Mr Mojo: A Biography of Jim Morrison

MR. MOJO: A Biography of Jim Morrison
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“Mr Mojo: A biography of Jim Morrison” by Dylan Jones | Jaya's blog

The Doors legend spread. The combined need for a hero and a controversial spokesman, blending poetry and insanity was the mark he aimed for. And he hit it. The Doors became nothing less than myth-makers, Morrison a performer of monstrous proportions.

They stood for all the unpredictable and forbidden excitement America had ever dreamed of — and they delivered. The press called it Theatre Rock. Gothic Rock, Theatre of the Unknown. But that only came close to describing the overwhelming presence of the Doors. The Doors were not act. They were very alive. Ray Manzarek on keyboards was incredible.


John Densmore was one of the most under-rated drummers of all time. And in front, picture beautific, angelic, unpredictable, gamey, and brilliant Jim Morrison. Jim was everything you have heard of and more. Whether he took a grip of a rising curtain, hanging on until it stopped, then dropping twenty feet as he did at a concert in New Jersey , or diving off the stage, flopping like a fish out of water or suddenly dropping like he was just shot at point-blank rage, Morrison delivered his very best.

He would fondle the microphone stand, as the music would build; Morrison was a shaman. He would go into a trance, and take the audience with him as they were mesmerized by the music. His performances were electric. The audience would sit in awe on nights such as these, when The Doors were at their best. The band would put them on the edge of their seats, caressing them with an hypnotic, pacifying rhythm — lifting and peaceful.

What led to the premature death of Doors' member Jim Morrison?

Then the mood would grow ominous. And it would build, and Jim would writhe, the instruments would lock and the air would crackle and intensify.

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Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab. UK Economy postage takes a further working days from dispatch to delivery and UK Express postage takes a further 1 working day from dispatch to delivery. Historically, many artists came to be obsessed with 'The Other Side' that Morrison actually wrong a song about. I still like hearing the doors now and again, but man, what a sad train-wreck of a human! Other editions.

Jim would throw back his head, moving his left leg in time with the music. Then, at the height of excitement the music would stop. Densmore awaited the clue.

Mr. Mojo: A Biography of Jim Morrison

Kriger lost in a daze. The audience, already on the edge of their seats, were devastated as shot through the ceiling.

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He could take them along his trip, or he could leave them behind, to feel empty forever. Inevitably the concert would end, and without so much as a good-bye, The Doors would split leaving the audience either stomping their encore, or riveted to their seats, entranced. Jim Morrison was a superstar.


His tour was cancelled. The last of The Doors twelve arrests culminated in a total of forty odd charges. Over ten in Miami alone, including felonious indecent exposure. The result was tragic. The Doors had become a monstrous corporation. He was bound to contracts, there were expectations …and the record company wanted another album. The Doors went in to record Morrison Hotel.

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They gigged sporatically where they could. The Miami bust had sparked a nation-wide ban on the Doors. The concerts sold out, but they lacked the old magic. The rock still burned, but Jim shed his leathers and subdued his image. Note: All images are off the Internet. I do not hold the copyright to any of these. If you do know who the rightful owner is, please let me know. I would gladly acknowledge them in this post.

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