Porous media: geometry and transport

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derivid.route1.com/fortuny-o-el-arte-como.php Results: Both qualitative and quantitative comparisons with results of well-established colloid transport models, based both on analytical and numerical solutions of the colloid transport equation, were performed. The MNM1D results were found to be in good agreement with these solutions. Conclusion: The shown good agreement between MNM1D and the other models indicated that this code can represent in the future a useful tool for the simulation of colloidal transport in groundwater under transient hydrochemical conditions.

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Vasiliki I. Syngouna and Constantinos V. Haznedaroglu, O. Zorlu, J.

  • Basic transport properties in natural porous media: Continuum percolation theory and fractal model.
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Effects of pore geometry on flowing foam dynamics in 3D-printed porous media

Petersen, Qingguo Huang and C. Lindsay Anderson. Scott A. Bradford, Hyunjung N. Kim, Berat Z. Haznedaroglu, Saeed Torkzaban and Sharon L. Hyunjung N. Bradford and Sharon L.

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Fractal porous media | SpringerLink

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Breakthrough data from column experiments showed significant cell retention was strongly depending on the IS. This finding indicates that cell retention was dependent on the depth of the secondary energy minimum which increased with IS. When the IS of the influent solution was decreased to 1mM only a small fraction of the retained bacteria were released from the column.