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Connie is a top notch yoga instructor. She incorporates incredible variety into her classes, and provides clear instruction with sensitivity to each student. Connie is an amazing yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She weaves her extensive knowledge of yoga, Sanskrit, the body and yoga philosophy into each class. She gives students individual attention and support to help them get the most out of the class, creating a safe and nurturing environment.

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Connie is a fabulous yoga instructor, and a genuinely good person. She has a deep knowledge of yoga. Her classes have made me fit physically and mentally. Connie is one of those precious few who are able bring much insight, flexibility and heart to human concerns. She is someone who I admire and who I would recommend without hesitation. I read portions of it to my Yoga classes, as well as use the Quotes on the end to share with the participants.

They love it!

I have taken this new awareness into my very soul. Connie is a gem. As a yoga teacher, not only is she well versed in teaching the physical practice, but also weaves a philosophical and spiritual message in her classes. Connie supported me during difficult days of parenting my seriously depressed teenage daughter.

I began to heal immediately. With continued support from Connie, my parenting was strengthened. I know I expressed my delight in seeing you again and how much I loved your class, but I really wanted to give you more feedback. When I said you were a master teacher, I really meant it. Teaching a beginning class is not easy and you did it with real style and grace. Connie has been my therapist since I went through a very difficult time after becoming a new mom. The transition from couple to family was very stressful for me, and having her there to support me has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Facebook Twitter. Let the Leaves Fall. Let go the out-moded However, there is a more subtle process at hand in our psyche. Inner compost In a forest, the soil becomes rich and continues to feed the flora indigenous to the area largely by the compost of the dead plant matter that has fallen to the forest floor.

Non-clinging As the trees learn to let go, we can release our grip through the yogic practice of aparigraha. Ready for more inspiration to awaken your True Self? Search for:. Resources A selection of books, CDs, and websites that Connie recommends for your continued awakening. Testimonials Wonderful reads! Top Notch Yoga Instructor. Deep Knowledge of Yoga.

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Always Inspired By Her Classes. One of Precious Few. What a Wonderful Gift You Have. Weaves a Philosophical and Spiritual Message. I Began to Heal Immediately.

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A Powerful and Loving Force. One of the Best Experiences of My Life.

Read more testimonials. They were all united in the demand that Mubarak leave office. The virus has continued to spread, with fits and starts. People emailed each other videos of the police beating, and soon hundreds of people were chanting slogans demanding dignity and freedom from harassment. That protest was defused when the Syrian minister of the interior himself arrived, thirty minutes later, to discipline the policeman. For one sure lesson of the Arab Spring is that delay can be fatal. But Assad waited, and his regime is now in dire jeopardy.

As I look back at these three months of protest, and try to find the unifying theme, I think back to the formulation of my mentors. There is a yearning for dignity, as Scowcroft said, and it is producing a political awakening. We are shameless, in the anthropological sense.

But from the time I began covering the Middle East in , I have been seeing what I now recognize was a shamed and broken political culture—a culture of passivity and resignation, which often expressed itself in negative and self-destructive acts of political violence, and accepted authoritarian governments and the slogans they used to justify themselves. As my Arab friends say, that was the culture of —the culture of defeat, in which Arabs, with momentary exceptions, found themselves the pawns of a tiny but potent Israel and its superpower patron.

This is the culture that ended in But the Arabs are now embracing a culture of activism and self-determination, as opposed to one of passivity and victimization. The Internet and Facebook have played a role in this revolution. But I am not a material determinist. As I look back in history, I see other moments of sudden discontinuity, when people broke through the existing barriers of fear and defied authority—passing the message of revolt by the best available means.

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With order comes a new dictator who presumes to speak for the people—a Napoleon or Stalin or Khomeini. And the revolutionary disorder, that seemed so exhilarating at first, becomes dark and insecure to the point that people demand order, and give up the freedoms they fought so hard to obtain. The rear-view mirror can be useful in times like these: Reading history reminds us that revolutionary change is a volatile and sometimes toxic process that confounds expectations.

