Dresden Teamwork Concept for Medical High Risk Organizations

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The diagrams show what mainstream schooling looks like in 33 European countries and how different levels of education, from pre-primary to tertiary, are broken down. The diagrams also indicate the general ages of students and the programme duration for each level. Names of national institutions and study programmes are listed in the language of each country. More information on the Eurydice website. The publication PDF file can be accessed directly here.

Based on 20 years of training experience in the field, the DAS offers a firm theoretical understanding and profound practical skills in Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene and Organizational Health Development. The English speaking lectures will be held in Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland, excursions may take place all over in Switzerland. Students with various professional and educational backgrounds will get the opportunity to learn and work together. Further information on www. Using the ever-popular Napo character, EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, together with the Napo Consortium has devised a series of occupational safety and health OSH education toolkits for teachers, aimed at introducing health and safety topics to primary school children in an educational, yet fun and imaginative way using the Napo clips and creative activities.

The material is suitable for target ages years and years and has successfully been tested and implemented in practical school lessons, for instance by the ENETOSH members in Denmark. Each study pack outlines the key messages and learning objectives, offering teachers full details on suggested activity ideas and the resources required, alongside a sample lesson plan that can be readily incorporated into a typical 40 minute lesson. More information and access to the material, such as lesson plans, videos, and more, on the NAPO Website.

Over the next 50 years, the number of well-educated, experienced and engaged older adult Europeans will double. Their path of a life which embraces active ageing will profoundly impact European society, governmental policy-making and business opportunities for decades to come. A series of six participatory dialogues was held by and for older adults.

The dialogues fostered a new culture of conversation and empowered the participants to discover their creative and innovative spirit. This approach and dialogue format enabled individuals to exchange their views and discover new approaches to addressing the key issues of active ageing. By involving older adults in the planning process in this way, opportunities for both personal leadership development and life-long learning were created.

For more information on the project and reports, photos and press releases in English, German and French, please click here. The aim was to find out how the provision of OSH training is organised for companies - except initial training. The objective was to identify the actors providing ongoing re- training and particularly mechanisms guaranteeing quality standards and compliance of educational content with regulatory requirements. This research shows that vocational training in occupational safety and health is organised differently according to the countries.

In Denmark, it is not part of the missions of the accident insurance institutions and it is outsourced to external private providers. In Italy and in the United Kingdom, it is decentralised. In Germany, it is institutional because it is a legal obligation of the accident insurance institutions. Even if OSH training is organised differently according to the countries, all of them have one element in common: the determination to better control and structure training in order to ensure its quality.

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather insights and contributions from the public further to results of the evaluation of the European Strategy on Safety and Health at Work This should help identify current and future challenges in the occupational safety and health area, and identify solutions to address these challenges. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation, which will be open until 26 August Watch the video here , submit your contribution through the online questionnaire here.

Bild: We are glad to welcome a new partner to our network, which now consists of 61 members from 28 countries. There are two programmes of studies at the Department: Environmental Engineering, with 11 generations enrolled so far, and Occupational Health and Safety, with the first generation of students enrolled. More information on the department's website. For contact information on the new network member, please choose "Membership" from the main menu and then choose Serbia.

And now, finally, Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union. It also actively involves staff and pupils in school safety management. The approach improves both risk education and the learning environment for staff and pupils. This report that presents and analyses in-depth cases focused on implementing the whole-school approach.

Dresden Teamwork Concept For Medical High Risk Organizations

You can read the whole report here. Learn more on the Whole School Approach in our special area on this topic. The open-access database "Accredited Online College Degree Programs" is part of the website "Accredited Online Colleges", which is a database for accredited colleges and universities in the whole United States. This special resource is meant to promote Degree Program Accreditation for skilled workers and service employees. This includes Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, the Police, Entrepreneurs, and their respective organizations. The database allows to search for program-specific education and accreditation information for universities.

Many governmental agencies, such as many US Embassies throughout the world, public high schools, and libraries, have already referenced the resource as a go-to site for people looking to further their education. Please save the date in your calendar! The first announcement of the congress PDF file you will find here , the congress website here. To read the documentation featuring the program, a comprehensive report, all presentations, and a picture gallery , please click here. Please click here to see the petition and to sign in click "Support" at the bottom of the page and here to see details of this initiative on the website of the European Commission.

