Faith in Education: A Tribute to Terence McLaughlin

Faith in Education : A Tribute to Terence Mclaughlin by Graham Haydon (2009, Paperback)
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Faith in Education - A Tribute to Terence McLaughlin

Chapter Three Aesthetic Inquiry in Education. Chapter Four Traditions of Inquiry in Education. Chapter Five Education in Ideology.

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Chapter Six Literacy and the Education of Citizens. Chapter Eight Human Agency and the Curriculum. Back matter Notes. Retrieved from Bloomsbury Collections, www.

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Alexander Bloomsbury Academic Preview Only The full text of this chapter is only available to members of institutions that have purchased access. Alexander, H.

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Accessed September 25, Email x Reimagining Liberal Education I conclude with two chapters that respond to criticisms that have been raised about the views expressed here, especially concerning religious initiation in liberal democracies and the ties between spirituality and both ethics and critical thinking. Share x.

Faith in education: A tribute to Terrence McLaughlin

Introduction by Graham Haydon 1 Terence McLaughlin: contributions to the study and practice of faith schooling and of Catholic education by Gerald Grace 2 Why bring the kids into this? Alexander 4 In defence of faith schools by J. Mark Halstead 5 Can faith schools serve the common good? Terence McLaughlin brought a high level of much needed philosophical discussion to the field of religious education.

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The chapters in this book attest to the fact that reasonable and responsible comment in that field is very difficult to make without reference to his work. There could be no greater or more fitting tribute to the timeliness and timelessness of his contribution. Graham Haydon has gathered an outstanding team of international scholars to pay tribute to the life and work of Professor Terence McLaughlin.

Terry would have been justly proud of Faith In Education, not because his own distinctive contribution permeates almost every page, but because each contributor, without exception, takes the debate about faith and education that Terence cared so passionately about into previously uncharted territory.

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Thought provoking, stimulating and often provocative, this timely collection appears set fair to establish itself as a landmark publication in its field. Terry McLaughlin was best known for his thoughtful appraisal of religious education and for his careful arguments that religious education could contribute much to furthering liberal democratic principles. For those who knew him well he will be remembered almost as much for his fun loving spirit, his rib-splintering jokes and his lilting Irish tenor as for his judicious and insightful philosophical arguments.

He was a profound scholar who wore his wisdom with warmth and gentleness. His untimely death was a profound shock to his friends in both the religious and the philosophy of education communities. Faith in Education is a fitting tribute to Terry. Together the contributors reflect his good will and his gentle, ecumenical spirit while they engage some of the most critical issues in religious education in a spirited and philosophically exciting way.

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The results are both provocative and sometimes surprising. It is philosophy of education at its very best. It is essential reading for any educationalist, teacher or policy-maker who wants to engage with what is currently a highly contentious, public problem. Faith in Education covers much ground. In addition to being an excellent resource book with contributions from key writers in the faith schools debate, the volume is a warm and fitting tribute to a man who contributed much to our understanding of the relationship between faith and education.

Your shopping cart is empty Visit the shop. Updating cart About Contributor information Contents Reviews This book attempts to get to the heart of debates about religious upbringing and autonomy and the place of faith schools within a liberal society.

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Contributions are drawn from scholars with research interests in philosophy of education and a range of faith traditions, working in the UK and internationally. They pose key questions such as: What is the justification for faith schools, and for state support of these schools? What is distinctive about upbringing and education within a faith tradition?

Faith in education: A tribute to Terrence McLaughlin

Faith in Education: A Tribute to Terence McLaughlin [Graham Haydon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book attempts to get to the. International Journal of Lifelong Education. Volume 30, - Issue 2 Faith in Education: A tribute to Terence McLaughlin. Damian Breen.

Is an upbringing and education within a faith tradition compatible with the development of autonomy? Could it be possible that autonomy can be developed through faith? Alexander Hanan A. Mark Halstead J. Request inspection copy.

Faith in Education: A Tribute to Terence McLaughlin

Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Shop Our Brands. So the topic Callan has chosen to revisit was rather more peripheral to his disagreement with McLaughlin than one might infer from his discussion here. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. My own attempts to demonstrate the educational impropriety of faith schools have been directed as much to the religious groups that establish them and the parents who choose them as to the governments that permit them. Open Borders Inc.

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