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Mazzarella, William 1969- (William T.S. Mazzarella)
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University of Chicago , Chicago, IL, associate professor of anthropology and social sciences.

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Contributor of chapters and articles to books, including Asian Media Productions, edited by B. Lamb and D. University of Chicago anthropology professor William Mazzarella is the author of Shoveling Smoke: Advertising and Globalization in Contemporary India, a study of emerging consumerism in the subcontinent following independence.

This insular policy was reversed dramatically in the s and s, when international investment in the form of huge multinational organisations, with a global market space, were encouraged. It was not until the late s that India began entering the global market, developing its own consumer brands and accepting those with existing worldwide recognition for Indian consumption, and it was only after that the country really began opening up, expanding its relationship with the United States and accepting American brands for sale to its population.

The question Mazzarella investigates boils down to this: how do marketing firms with a global reach including, perhaps, management that makes decisions without a good understanding of Indian local culture make international products appeal to Indian middle-class buyers?

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The University of Chicago professor looks at the ways a Bombay firm dealt with the issue of branding three different types of product: mobile phones, soft drinks, and condoms. Western, erotic repertoire. On a more general level, Mazzarella's work looks at the ways in which advertising agencies construct their own cultures.

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Ad companies, the anthropologist reported, present a virtually unique chance to investigate the ways in which global products intersect with locally produced ones. In the living room-entrance there are two comfortable sofas with three people each, an armchair, a inch LCD TV, a desk, free wi-fi and a library. In the utility room there is a washing and dryer machine, an iron and ironing board.

You will find some book to read, a bit of photos to look at, some guides in Venice and detailed maps of the area where the apartment is located, with some of our suggestions on restaurants and addresses; of course, we will give you our full availability. You will feel at ease, in short, just like at home. But above all, you will appreciate the many angles away from the crowds, full of history, charm and poetry, quiet and romantic, all of them to be discovered with the necessary calm to learn to love this city.

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Staying at this apartment and watching out the windows of the living room will give you the chance of experiencing the unique scenes of everyday life in Venice and feeling a part of it. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a large living room with exposed wooden beams, a double bedroom and two bathrooms, both with shower. Nearby, you will find every kind of shop you can serve and especially a lot of restaurants local, both ethnic or typically Venetian. Cannaregio, together with Castello, is the largest district of the old town and where most of the inhabitants of Venice live.

An 1880s-Era Church Turned Vacation Home in Ontario

You fear nothing but are uncertain of everything. I don't do cliffhangers.. The bungalow are spacious and food is delicious. You look awesome. Sarai is now 23 and over hears an American, Victor, the first time in 9 years she lands a perfect opporunity. The moment you email them they revert back and recognize you. She will kill him, or she will die trying.

Staying at this apartment, therefore, will allow you to watch from the large balconies in the living room to the flow, cheerful and unique in the world, of everyday life in this city. Rialto is about a 20 minute walk or, if you prefer, easily accessible by boat crossing the Canal Grande. Samuel is an elegant apartment located in the San Marco quarter, just few meters from Palazzo Grassi, close to the Grand Canal, an oasis of silence in the heart of Venice. The accommodation is square meters, occupying a whole small building, so there is an exclusive entry.

On the first floor there are two bedroom, one twin and one double bedroom, corridor and one bathroom with shower.


There are a good quality furniture, oriental rugs, nice paintings on the walls and tapestries in the bedroom. In the beautiful season the terrance of about 10 square meters, is suitable for breakfast and lunch in the shadow of vine. This location, although central, is ideal for a peaceful stay in a sort of Venice of 18th Century. Divya — Apartment for 4 guests.

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Levante — Apartment for 4 guests. Grecale — Apartment for 2 guests. Venisa — Apartment for 4 guests.

Hania — Apartment for 4 guests. Samuele — Apartment for 4 guests. This area is rich of antique shops, restaurants, and there are also two mini-market.

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