Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies (Routledge International Handbooks)

Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies
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Wakaya -ma S. Miura F. Ito T. Kono T. DNAmethylation errors in cloned mouse sperm by germ line barrier evasion. Kim H. Son D. Park H. Aberrant allocations of inner cell mass and trophectoderm cells in bovine nuclear transfer blastocysts. Kourmouli N. Jeppesen P. Mahadevhaiah S. Burgoyne P. Gilbert D. Bongiorni S. Prantera G. Fanti L. Pimpinelli S. Shi W. Fundele R. Singh P. Heterochromatin and tri-methylated lysine 20 of histone H4 in animals. Cell Sci. Kungulovski G. Jeltsch A. Epigenome editing: state of the art concepts and perspectives.

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Transforming consumption and production—a key priority in the early 21st century

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Feed Sci. Skrzyszowska M. Czech J. Peters A. Jenuwein T. Epigenetic marking correlates with developmental potential in cloned bovine preimplantation embryos. Epigenetic reprogramming during early development in mammals. Sarmento O. Digilio L. Perlin J. Herr J. Allis C. Coonrod S. Dynamic alterations of specific histone modifications during early murine development.

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Yamazaki Y. Mellissa R. Marh J. Mc Carrey J. Yanagi -machi R. Reprogramming of primordial germ cells begins before migration into the genital ridge making these cells inadequate donors for reproductive cloning. Yan Z. Zhou Y. Jiao F. Zhao L. Guan P. Zeng Y. Zeng F. Donor-host mitochondrial compatibility improves efficiency of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer. Yan H. Association between mitochondrial DNAhaplotype compatibility and increased efficiency of bovine intersubspecies cloning.

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International Journal of Public Administration , 42 13 pp. Social immune mechanisms: Luhmann and potentialisation technologies. Andreouli, Eleni Social psychology and citizenship: a critical perspective. Social and Personality Psychology Compass , 13 2 , article no.

Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies

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Journal of Ethics In Press. Barker, Naomi Barker, Naomi J. The Italian Keyboard Toccata c.

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Defining Anthropomorphism with Robert Mitchell - ASI's Defining Human-Animal Studies 23

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The Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies presents a collection of established themselves internationally on the basis of specific and significant new. PDF | The Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies presents a have established themselves internationally on the basis of specific.

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