Here you can enter the MEET website. The EUSAFE project longs to develop a new professional qualification and training framework based on the already existing certification standards. The outcome will be a suitable range of standardized profiles expected at EQF levels 4, 5 and 6 to cover the different levels of qualifications and roles of OSH professionals.

The Eusafe Project is constituted by seven WPs, such as WP3 State of the art evaluation and collaboration with institutions responsible for validation and WP5 Development of professional qualification and training framework. Now, in the scope of the project evaluation, a new Eusafe Project Outline Document Survey is available on the website. The general survey can be accessed here , three more surveys WP3, WP5.

The document was signed by Dmitry N. The aim of the memorandum is to establish relations between the two organizations with a view of strengthening and extending cooperation between the Russian Federation and European Union's countries in the sphere of education and training in occupational safety and health.

Bild: Please read the full text of the memorandum here. University Ss. We are glad to welcome two new partners to our network which now consists of 61 members from 27 countries. Bild: The Ss. At the moment, the University represents a functional community of 23 faculties, 5 research institutes and 11 accompanying members. Bild: The Foundation "Center for Safety and Health at Work" was officially registered in , but actually started its operations in with a first seminar on OSH professionals in Plovdiv. The need for the existence of a non-governmental organization to unite and support the activities of specialists in occupational safety and health initiated the creation of the TSBZR Foundation.

The Foundations longs to unite and support the activities of specialists in occupational safety and health, work for the promotion of the profession "specialist health and safety at work", and more. For more information, please take a look at the partner's pages Macedonia or Bulgaria here on enetosh. To get there, click the map on the top right of this page. The objective of this competition is to educate young people of the risks they are exposed to in their first steps into the professional world probationary periods or weekend jobs.

The deadline for submitting projects is Friday 19th April This competition is free and open to any group of students and apprentices preparing a diploma of vocational education in France under the responsibility of a teacher. The jury of professionals prevention, education, and a journalist will award three prizes. Enrollment is via a dedicated page of a Dailymotion site, which can be accessed here. A workshop on mainstreaming occupational safety and health concepts into schools and training institutions will be held November at the ILO International Training Centre in Turin, Italy.

A website has been set up, offering further information and the possibility of registration for the network meeting as well as for the workshop.

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Please click here for the website. Strategies for training teachers to deliver risk education. This factsheet is based on a report presenting cases which involve training in-service and future teachers in either occupational safety and health OSH or in delivering risk education. Ideally, all teachers should receive training about OSH in their working lives and how to incorporate risk education into their daily work.

If getting risk education properly embedded in the school curriculum is challenging, then it is even more difficult to get it into training programmes for future teachers. However, the cases present various approaches and methods that could be considered or elaborated upon.

The factsheet can be downloaded here. In equipping young people with information and real-life examples, they will be better placed to raise health and safety concerns and contribute to how risks in the workplace are managed.

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The campaign targets those between years old, and employers who work with young people. To reach the target group, the project uses all kinds of new media. A new website has been launched, offering lots of information for young people and employers, the campaign can be "liked" on Facebook and "followed" on Twitter, and now an online game called "The Missing" is available, as a browser game and as mobile apps for iPhone and Android users as well.

Please click here for the website, the game and links to the apps. Participants are supposed to become a road saftey blogger and might win a one-month internship in Barcelona. The ERSCharter Contest invites young Europeans to create a message that will motivate youth to act in order to improve their safety on the roads. All the participants have to do is to publish a blog in the ERSCharter website with their text.

A photo or a video can be added to support the message.

Dresden Teamwork Concept for Medical High Risk Organizations

Guidelines and more information at: www. We have a new area on this web platform: Videos.

On this page, we present a collection of resources that are using videoclips or films dealing with occupational safety and health. For each example, we provide the link to the original resource, to give you an overview of the wide range of films from all over the world.

We suppose that this type of educational materials will grow in the future! To access the new area, please click the menu item in the main menu on the left side of this page. The new report "Training teachers to deliver risk education — Examples of mainstreaming OSH into teacher training programmes" presents cases which involve training in-service and future teachers in either occupational safety and health OSH or in delivering risk education. Furthermore, a factsheet "Factsheet - Strategies for training teachers to deliver risk education", based on this report, is available.

Read the report here , the factsheet here. On Among the 57 campaign partners is a wide range of organisations, including European social partners, both interprofessional and sectoral, multinational companies such as Pirelli for example, and non-profit, pan-European organisations representing different sectors, such as the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management IIRSM. The campaign encourages managers, workers, representatives and other stakeholders to work together to manage risks in the workplace. Many companies cited a belief that safe and healthy workplaces are integral to continued economic success and sustainable futures, and the willingness to bring these topics to the forefront of their company strategy to be able to better tackle them.

