Montys Meatgrinder: The Battle for Caen, Normandy, June-August 1944

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Common Knowledge Series Flames of War. Series: Flames of War Series by cover. Series description. Related places Normandy, France.

Omaha Beach, Normandy, France. Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands. Normandie, Frankrijk. The Netherlands. Gelderland, Netherlands. North Brabant, Netherlands. Caen, Normandie, Frankrijk.

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Related events World War II. Operation Market Garden. Operation Overlord. How do series work? Helpers yllanes 25 , SteveFord 16 , Felagund 13 , surly 1. Series: Flames of War Series by cover 1—7 of 48 next show all. Afrika by Phil Yates. Airborne D-1 by Peter Simunovich. Hellfire and Back! Huge armoured tanks rumble forwards, while infantry is given the hand held anti-tank weapons to destroy these beasts. The war in the Western Desert of Egypt is the focus of the Desert Rats of the British Army and its Imperial allies as the third year of the war draws to a close.

As this heroic struggle plays out, the US Army enters the fray for the first time. Trapped between two foes the Desert Fox does the only thing possible, he attacks! Now fresh Soviet divisions are launching ever more bold counterattacks against the Axis invaders. As more and more Axis troops race to reinforce the hardpressed front line, the conflict on the Eastern Front is rapidly escalating to become the greatest conflict in human history. Complete organisation and equipment for all the forces in the Mediterranean Theatre, An overall history of what happened in the theatre, as well as individual histories of the nations involved.

With a thunderous crash another shell smashes into the wall above you, showering your trench with rubble. Looking around, your entire position resembles a cauldron of fireevery roof ablaze, black smoke billowing into the night sky. As the echo of the blast dies away the crack of rifle fire breaks out, and an ominous clanking and rumbling Suddenly, out of the flames roars a Tiger tank!

Leaping from your trench you run forwards. Bazooka, now! Even as the din swallows your shouting, you see a trooper levelling his Bazooka at the great beasts tracks. It may not be enough. You are in command. Take control. What are your orders? Rules for tanks, infantry, artillery, aircraft, snipers, reconnaissance, night fighting, fortifications, street fighting, and more. A guide to refighting famous historical battles. Campaign rules and a complete Anzio campaign to play. After weeks of battling through impenetrable hedgerows for a few yards of French soil, the US Army has broken out of the beachhead.

Operation Cobra has cracked the German front lines. Beside them the 3rd Spearhead Armored Division races into the disorganized rear of broken German formations. Everywhere American task forces roll down roads, opposition crumbling before them.

However, not all of the Germans are done with fighting. As the Americans begin to encircle German forces cut off in the Roncey Pocket, the hardened 2. Das Reich SS-Panzerdivision strikes south, breaking free of the trap.

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The two forces clash in the dark, each struggling to accomplish their mission and deny the other side victory. When morning light comes, both sides now know that the fight has only just begun, neither willing to relinquish the field of battle to the other. History and complete organisation of the German Hitlerjugend SS-Panzerdivision, one of the most well equipped and combat ready divisions in Normandy, and 2.

Options to field Panzer, Panzergrenadier, Panzer-pionier, and Panzersph companies. Three new linked scenarios. Impatiently the veterans of the Panzerdivision await the order to counterattack. General Marcks, frustrated by the delay, arrives to take charge. Ordering the tanks of Kampfgruppe Oppeln to counterattack, he confides to Oberst Oppeln, If you dont succeed in throwing the British into the sea, we will have lost the war.

The Panzergrenadiers of Kampfgruppe Rauch attack to Oppelns left, finding the gap between the British and Canadian forces.

Racing forwards under intense fire, they reach the sea. The ships of the Allied armada dwarf anything they have seen before.

WW2 - Battle of Normandy

With the sight still fresh in their minds they slowly fall back before the British juggernaut. The counterattacks deny the city of Caen, The cornerstone to the German defence of France. Panzerdivision, largely equipped with modified French half-tracks and home-made self-propelled guns based on old French tanks. Options to field Panzer, Panzergrenadier, Panzerpionier or Aufklrungs companies. Extensive uniform painting guides. Inspirational colour photos. Over the next several days both sides raced forces to the battlefield in an effort to establish their operational supremacy.

Slowly the Americans pushed back the German Infanteriedivision while the British troops fought against the veteran Panzer Lehr Division. The race is on as the famous Desert Rats run around the flank of the German positions and plunge deep into the rear area of the 1. Only the famous Tiger ace Obersturmfhrer Wittmann and a few Tigers stand in their way after making an all night drive to Point It is here the race will be decided in classic fashion as the steel beasts of modern war clash in an epic struggle to determine a winner. The chance to take the port of Caen and rout two German Panzer Divisions was to be decided by a few brave men.

History and organisation of the German Options to field a Schwere SS-Panzerkompanie from History and organisation of the 7thDesert Rats Armoured Division. Exploits of Obersturmfhrer Michael Wittmann, commander of 2. Kompanie, Three new linked scenarios: to be played separately or as part of a campaign; Wittmanns Wild ride, Point , and the battle for Villers-Bocage. In the early morning darkness of 6 June , the largest armada of ships the world has ever seen heaves to off the Normandy coastline.

Thousands of Allied soldiers wait in readiness for their date with destiny. Months of planning, training and preparation are now behind them. On this day they will undertake the greatest amphibious assault in history, and on their success or failure hangs the very fate of the liberation of Europe from the jackboot of Nazi domination. Rules for battles in the Bocage, and how to model hedgerows. Cutting the Cotentin Axis of Attack campaign. The Brville Gap Axis of Attack campaign. Features on the tanks, landing craft and fortifications that fought in Normandy. Options to field a Festungskompanie from Grenadierregiment, Kampfgruppe Meyer and Stug Abteilung.

