorphs, as well as making the fewest decisions by a purely rational or intellectual process, and as a result, is the most susceptible to a mind that operates on instincts. Anyway, nice review. The worse the book, the more humorous the review tends to be, IMO. I would buy either of the first two, but I don't know where you're getting the last one from. What basis do you have for concluding that Cassie isn't intelligent?

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I didn't say she wasn't intelligent, just that the other members of the group are more intelligent than she. Rachel is the most academically accomplished, Marco is generally cited as having the most brainpower and best analytical mind, Jake's leadership role necessitates a certain amount of quick-on-his-feet decision-making, and Tobias is the best solo operator, which relies on possessing a number of the others' strengths to one degree or another.

Cassie also comes up with actual knowledge or tactics the least, and most of her mental contributions or plans are based on her feelings, preferences, or emotional empathy. If nothing else, her contributions come from her heart, while the others' come from their minds. In other words, the part she uses to make choices and govern her actions is something most animals possess to a degree, while the others go more on their intellectual or rational faculties, which are different from their animal brains, and thus might be better able to make choices independent of animal instincts.

Cassie is the one who operates the most on an instinctive and intuitive level, which is not necessarily a less effective or valid process except, based on Cassie's performance, in her case it IS , however, it seems like it would make her more inclined to go with the flow of an animal's non-rational decision-making process. The others, who are more abstract or rationalistic thinkers, would be less likely to let that kind of stuff make the call. I think they all have different intellectual strengths. She comes up with a creative plan for acquiring the guy as mosquitos in 18 by thinking about the acquiring process from a different angle.

Oh, Adam is fucking with you, pig hearts aren't used in human transplants. Immune system rejects it. They ARE very similar, and there are possible treatments in the pipe to make them viable transplants I think it's theoretically possible. But I don't know if people actually do it or not.

My uncle got one. He did die three weeks later, but he still got one, and it pumped for a little while, but nowadays they use artificial hearts or other human hearts. Yeah - you can use pig or cow valves, because valves don't need living cells to work. You can kill all the cells and implant the collagen skeleton of the valve, and you'll have a piece of perfectly shaped dead collagen that works for about ten years, and then starts to leak and needs to be re-replaced because, without any living cells, it can't heal.

That's why they mainly use organic valve replacements in old people, and young people with valve problems get the nasty metal ones that mean you need to spend the rest of your life on heavy-duty toxic blood-thinning medication. But no, live pig tissue definitely doesn't work - the immune system would kill it - and we're not all that close to making it work. We're much closer to developing mechanical hearts - heck, we already have mechanical hearts, it's just that they're dangerous and ineffective enough that their current use is "keep this person barely alive a few more months till they can get a transplant" rather than "Heart failure?

No probs, we'll just make you a cyborg. Maybe something specific about this one specimen's DNA conflicted with the morphing cube's programming in some weird, inscrutable way and made everything go haywire. Not that it'd excuse the stupidity of this book. Except maybe Ifi's theory that Cassie just fell off her horse and is hallucinating this entire thing. Huh, I thought this was the Australia book. I guess that's a later Cassie book. Like, literally? Okay, so, random animals can morph. Ants can morph, if exposed to the blue box. So I have to assume there are hundreds of morph-capable insects and maybe a few rodents running around California, from all the time they left the box unattended in the construction site.

From there A morph-capable mosquito would actively seek out and acquire humans, in the same way as they were planning in 18! A morph-capable mouse might escape a bird of prey by putting it into an acquiring trance when it got grabbed! What if someone's pet cat found the box? Wait, it just occurred to me that the two most competent characters in this book - in terms of what they accomplish - are the buffalo and He managed to heal himself by morphing to human and back, then acquired a seagull and went on to make a noble sacrifice to protect his buffalo-brother, Cassie, and save the day!

I wonder if microbes can gain morphing powers? Sneeze on the Escafil device, wipe it off with your hand, and You know what you must do. For the love of whatever you worship as divine, Ifi, I am begging you to ignore this crazy person and leave these insane ideas out of your fic.


Hey, if you don't want to read it, don't read it. Ifi please write it.

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This one also shows how far these kids have come, with six morphs within an hour and at least four or five more within about a six hour window. The Forgotten Animorphs For 1, I'm not sure, honestly. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Very minimal damage to the cover including scuff marks, but no holes or tears. The idea really should have surprised me, but it didn't at all.

I imagine that you need at least some degree of mental intent to morph. Not so much self-awareness, but at least the ability to think and act. Buffalo and ants can do those things, microbes can't. They might not be fully conscious of what they're doing, but if the mind is simple enough, the mental command to initiate morphing would probably be just as simple, like the human equivalent of thinking about the color Blue.

Imagine if Jake gave his dog Homer morphing powers. He'd probably run around the city peeing on hydrants, humping people, and chasing cars. Or he'd be catatonic, equal chance really. That ant-Cassie was some serious nightmare fuel, though. A large, angry Cape Buffalo will not necessarily go down with one or two tranq bullets.

And too many could kill it. Visser Three is being a total dumbass. And why is the Gardens getting a Cape Buffalo anyway. That's dangerous. Cassie, you're dumb. Was it Rachel that said that she wouldn't be able to look at Chapman the same way again? I remember someone saying that. The Andalite toilet book was boring to me. Manage episode series Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers.

Megan and Carey read Animorphs The Hidden! You know how animorphs is like, heavy on the body horror, as a series, in general? Friends, we're here to say: this has some of the worst of it yet. It's very effectively chilling and creepy! So if you're ready to get spooked, buckle up. But like, spooked existentially in addition to by graphic descriptions of horrible creatures that the ellimist could not bear to look upon.

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The Hidden (Animorphs, book 39) by Katherine Applegate

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Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide - #39 The Hidden (2/2)

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It is the eleventh book narrated by Cassie and the sixth book with Cassie as the sole narrator. Number: 39 and written by Laura Battyanyi-Wiess based on an outline by K.A. Applegate, is the thirty-ninth book in the Animorphs series. The Hidden (Animorphs, Book 39) [K. A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Yeerks plan to use the Helmacron ship they.

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