We are glad to welcome two new partners to our network which now has 59 members from 26 countries. Karazin Kharkiv National University, represented by Prof. Konstantin Nemchenko, with its over year history is a leading Research and Educational Institution in Ukraine. Bild: Dr. To learn more, please go to our member's area and choose "Ukraine" or "Switzerland". On the They are supposed to be native speakers.

As official representatives of the network they are authorized to promote ENETOSH in the scope of especially national but also international events. To learn more, please click "Ambassadors" in the main menu on the left side of this page. The new report "Healthy Design, Creative Safety - Approaches to health and safety teaching and learning in undergraduate schools of architecture" was prepared by the University of Sheffield for the Health and Safety Executive and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

It is on this foundation that the Healthy Design, Creative Safety work is built. To read the whole report, please click here for the HSE website. Serbia received the candidate status beginning of March. Davorin Kacian from the University College of Applied Sciences in Safety, Croatia, was elected as the coordinator of this committee for a time period of two years.

It is the intention to improve the safety on construction sites and to simplify procedures with regard to subcontracting and mobility of workers. Essentially performing a dual function, the code of practice not only promotes the free movement of workers within the Internal Market, but also guarantees a higher level of safety awareness to EU construction workers. This code of practice is a voluntary commitment of the construction sector to solve the problem of unacceptable accident rates so as to avoid legislation.

The code of practice aims to raise the standard of safety awareness in the Construction Industry, ensure that site personnel undergo basic OHS awareness training with the view to improve prevention of accidents and avoidance of health hazards and to provide all participants with a certificate which indicate that the holder has attended a basic course in health and safety. The benefits to employers are: an improved safety culture and employee morale, a reduction in accidents and lost time due to accidents and an identification of personal with basic OHS training. The benefits to employees are: an improved safety and health awareness, recognition of OHS training, personal development and improved employment prospects.

Please click here for the AEIS website and the report. Just click the portlet on the right side to download it in English or German. If you would like to receive each new edition automatically via email, you may as well subscribe to our mailing- list by clicking "Newsletter subscribe" below the download-link. Teaching health and safety in undergraduate engineering schools.

IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety and Health , the Chartered body for health and safety professionals in the UK, is committed to evidence-based practice in workplace health and safety.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Dresden Teamwork Concept for Medical High Risk Organizations: Medicine & Health Science Books @ ykoketomel.ml Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Heller AR and others published Dresden Teamwork Concept for Medical High Risk Organizations.

IOSH maintains a Research and Development Fund to support research, lead debate and inspire innovation as part of their work as a thought leader in health and safety. This report presents the findings of a review into the needs of undergraduate engineers, current health and safety training material and how it may structured and packaged for use in universities and other learning environments. This report looks at the teaching material on health and safety principles and practice available to lecturers in the UK higher education sector, and forms part of IOSH's activities around embedding health and safety in professional and vocational education.

In , Argentina became one the first countries to incorporate the concept of Decent Work to its national development agenda. Since then, a number of government programmes have put into practice different aspects of the Decent Work Agenda. More than students from 15 secondary schools in the suburbs of Buenos Aires took part in the initiative, along with teachers, headmasters and teams from both ministries.

The premise was simple: participants had to think about the link between school and work and, more precisely, between school and the work that students want to do. The top national authorities for education and labour were there to listen to their ideas. Representatives of health and safety institutions of these countries Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro are invited to get more information about the network, co-operation and partnership.

For more information and online registration, please go to enetosh. Our network now has 60 members from 25 different countries. The sub-directorate longs to increase awareness for Safety and Health at work, provides information and publications on occupational risks and how to prevent them, about accidents and occupational diseases, and about organization and management in prevention. It also manages the registry of reported work-related accidents in Catalonia and OSH data source, and provides specialised health and safety advice and support to businesses and other institutions.

Furthermore, the sub-directorate offers and promotes training, promotion and campaigns on safety and health at work on national level, and takes part in specific European campaigns. For more information, please visit the sub-directorate's website. The Mobility Challenge: Comparison and recognition of qualifications in health and safety in Europe. The advance of globalization has resulted in cross-border mobility of workers becoming an important topic in occupational safety and health OSH. