Messiaen Perspectives 1: Sources and Influences

Messiaen Perspectives 1: Sources and Influences
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Focusing on Messiaen's relation to history - both his own and the history he engendered - the Messiaen Perspectives volumes convey the growing. In their Introduction to the twenty-nine essays of Messiaen Perspectives 1 and 2, editors Christopher Dingle and Robert Fallon begin with an.

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Focusing on Messiaen's relation to history - both his own and the history he engendered - the Messiaen Perspectives volumes convey the growing understanding of his deep and varied interconnections with his cultural milieux. Messiaen Perspectives 1: Sources and Influences examines the genesis, sources and cultural pressures that shaped Messiaen's music.

Messiaen Perspectives 2: Techniques, Influence and Reception analyses Messiaen's compositional approach and the repercussions of his music. While each book offers a coherent collection in itself, together these complementary volumes elucidate how powerfully Messiaen was embedded in his time and place, and how his music resonates ever more today. Dance and the Music of J. Bach, Expanded Edition. Meredith Little. Jane Koustas. Anatole Leikin. Opera in the Novel from Balzac to Proust. Cormac Newark. The Songs of Henri Duparc. Sydney Northcote. Ronald Ebrecht. Complete Preludes, Books 1 and 2. The Cambridge Companion to Grand Opera.

Edward Nye. When Ballet Became French. Ilyana Karthas. John Eliot Gardiner. Stephen Davis. Alissa Deeter. Adeline Cordier. Andrew Hickey. Guillaume de Machaut. Lawrence Earp. Stevie Chick. The New Bibliopolis. Willa Z. Music as Alchemy. Tom Service. Twentieth-Century Organ Music. Christopher S. Gabriel Faure.

Edward R. Peter Hogan. The Ballets Russes and Beyond. Davinia Caddy. Hallelujah Junction. John Adams. Fever: Little Willie John. Susan Whitall. Laura Hamer. The Cambridge Companion to Berlioz. Peter Bloom. Stravinsky and the Russian Period. Pieter C. Centre and Periphery, Roots and Exile. Friedemann Sallis. Hallelujah — The story of a musical genius and the city that brought his masterpiece to life. Jonathan Bardon. Pierre Boulez Studies. Edward Campbell. Nicolo Paganini.


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