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The Wanderers tells the story of a youth gang in New York in the early sixties. Basically a more downbeat version of The Outsiders where the characters have major racial hangups. Alot of the problem is wit I was so impressed with Richard Price's latest book that I decided to go check out the first. Alot of the problem is with the structure. The novel is broken up into bite sized vignettes each featuring a different member of the gang. The problem is they don't cross paths too much in each-others stories so we never get invested enough to care about them as individuals and there's not enough drive to really carry us from story to story.

At the same time the effect isn't radical enough to really feel like something different. All in all its your average "hoods growing up" story with better then average prose, a few memorably whackadoo set pieces, and a cover coat from William Burroughs. On that subject I have to say that that quote made me admire Richard Price alot.

Not just because of it's pedigree, but because I know if I ever got a quote from Burroughs I'd stop writing all together and spend my time going up to strangers yelling, "You know who liked my book. Jul 22, Bucky McMahon rated it really liked it. Oddly enough, this coming of age novel set in the Bronx of the early 60s is pretty true to my own experience in the suburbs of North Florida. Boys will be boys--alas--and the miasmal, hormonal, hard-on-centric atmosphere must be nearly universal.

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If you can get past what one reviewer calls its "vulgarity," the novel has many things to recommend it not least its epigraph from Van Morrison: "I will search my very soul, for the lion". Fans of Richard Price--and he deserves an army of 'em--will se Oddly enough, this coming of age novel set in the Bronx of the early 60s is pretty true to my own experience in the suburbs of North Florida.

Fans of Richard Price--and he deserves an army of 'em--will see his cinematic realism in embryo. And there is not a better mythopoetic creation of the emotional subsoil that nurtured the birth of early American 60s pop music. PS The movie is awful. Sep 24, Kurt Reichenbaugh rated it really liked it.

Short stories interlinked to form a cruel look at a New York gang. Much different than the movie, if you've seen that. Also recommended is Last Exit to Brooklyn which, though very different, this book reminded me of. Jan 30, Todd Valdini rated it it was ok. Um, like the stars indicate: It was OK. Pretty obviously written by a 24 year old young man. Jun 30, Tom rated it it was ok.

Dry characters, unbelievable situations. I really don't see how people could have enjoyed this. The dialogue in this book is dynamite. It flows like overheated mercury and you flow with it. It is wity, funny and very genuine. The loose structure of the book might have been a disadvantage but Price used this structure wonderfully.

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Beyond the dialogue, there are some pure evil characters that will stay with me. The 10 year old devil Dougie ant Emilio the worst father of the century. It is like reading the childhood of the characters in Sopranos. I ill try to readhis hother books. Jun 22, Robin rated it really liked it. Sometimes an author introduces you to a set of characters that stay with you for days after you finish their novel.

The Wanderers has such a cast. It is Richard Price's first book, published in , and was written when he was a writing student, almost as a series of interconnected short stories.

He went on to write brilliant books such as Clockers and worked on The Wire, but this first book still stands out as punchy, authentic snapshot of 60s street life in New York. The setting is the North Br Sometimes an author introduces you to a set of characters that stay with you for days after you finish their novel.

The Wanderers (1979) Great Scene

The setting is the North Bronx of the early s, and the characters and tales leap off the page. It's a moment and milieu that no longer exits, of course, the Bronx having changed so much, but it is one that Price knows intimately. The Wanderers is a gang, one of many in the neighbourhood, and the principals are all around 17 years old.

Guys like Joey and Richie and Perry, and the chapters recount their adventures hanging out, fighting, partying, trying to lose their cherry. The adults are all seen from the teenagers' point of view, and they make for an unforgettable menagerie of adult tyranny, from the violent bullying dad Emilio to Perry's overweight and tragic mom. The stories are raucous and moving, and the dialogue — Price's speciality — zaps along with wit and obscenities. A theme to the stories emerges towards of the end of the book, which is that the guys and gals are all on the cusp of adulthood and as pregnancies and deaths occur, it is time to move on.

But there is an identity and security in the gang and their turf, and the characters dread leaving them behind. Much as I did on finishing this vibrant blast of a novel. Aug 16, Frederick rated it really liked it Recommends it for: People who like their fifties nostalgia accurate. Shelves: novels , price-richard. When I was in 9th grade or so, my big brother, who was two years older than I, bought this.

