Clinical Management of Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Medical management of soft tissue sarcomas.
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Soft Tissue Sarcoma - UAB Medicine

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Privacy and cookies information. Soft-tissue sarcomas arise in tissues such as fat, muscles, nerves, tendons, and blood and lymph vessels — the soft tissues that connect, support, and surround other parts of the body. There are more than 50 different types of soft-tissue sarcomas, each with a different behaviour, management and outcome.

Patients are best treated in a specialist hospital by a team of experts with a dedicated interest and vast experience in the management of all types of soft-tissue sarcomas.

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The Royal Marsden offers a full range of soft-tissue sarcoma diagnosis, treatment and care services for patients at its hospitals in Chelsea, London, and Sutton, Surrey:. Our patients are referred from a large geographical area nationally and internationally on suspicion of having a soft-tissue sarcoma or after a diagnosis has been confirmed by their local doctors. The Royal Marsden's Sarcoma Unit has more than ten sarcoma clinics every week dedicated to the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up treatment of patients with soft-tissue sarcomas.

Most lumps and bumps will not be cancer. A lump is more likely to be a sarcoma if it is increasing in size or if it is big — more than 5cm across. Lumps that are deep in the body tissues are also more likely to be sarcoma. Pain is uncommon in sarcoma unless it is advanced or in a site close to a nerve or bone. We are happy for patients to be referred to The Royal Marsden on the suspicion that a lump may be a sarcoma. We will arrange appropriate scans and perform tissue biopsy when possible at your first appointment. We aim to provide a one-stop service when possible, where any imaging and previously performed histology is reviewed before the initial consultation.

Further biopsy, additional imaging and anaesthetic pre-assessment can be performed on the day of first consultation. We aim to provide a one-stop service where any previously performed imaging and histology is reviewed before the initial consultation. A diagnosis is established through a combination of clinical assessment, needle biopsy and specialised radiological scans.

Sarcoma (Soft Tissue Cancer) Treatment - Nora’s Story

The most important part of the diagnosis is a biopsy of the tumour. This is mainly performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic, and every biopsy and histological diagnosis is examined and reviewed by a specialist sarcoma pathologist. Histopathologists and scientific researchers at The Royal Marsden have pioneered clinicopathological, immunohistologic and molecular genetic studies in the field of soft tissue sarcomas.

Radiological investigations of the tumour and systemic staging are performed and reported by specialist soft-tissue sarcoma radiologists.

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The Sarcoma Unit also provides a second opinion service to local, national and international patients and physicians for any diagnostic or management issue in the treatment of soft-tissue sarcomas. The Royal Marsden Soft Tissue Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team includes specialists in sarcoma surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology, nursing, soft tissue pathology, rehabilitation and support.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Overview

The team sees more than new patients with possible soft tissue tumours for consultation or treatment each year. In our team have managed more than new patients with confirmed soft tissue sarcomas. At The Royal Marsden, patients are at the centre of care.

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We believe that treating the whole person, not just the disease, guarantees the best outcome for patients and family members. Every patient is assigned a key worker experienced in the management of soft-tissue sarcoma. Key workers are available to provide personal and professional advice and support, in person or over the telephone, to patients and their families throughout the journey of initial consultation, surgery, cancer treatment and during the long-term follow-up. Perhaps the most important thing is to be sure you are talking to a doctor who understands, and has experience in, the management of sarcoma.

Because the disease is so rare, it is very important to see a doctor who knows about such tumours. This is important to ensure that you get the best treatment. Sarcoma specialists usually work with a team, so if the primary sarcoma specialist is an expert, you can expect him or her to have the best and most experienced pathologists and radiologists and other allied health professionals to help.

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Surgery often plays an important part of treatment of soft-tissue sarcomas and is provided by three dedicated sarcoma surgeons. The main goal of surgery is to remove the whole tumour with a margin of healthy tissue while preserving good function in the part of the body where the tumour developed. In sarcoma surgery, the first operation is often the best opportunity to achieve cure. Surgery remains the primary treatment for most soft tissue sarcomas.

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Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract. May;33(3) Medical management of soft tissue sarcomas. Rassnick KM(1). Author information: (1) Comparative. Soft-tissue sarcomas are uncommon and heterogeneous tumors of mesenchymal origin. A soft-tissue mass that is increasing in size, greater.

It is very specialised treatment taking into account factors such as an accurate diagnosis and staging, tumour subtype and grade, treatment side-effects, complete tumour resection and limb-function preservation. The majority of limb sarcomas when greater than five centimetres in size or high grade are managed by a combination of surgery and radiation therapy. Radiation therapy may be used before or after surgery.

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You may request a live medical interpreter for a discussion about your care.

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Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Share Print Email. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Overview Soft tissue sarcoma refers to cancer that begins in the muscle, fat, fibrous tissue, blood vessels, or other supporting tissue of the body.

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This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Analysis of prognostic factors for survival. Treatment of metastatic cancer. Distinguishing between the malignant lesions that require early referral and the many that do not remains a significant challenge. Clinical trials for soft tissue sarcomas should be optimally designed, and it is crucial that they identify and define the desired clinical outcome. Response assessment will be evaluated after 8 weeks of treatment and then every 8 weeks thereafter while on study. Figure 5.