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Calls the newspaper. Demands that he leave. Gives him free boarding.

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Raises his boarding fee. He tears up a little but tries to hide it. He gets angry. He just shrugs and walks away. He laughs gleefully. He is a reporter who wants to write about him. He is Doc Hofsteter's assistant and comes to examine him.

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He is a protege trained by Books years ago. He is the son of someone Books killed and comes for revenge.

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A hymn sung at Bond's church. A powerful painkiller. A book of poems from which Bond reads to Books. Books' favorite whiskey. She modernized the monarchy. She was a prolific writer, keeping dozens of journals.

She never lost her dignity. She was a terrific dresser. She is still a little afraid of him. She is allergic to horses. She has too much work to do.

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She has only been widowed a year. Gunshot wound. Hit by the trolley car. The Golden Horseshoe. Miss Kitty's. The Acme Saloon. He kills both of them. He kills one and Gillom kills the other. He holds them until the marshall arrives. He kills them but is wounded n the process. Gillom sells Books' horse to him.

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You Are Not Alone. He gets angry. Other editions. The questions are fun and seem handy when I need to create a quiz Gillom is reluctant, but Books insists that he accept. La La Land is a classic success story for a movie. You can withdraw consent at any time.

He owes Gillom back pay. He wants to move into the family's boarding house. It's a bribe for getting him access to Books. Shooting lessons. A job. To marry his mother. An old adversary of Books.

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Books' sister. Books' ex-girlfriend.

1970s Movie Trivia

A barmaid at the local saloon. To say goodbye to Books. To ask Books for money. To get revenge. To marry Books.

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Buy The Ultimate Movies Quiz Book Standard ed. by Paul Andrews (ISBN: Ultimate Movie Trivia Quiz: Fun Trivia Questions and Answers Decade by. The Ultimate Quiz Book of Contemporary Movie Lines [Jai Nanda] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Do you know what films have given us .

The saloon. The law. The disappearing West. He doesn't believe in God. He is Catholic.

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He is past the point of being saved. He wants privacy. The undertaker. Dan Dobkins. Doc Hofsteter. Sell locks of his hair. Tell his story to the newspaper. Write a sensational book about him. Offer haircuts like the one Books prefers. Find a good husband for Bond. Invite three men to meet him. Follow in his footsteps. Find his long-lost sister. She overhears his conversation with Gillom. She sees him giving money to Moses. He asks her to pray for him. Played 16, times. As of Sep 23 Many 70s children loved this little rabbit, who appeared in many books, as well as having a range of stationery and toys.

What was the rabbit's name? Roger Rabbit. Bugs Bunny. Little Grey Rabbit. Nowadays Saturday morning kids' TV is taken for granted. But in the early s there was no such thing. Maggie Philbin. John Craven. Keith Chegwin. Chris Tarrant. This was a really popular toy in the late 70s. It had four large, coloured buttons, that flashed and made a particular sound. The aim was to repeat the pattern made by the toy itself, a pattern that got progressivly harder.

What was the toy's name? Answer: One Word. This superhero heroine? Goodwin co-produced the film. The film received generally positive reviews and was nominated for several awards, including a Best Picture Oscar nomination and several Golden Globe Awards. It had a disappointing box office return.

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In , the questions and answers to be used for the latest broadcast of NBC 's popular quiz show Twenty-One are transported from a secure bank vault to the studio. The evening's main attraction is Queens resident Herb Stempel John Turturro , the reigning champion, who correctly answers question after question. However, both the network and the program's corporate sponsor, the supplementary tonic Geritol , find that Stempel's approval ratings are beginning to level out, meaning that the show would benefit from new talent.

Realizing that they have found an ideal challenger for Stempel, they offer to ask the same questions during the show which Van Doren correctly answered during his audition. He refuses, but when he comes within reach of a game-winning 21 points on the show, he is asked one of the questions from his audition. After a moment of moral indecision, he gives the correct answer. Stempel, having been promised a future on television if he takes a dive, deliberately misses his chance at reaching 21 by incorrectly answering one of the show's easiest questions.

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In the weeks that follow, Van Doren's winning streak makes him a national celebrity, but he buckles under the pressure and allows Enright and Freedman to start giving him the answers. Meanwhile, Stempel, having lost his prize money to an unscrupulous bookie , begins threatening legal action against NBC after weeks go by without his return to television. Richard Goodwin Rob Morrow , a young Congressional lawyer, learns that the grand jury findings have been sealed and travels to New York City to investigate rumors of rigged quiz shows. Visiting a number of contestants, including Stempel and Van Doren, he begins to suspect that Twenty-One is a fixed operation.

However, Stempel's volatile personality damages his credibility, and nobody else seems willing to confirm that the show is fixed. Fearing Goodwin will give up the investigation, Stempel confesses that he was fed the correct answers during his run on the show, and insists that Van Doren must have been involved as well.

Another former contestant gives Goodwin a set of answers that he mailed to himself two days before his quiz show appearance, which Goodwin takes to be corroborating evidence. Van Doren deliberately loses, but NBC offers him a lucrative contract to appear as a special correspondent on the morning Today show. The House Committee for Legislative Oversight convenes a hearing, at which Goodwin presents his evidence of the quiz show's corruption. Subpoenaed by Goodwin, Van Doren testifies before the committee and admits his role in the deception.

After the hearing adjourns, he learns from reporters that he has been fired from Today and that Columbia's trustees are going to ask for his resignation. Goodwin believes that he is on the verge of a victory against Geritol and NBC, but realizes that Enright and Freedman will not jeopardize their own futures in television by turning against their bosses.