I think it was a paperback original. This cover was that sort of painting, showing a character in denim on an urban street. He lived like the characters in the book.

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He urged me to read it. I did, and have to say that, ever since, when I notice a Richard Price novel coming out, I've taken notice. This was Price's first novel, I think. It involves gangs in Brooklyn. I can't remember if this is set in the past, but if it was present-day which, of course, was it made me think of the fifties. Richard Price's realism informs the novel, but over the decades, his books have become much more intricate.

This is a clear story told with a certain affection for the characters. It was a great introduction to Richard Price, who really should be more famous than he is. Feb 26, Alex rated it liked it. Jun 20, Jim Thompson rated it it was amazing. I first read this in , at the beach my older sister had picked up the paperback at the corner store and, at 12 years of age, I thought this was the greatest book I had ever read. Now, re-reading it after 40 years and thousands of other novels later, this is still my all-time favorite.

Here's why. First, I love the honesty and complete lack of political correctness. Second, the dialog is great. Third, and most important, are the internal monologues of the guys, which truly reveal each one's I first read this in , at the beach my older sister had picked up the paperback at the corner store and, at 12 years of age, I thought this was the greatest book I had ever read.

Third, and most important, are the internal monologues of the guys, which truly reveal each one's character in often hilarious ways. Finally, it is highly entertaining! Jun 25, Gay rated it did not like it. This book seemed dated. It's a growing up story from the 60's but very violent. What's odd was families having both parents and sitting down to dinner together despite their rotten lives.

Not the best work of Richard Price. It's always worth reading! Jul 04, Byron 'Giggsy' Paul rated it it was amazing Shelves: dirty-realism , violence , cult-classics , zz-recs , gangs , coming-of-age , americana , transgressive. The Outsiders for adults. Maybe I'll look into it Nov 13, Mike rated it it was ok. A little too dark and too real for my tastes. Not as good as later Price which is as good as it gets but, I guess, a fair portrait of a specific time and place. Just not one that interests me.

“The Wanderers” Comes Home at Last

Mar 01, Noel rated it liked it. Sep 14, Benjamin rated it it was amazing Shelves: cult. View 2 comments. This one wasn't great. I did finish it, and it definitely has some merit - the character portraits can be incisive and that's kind of all this book is. The issue for me is that the author just lays out all that insight without any real skill or finesse. It's not earned. I'm not invested in the characters.

It's hard enough to care about a bunch of teenage boys harassing people, date raping, and destroying their own friendships with a toxic masculinity they resent in their own fathers. Just tellin This one wasn't great. Just telling me they're sad and scared and angry a paragraph after you introduce them isn't going to make me care.

I guess for someone who buys into that nostalgic "back when men were men" nonsense might enjoy this book and even find it bittersweet, and the characters are at least somewhat well-rounded. They were just boring to me personally. The women were to a T sexy lamps and caricature nagging mother figures, which makes it hard for me to trust any insight the author may have.

I mean, I guess you could make a case that his obsession with men would make him even more of an expert on them, but again that's just not a person whose opinions or insight I need. If I were you, I wouldn't bother with this one. Sep 17, Mathew Edwards rated it it was amazing. This a fantastic book. A story of Italian teens in the very early 60s Bronx. I've read it a few times, and enjoyed it each time. Whilst it's full of sex or the quest for it violence and boozing, it never glamourises these things, and has many poignant moments. There is a cycle of violent abusive fathers and downtrodden mothers, and you know for sure the lads will repeat this cycle as they grow into men themselves.

The mark of good fiction is that you'd love to know what each character did next. T This a fantastic book. The book finishes with the Wanderers all at some turning point, essentially from boys to men, and deciding where their life will go. Will they become stuck in the Bronx or try their best to get out, and do something, anything, else. Jan 29, Douglas Castagna rated it really liked it. Despite the description here, this book is set in the sixties.

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Set against the urban jungle of New York's gangland subculture, this coming of age teenage movie is set around the Italian gang the Wanderers. The Wanderers is a American comedy-drama film written and directed by Philip Kaufman and starring Ken Wahl, John Friedrich, Karen Allen and Toni.

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