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Michael Dibdin
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And Then You Die book. Read 73 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Aurelio Zen was dead to the world. Under the next umbrella, a few. Aurelio Zen was dead to the world. Under the next umbrella, a few desirable metres closer to the sea, Massimo Rutelli was just dead. Inspector Zen is back, but.

Once again, this author is able to shock readers who are not easy to shock. This novel will not make readers feel like they have been cheated. As it always is, the book is better than the video. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Aurelio Zen Books In Order. Mitch Rapp is back! Kyle Mills continues to do a great job in this series and Lethal Agent promises to be no different.

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Beschreibung bei Amazon. It is a shame to ruin a good story and an otherwise excellent reading with such a hideous interpretation of a female voice. As a woman I feel insulted. Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Cameron Stewart? Simon Pacey perhaps; you need someone familiar with Italian pronunciation though, and I am not sure he is. Michael Kitchen's strange narration of other Zen books are awful too. This is a man with a lovely voice and great ability as an actor but his slow, halting reading is no good either.

I will just have to read the books instead. Any additional comments? Audition your readers. After several novels, one comes to appreciate just how capable a writer the author was. The stories are very well written, lyrical often, informative and often funny.. BUT - although I know it is far too late because the novels are quite old and the chance of a revival has been lost with the cancellation of the TV series Rufus Sewell was a magnificent "Zen".. His woeful attempts at Italian are sustained and embarrassing, his characterisations are pitiful. If I hadn't been so committed to the author I would have given up..

They all sounded like a 10th class actor attempting an imitation of a person in drag. It's far too late to salute Michael Kitchen for his great voice actor job of sharing the earlier stories with wit and individuality.. So sad. Pleasant interesting worthwhile. Several - read it. Which character — as performed by Cameron Stewart — was your favourite? Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Not moved - but enjoyed reading it.

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I've read others about Zen and this was good to see him as an older chatacter. Only got half way through as the depiction of Iceland was so terrible and in accurate I couldn't continue. By: Michael Dibdin. Narrated by: Cameron Stewart. Series: Aurelio Zen , Book 8. Length: 6 hrs and 29 mins.

People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary Aurelio Zen of Rome's elite Criminalpol is back, but nobody's supposed to know it. After a few moments, Gemma brushed off the crowd of sympathizers, saying something about needing to change, and returned to the bar. Zen followed. It was blissfully cool and shady under the roof of straw matting supported on wires above the bar area. Gemma was nowhere to be seen. Zen sidled up to the bar, where Franco acknowledged his presence with the ghost of a nod. He had accepted the arrangement that his long-time client Girolamo Rutelli had imposed, and allowed this stranger access to the facilities rented annually by the family for as long as anyone could remember, but he made a point of reminding Zen that this made him no more than an honorary member of the club, the guest of a member, to be accommodated correctly but without undue warmth.

If Zen had been a bit more forthcoming about his own circumstances, this might have changed, but he had no such inclination. His cover story was paper-thin, and depended for its success on no one taking the trouble to check it at all carefully. Radio Franco was always on the air, and if Zen had allowed himself to be quizzed about the vague and unsupported fictions he had been provided with, he would have been exposed for the fraud he was in no time at all. He seated himself at one of the metal tables in the bar area, but did not order anything.

After a few minutes, Gemma emerged from her changing room, wearing her street clothes. Their eyes met, and Zen beckoned her over. Gemma tossed her head. I was on my way back with the coffee, when this young idiot barged into me and knocked it all over me. It was quite painful, and it stained my suit of course. Oh, yes.

The funny thing is he was standing there staring at you. You were sitting there with your eyes closed, and this kid was standing on the boardwalk staring at you, as if you were some kind of star or something. Then he suddenly whirled round and ran straight into me with the coffee. He looked up at the bar and directed the owner to bring them two coffees. The owner scowled and yelled inside for his wife.

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She shrugged. After that I was covered in scalding coffee and had other things to think about. Some slogan in English. What does it matter? Zen smiled. Nothing unusual ever happens here, and this is the second case today. The Brunellis never come during the week anyway, so I just took their spot. Zen stood up as she did.

She regarded him intensely.

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Another enjoyable tale taking in Tuscany and Iceland! The naked body of a young man is left outside the walls of the Kremlin: frozen solid - like marble to the touch - and missing the little finger from his right hand. It seems like Dibdin changed his mind about the entire plot structure I am definitely a fan of Aurelio Zen, and this series is one of my very favorite among the mystery-set-in-Italy type. Excellent: the sense of place a The good: very readable - in fact, a one-sitting read.

But why? Do you know it? Have you made a booking? Trust me. Zen headed back to the beach. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

And Then You Die

Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Having survived an explosive assassination attempt, Italian police detective Aurelio Zen finds himself convalescing at a Tuscan seaside resort town, where he is under orders to lie low until he is to testify at a much-anticipated Mafia trial. The quiet—and the boredom are relieved by the pleasant distraction of the beautiful Gemma, but just when he feels he is getting somewhere with her, a the discovery of corpse in his usual lounge chair brings his holiday to an abrupt end.

Convinced that the Mafia has finally located him, the police put Zen on the move again, in startling directions. As the plot unfolds, and Zen ponders his uncertain future, bodies are stacking up around him. And Then You Die is another exceptionally surprising, consistently funny triumph from a master of the genre. About the Author. Michael Dibdin was born in England and raised in Northern Ireland. He spent five years in Perugia, Italy, where he taught English at the local university.

He went on to live in Oxford, England and Seattle, Washington. His work has been translated into eighteen languages. He died in Show More.

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Table of Contents. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The gruesome murder of a police captain in his hospital room reveals the View Product.