Public and Private in Ancient Mediterranean Law and Religion

Roman Republic and Empire
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Results Packs. About us. Fact Sheet. Within this spatial continuum from the primary space of a the family, b the secondary space of associations, c to the shared space of public institutions and d trans-local literary communication four research fields are defined. In each of them a sub-project addresses representative complexes of evidence in different parts of the Mediterranean in the Imperial period.

They are bound together by the transversal analysis of the interaction of individuals with the agents of traditions and providers of religious services in the various fields. Activity type Higher or Secondary Education Establishments. Website Contact the organisation. Administrative Contact Margrit Elsner Ms.

Project information LAR. Status Closed project.

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Start date 1 June End date 31 May Giving attention to the music, from the Negro Spirituals, to contemporary Hip Hop and Dancehall, we will contextualize it with an interest in understanding the relationship between their religious and political visions.

Quick am — pm M W Department Area Requirement: Ancient Mediterranean We will read the books of Ruth and Esther in the original Hebrew, considering aspects of translation and Hebrew grammar and syntax, as well as the historical, literary and religious contexts of the books. Particular attention will be paid to the role of women in the larger societal context of ancient Israel, as well as the development of the genre of the Jewish novella in the Second Temple Period. Most broadly, we will consider arguments about the relations between philosophy and existence, reason and revelation, divine law and love, religion, ethics and politics, and Judaism and Christianity.

More particularly, we will focus on arguments about the meanings of different affective and cognitive states such as anxiety, boredom, and enjoyment as well as about historical and individual suffering and trauma.


Stone pm — pm T Th Department Area Requirement: Religions of Asia This course will examine representative aspects of Buddhist thought and practice in Japan from the sixth century to the present. We will focus on the major Buddhist traditions—including Lotus, Pure Land, esoteric Buddhism, and Zen—as well as Buddhism and the literary arts, modern challenges to traditional Buddhism, and contemporary Buddhist movements.

Readings will include scriptures, sermons, tales, and philosophical essays, as well as selected secondary sources. Some background in either Japan or Buddhism is strongly recommended. These texts are supplemented by scholarly literature from religious studies, anthropology, history, gender studies, and sociology. No prior background in gender studies or Islamic studies required. This course will examine the rich body of texts that allows us to trace the development of Judaism in Egypt, including works such as the Septuagint the translation of the Torah into Greek and the biblical commentaries of Philo of Alexandria, who combined Platonic philosophy with Judaism, as well as documentary papyri that illumine the everyday lives of Egyptian Jews.

Ancient Knowledge Before The Bible

It will also look at how other Egyptians responded to a community whose central text was so anti-Egyptian. Elaine H.


The public/private distinction is fundamental to modern theories of the family, religion and religious freedom, and state power, yet it has had different salience, . Ed. by Ando, Clifford / Rüpke, Jörg PUBLIC AND PRIVATE IN ANCIENT MEDITERRANEAN LAW AND RELIGION The public/private distinction is fundamental to.

What do we actually know about Jesus of Nazareth? An actual person? If so, what kind of person?

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How does a text become one? Emphasis will be on thinking through how these texts know what they know, and how they make that claim of knowledge to readers.

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Best pm — pm T Department Area Requirement: Religion in the Americas Sexuality has long been a contested and contentious issue within American religions, yet only recently have scholars and practitioners begun to forthrightly address it. We will give particular attention to American Evangelical and Catholic religious expressions for the way they have been especially influential in framing and inhibiting sexual discourse and practices in the US and throughout the world.

Majors may petition to count this as a cognate course in addition to the 8 required courses for the major.

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Dohrmann , University of Pennsylvania Follow. About the subject of the tabula , this is the earliest reference assumed. It is unlikely that this section contains all the terms of his will, which must have been more extensive because it does not mention any money or a residence. When will my order be ready to collect? Call us on or send us an email at. The speaker in De Diuinatione states, by the voice of Quintus Cicero, that the best reference for prodigies are texts by historians, for there were no official records before them.

During these times, it was twice a pagan city -Antioch in Jerusalem and Aelia Capitolina. Before the suppression of non-Christians in Spain and Portugal after , three vibrant medieval cultures inhabited the peninsula: Muslims based in Al-Andalus, Christians based in the northern Spanish kingdoms, and Sephardic Jews throughout both realms. Their coexistence transformed their visual culture in ways that resonated well beyond Iberian borders, from Atlantic colonialism to modern identity politics.

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