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The new edition has been updated throughout to reflect current practice in manufacturing and processing, featuring:. Introduction 1. Under-the-Hood Components The properties of plastics are explained along with techniques for testing, measuring, enhancing and analyzing them. Springer International Publishing AG, As I write, plastics production in the United States had reached almost 60 billion pounds annually. Applicability and Fundamentals

Conductive Fillers. Organic Fillers. Spherical Fillers. Solid Spherical Fillers. Metric Conversions. Box particle phosphate physical properties plastics polyester polyethylene polymer polypropylene polystyrene polyvinyl chloride powder precipitated silicas range Raven reinforcing resin resistance rheology rigid rubber silane silica gels silicone smoke Specific gravity stability suppliers surface area synthetic silicas talc temperature Tensile strength thermal thermoplastics thermoset thixotropic tion Typical U.

Patent urethane vinyl viscosity volume weight zinc borate. Coupling Agents. Antimony Oxide. Comprehensive desk reference of polymer characterization and analysis. Publication Date: Practical manual of basic principles and measurements related to physical structure and properties of synthetic polymers.

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International plastics handbook. Compact handbook on the structures, properties, design, and processes related to important plastics. McGraw-Hill's hazardous chemical safety guide for the plastics industry.

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Data on over hazardous chemicals used in the plastics industry. Physical properties of polymers handbook. Publication Date: 2nd ed. Polymer data handbook. Concise information on syntheses, structures, properties, and applications of more than commercially important polymers. Polymer handbook.

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Publication Date: 4th ed. This standard handbook known as "Brandrup" contains extensive data tables for synthetic polymers and oligomers, excluding biopolymers and spectroscopic data. With a list of polymer name abbreviations and a general subject index. Acronyms in Polymer Science. Compendium of polymer terminology and nomenclature. IUPAC's systematic definitions and rules for the naming of polymer molecules, assemblies, solutions, and crystals.

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Known as the "Purple Book. Comprehensive polymer science. Treatise covering the basic concepts of polymer science, focusing on synthetic polymers.

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Cumulative subject index in vol. Concise encyclopedia of plastics. Also contains several review chapters on the "World of Plastics. Condensed encyclopedia of polymer engineering terms. Working definitions and explanations for nearly terms used in the polymer and plastics industry. Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology. Covers all aspects of polymer sciences physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.

Articles contain extensive bibliographies. Encyclopedic dictionary of polymers. Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Excellent information source presents a wealth of information on preparation, manufacturing processes, uses of materials, properties of chemical substances, and chemistry fundamentals. Contains authoritative articles on chemical substances—including their properties, manufacturing, and uses; industrial processes and unit operations in chemical engineering; fundamentals and scientific subjects related to the field; environmental and health issues concerning chemical technology.

Due to rising costs of scholarly information and a diminished collection budget, this resource was recently evaluated. We will continue to have access to this resource but articles that are updated after January will not be available to us. Plastics engineering handbook. Publication Date: 5th ed. Manual of the Society of the Plastics Industry, with a glossary, chapters on materials and processing methods, and index.

Polymeric materials encyclopedia. Subject index in vol.