Marx and Engels sent the manuscript of the Communist Manifesto to the printers in February , a few weeks before the revolution exploded in France. All the powers of Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this power. To this crime we plead guilty. They openly declare that their ends can be obtained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at the communistic revolution. They failed in France, they failed in Germany, they failed in Italy—although with some stirring fights along the way.

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The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living. The Russian Revolution is another troubling point of comparison for observers of the Arab Spring, largely because of the weakness of the transitional figure who seemed to embody the hopes of the revolution, the moderate social democrat Alexander Kerensky.

A final, depressing stop on this historical tour is the Iranian revolution. There will be no radical change in Iranian political behavior in the near future. The initial Kerensky figure in revolutionary Iran was a neat little man named Shahpour Bakhtiar. So I come back, somberly, to today and the Arab Spring. To say that there are dangers ahead is only to state the obvious, from an analysis of history and a reading of the daily news reports. In Egypt, the first electoral test of the new democracy in the March 19 constitutional referendum led to a resounding defeat for the position taken by most leaders of the Tahrir Square revolution—and a thumping 77 percent victory for the position advocated by the unspoken alliance between the ruling Military Council and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It was not a happy outcome, but this story is just beginning.

The democratic revolutionaries have stepped up their own political organizing. They are forming robust new parties. They see the danger that their revolution will be hijacked—they read their history, too—and they are organizing against that outcome. They are tough, wily characters, with money and organizational skills. Suffice it to say that they do not remind me of Alexander Kerensky or Shahpour Bakhtiar.

But we shall see. Let me conclude by discussing the consequences of this Arab political awakening for the United States. I would make two basic points: --First, the success of the democratic revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere is absolutely in the interest of the United States. I am not yet convinced that there are democratic revolutions underway in Libya, Yemen or Syria, but when if that happens, they will deserve our non-military support, too.

Egypt, in particular, is decisive. It has roughly 25 percent of the population of the Arab world. If democracy succeeds in Egypt, other nations will follow.

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Should the democratic experiment in Egypt by hijacked by the military, or by anti-democratic Muslim groups, the revolution will fail elsewhere. This being the case, the United States must do everything it reasonably can to provide two things that post-revolutionary Egypt badly needs: financial assistance and help in creating a modern, democratic police and security service.

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The Egyptian economy is heading toward a severe cash squeeze this summer because of the drastic fall in tourism, foreign investment and some other economic activity since January. Both problems are potentially fatal to the revolution. We will accomplish our goals best by acting discreetly, working with allies—especially those in Eastern Europe that have made successful transitions from authoritarian governments. Visiting Harvard this week as I pondered these issues, I inevitably re-read the speech given here on June 5, by George Marshall as he outlined a program of assistance for the shaky democracies of Europe.

That must be apparent to all intelligent people. I think one difficulty is that the problem is one of such enormous complexity that the very mass of facts presented to the public by press and radio make it exceedingly difficult for the man in the street to reach a clear appraisement of the situation…. The truth of the matter is that Europe's requirements for the next three or four years of foreign food and other essential products - principally from America - are so much greater than her present ability to pay that she must have substantial additional help or face economic, social, and political deterioration of a very grave character.

It is entirely possible that they will follow the downward course of other revolutions in history. The political awakening—this magnificent opening to the world—may produce a counter-reaction that has the effect of reducing freedom and democratic action, as has been the case in Iran since the June elections. I am indebted to Steven Walt for reminding me that this catalogue of U. We have a concurrent interest in a just resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. The intersection of these interests come is the zone of ambiguity in which foreign policy choices must always be made.

A final comment: I think President Obama has been wise to take a low-key approach to these developments—to let the Arabs write this new chapter in their history, without feeling they are taking dictation from the United States. But there is a time for low-key, and there is a time for clarity. Marshall did at the Harvard Commencement 64 years ago.

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