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dikkie.com/includes/durham/2969.php Medical problems, including chronic medical conditions, can trigger, or worsen the symptoms of, depression in elderly patients. Any medical condition, especially those that are painful, debilitating, or life-threatening can result in symptoms of depression, including:. Certain medications are associated with depression in older adults. Elderly patients who experience depressive symptoms when taking medications should report symptoms to the prescribing physician immediately. Depression and dementia share several symptoms, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.

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It helps to how the common symptoms manifest in each disease. Psychotherapy: Ongoing, talk therapy can be a source of support for elderly patients. Short term, solution focused therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can also be effective in helping elderly patients eliminate thinking patterns and behaviors that contribute to depressive symptoms.

Support groups: Groups designed to connect older adults experiencing similar issues depression, medical conditions, bereavement, etc. Medication: Antidepressants can be prescribed to relieve the symptoms of depression. Antidepressants can have significant side effects, and elderly patients are sensitive to medications. Medication should be closely monitored. Lifestyle changes: Daily exercise, healthy eating habits, and increasing social support are all important in helping elderly patients with depression.

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Doctors urged to learn more about the potentially harmful and beneficial effects of cannabis. Akeso Kenilworth. Hospital management Hospital manager Camilla Hayn camilla.

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General information. What to expect on admission General unit Dual diagnosis unit Visiting hours We take pride in the services we offer and remain committed to being active partners in your treatment. What to bring Comfortable and casual clothing. Bring everyday wear that is appropriate for groups, relaxation and light exercise activities. A bath towel - please note the hospital does not supply towels. Nightclothes, slippers and dressing gown, for sleeping only.

Pillow, if you prefer your own. A padlock. You can purchase a padlock at the reception for R50 but we advise that you bring your own. Please bring all medication you are taking and hand it in to the nursing staff. You may NOT keep medication with you. In keeping with the new laws, we do not sell cigarettes on the premises, so please bring your own. Pen and notebook Please note that for safety reasons patients are not allowed to park their vehicles at the hospital during their treatment.

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Please arrange for someone to drop you off on admission. What not to bring Valuables. For security reasons, we advise that you do not bring anything of value such as jewellery, electronic equipment, or large sums of money. Akeso Kenilworth cannot be held liable for items which have been mislaid or stolen.

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No alcohol or illicit drugs. Due to the nature of the facility and the programmes we run, please do not attempt to bring any of these items onto the property. Akeso Kenilworth reserves the right to immediately discharge you if you do not adhere to this policy.

Also note that we do not accept responsibility for such items.

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Rather hand in firearms at your closest police station. Nightclothes, slippers and dressing gown, for sleeping only Pillow, if you prefer your own.

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Alcohol and drug abuse can increase the underlying risk for mental disorders. Also note that we do not accept responsibility for such items. Our Continuing Day Treatment Program provides a comprehensive evaluation for 6 to 12 months for adults ages with severe psychiatric illnesses, including addiction. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here. Learn more about The Haven.

Please note that the hospital does not supply towels. If you are admitted to the DDU, you may spend R a week. You may also want to buy recovery literature on offer. Pen and notebook World Call Card.

We have public phones upstairs, specifically for use by patients in the DDU. Phone calls can be made on Wednesdays, Fridays from to and weekends from to Please note that for safety reasons, patients are not allowed to park their vehicles at the hospital during their treatment. General unit General patients do not have many restrictions in terms of visiting or phone calls.

Adolescent unit The adolescent unit caters to adolescents from 13 to 18 years old.

Geriatric Psychiatry

Aging Ment Health. Aug;5(3) Use of drugs by Old Age Psychiatrists in the treatment of psychotic and behavioural symptoms in patients with. The provision of safe drug therapy is considered one of the greatest challenges in the geriatric health care as patients in this subgroup, firstly, tend to suffer more .

Read more. Dual diagnosis unit addiction Dual diagnosis is a specialist category requiring very targeted interventions focused on managing addictive behaviours and their root causes. Electro convulsive therapy ECT ECT is administered under anaesthetic, and involves a series of electrical impulses being transmitted through the brain in order to stimulate the neurons to normalise mood and functioning.

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General psychiatry unit Adult patients suffering from symptoms of major depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar mood disorder, mild psychosis, trauma and personality disorders are admitted to the general psychiatry unit. High care unit Patients diagnosed to be at high risk either to themselves or others, or to be very seriously ill, for example, actively psychotic, are treated in a high care unit. Media releases.

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