Rules for fielding beach defences as part of your Festungskompanie. At the same time the Fifth and Eighth Armies in Italy looked towards Rome, planning the battles that would capture the first Axis capital to fall in the war. While the Western Allies planned, the Red Army was fighting the brutal battles that would take them from Leningrad in the north and the Dnepr River in the south, to the borders of Poland and Romania, clearing the Motherland of the Fascist invaders. The first, heavily-laden aircraft lumber down the runway and into the air. On board are the brave young men of three airborne divisions, one British and two American.

These highly-skilled soldiers are trained to drop by parachute and glider deep behind enemy lines. On this night they will spearhead Operation Neptune, the amphibious and airborne invasion of German-occupied France. New airborne assault rules including rules for pathfinders, parachute landings and coup-de-main glider assaults.

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New airborne mission: Seize and Hold. Thousands of bombers blanket the earth in a rain of death and destruction as the American hordes begin their final push through the bocage of Normandy. Despite these overwhelming odds the Panzers and Panzergrenadiers of 2. Das Reich SS-Panzerdivision tenaciously hold their ground and inflict massive casualties upon the advancing American Soldiers. The 2. Army Boxes are the ideal way to start building your force. Each Army Box contains the core components of an Army and vary in points. The Americans begin their final push through the bocage of Normandy.

Despite having numbers on their side, the US Army faces a tough task digging the entrenched Germans out of their positions. Also Included are decals and stowage to customize your miniatures.

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Also included is an army reference sheet with the 2ndArmored Division army list and Arsenal. Tigers marsch contains a five tiger Panzerkompanie from schwere sspanzerabteilung. Michael Wittmanns once mighty company of 14 Tiger I E heavy tanks is now reduced to a mere five as the rest straggle in from the long march to Villers-Bocage.

A Tiger in the hands of his elite crews is more than a match for anyone. Wittmann orders four of his five tanks to take Point He will take his tank on the most dangerous part of the job, preventing British reinforcements from getting to the hill until his men get the job done. This box contains: 5x Individually-sculpted Tiger I E tanks. Schwere SS-Panzerabteilung decal sheet.

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Set of 16 custom gaming tokens. The new American Sherman 76mm tanks were the Cobra Kings. Finally the US Army had a tank capable of penetrating any German tank with their long 76mm anti-tank guns. The Germans too had introduced new tanks.

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Their gigantic ton Knigstiger King Tiger heavy tank outweighed a Sherman nearly three to one. The King Tigers frontal armour was impervious to any gun, even the new 76mm gun on the Sherman tank. Its own 8. Unfortunately it was slow and ungainly, and had an Achilles heel in its thinner side armour.

Worse still only a handful were available. Using teamwork and tactics, the American Sherman tanks defeated the giant German tanks one-by-one. Can you do so? Situation Report You are an American lieutenant commanding a platoon of five brand-new Sherman 76mm tanks leading the advance. The armoured recon patrols have reported a German Knigstiger tank blocking the road at the next village.

Your job is to destroy it so the advance can continue. Set up your table with a road running down the length of the table with a few houses representing the village towards one end of the road and a few woods and hedge-lined fields on the rest of the table. Place the Knigstiger tank in the village and the Sherman tanks on the road at the other end of the table. Manoeuvre to the Flanks Your tanks can move in any direction and end their movement facing in any direction.

Roll to Hit Roll two dice for each Sherman tank that shoots, provided that it can see at least some of the Knigstiger tanks hull or turret not just the gun barrel or mudguard. You have a clear shot if you can see at least half of the Knigstiger from your tanks position, otherwise it is concealed and harder to hit. Cross reference the die roll with the range between the two tanks to see the result of each shot. The front of the Knigstiger is so thick that your shots will just bounce off it. On the other hand, if you are shooting from behind a line drawn across the front of the Knigstiger, you can hit its thinner side armour.

If you did hit the side armour, the German player rolls a die to see if their armour stopped each hit. On a good roll their armour will bounce the American shot saving the tank. On a bad roll, it will penetrate their armour. Roll to Destroy The American player then rolls another die to find out what happened. If they are lucky the Knigstiger will be destroyed as the shot detonates the tanks ammunition supply.

With a little less luck, the shot will not destroy the tank, but will still force the crew to bail out, fearing that their tank might explode. You can elect to stand still and shoot more accurately instead if you wish. If a Sherman tank did not move before shooting, roll on this table instead. Like the Sherman tanks though, the Knigstiger shoots better if it does not move. Blow Them Away Now it is time for the Knigstiger to demonstrate the power of its massive 8. The experienced German crews have a distinct advantage over their less experienced American counterparts who are easier to hit.

At this point the crew of the German Knigstiger tank might have bailed out as a result of your shooting. If they did, the German player rolls a single die to see if the crew are feeling brave enough to get back in their tank and fight on. If the crew remount and fight, then all is well and the tank continues with its turn. If they remain bailed out, they cower under their tank and do nothing at all in their turn.

A crew that remains bailed out rolls at the start of each turn until they get the courage up to fight on. Roll to Hit If the Knigstiger stayed still and did not move this turn, it rolls two dice to hit the Sherman tanks. Unlike the Sherman, the German heavy tank does not have a stabiliser allowing it to shoot rapidly on the move. Instead, it must shoot from short halts, reducing the number of shots it can fire.

If the Knigstiger moved this turn, it rolls one die to hit. Who was Hit? If the Knigstiger score a hit or two , the American player must decide which unfortunate tanks took the hits. No Armour Save The German 8. All hits on a Sherman tank result in a penetration.