Heat and Mass Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer/Waerme- und Stoffuebertragung
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Laminar flow and heat transfer in the entrance region of elliptical minichannels Liangbin Su Zhipeng Duan Current Issue. The electric arc is modeled by an equivalent heat source applied to the upper surface of a workpiece. The calculated temperature field and velocity magnitude could be illustrated by Figure 23a. To avoid heat sinks, the workpieces need to be thermally insulated from the fixtures in VP-GTA welding process.

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Reviewed Heat and Mass Transfer is a journal that has an important influence in the field of heat and mass transfer. It publishes papers per year, much less than Int. Heat and Mass Transfer.

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However, the quality of the paper is high, so the review process is very long, which reflects the German principle of doing things diligently. I have published two papers in this journal, and the review period is about months. The review time of most journals has become significantly longer.

Lecture - 1 Introduction on Heat and Mass Transfer

I wish you all the best. Reviewed Journal is very strict, mainly accepting research on heat and mass transfer theory. However, if the innovation is very strong, the application papers are accepted.

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Submission time: Reviewed online, how long does it usually take to publish? Show Review in Original Language 0 Thank xslbill. Reviewed Editor-in-chief is very good, very professional, drafted in December last yearIn April this year, the review comments were overhauled, and the revised draft was uploaded in early June. July 4th accepted. Reviewed I was a brother in 11 years and August.

It was not the usual slowness to receive the first revision opinion last month. Reviewed Submission confirmed after two months, under review, there is no news yet.

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This journal is dedicated to publishing new developments in the field of basic research of heat and mass transfer phenomena, as well as related material. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer is the vehicle for the exchange of basic ideas in heat and mass transfer between research workers and.

Reviewed What I did was the heat and mass transfer of the geotechnical medium. The overall speed was relatively slow. From submission to recruitment for 11 months, it was modified twice Show Review in Original Language 0 Thank Anonymous. Reviewed The editing process is very slow, and the manuscript waited for two months before being sent to the editorial department for review. It took nearly a year from submission to recruitment. Reviewed I also collapsed. My manuscript was selectd in December , and under review in January 12, there is no news yet.

Reviewed is a bit slow, from submission to receiving one year and six months Show Review in Original Language 0 Thank Anonymous. Reviewed submitted in October , it has been 7 months, still under reviewReally served Show Review in Original Language 0 Thank Anonymous.

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Reviewed selectd for a month, have not reviewed the manuscript! Reviewed submitted an article, 6 monthsIt has not been reviewed yet. It may be that the content of my article is controversial. A report on the basics and applications of heat transfer and mass transfer phenomena, as well as the properties of related materials and their testing. Your review informs others about the journal.

The conference will include keynote and invited presentations, contributed oral and poster presentations, as well as panel discussions on the current status and future opportunities. Technical papers or extended abstracts are solicited in, but not limited to, the following areas:. Each technical Track will have oral presentations, poster presentations and invited talks.

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Authors of selected papers will be encouraged to submit manuscripts for consideration for inclusion in a special issue of ASME Journal of Heat Transfer. Make sure to select a user role!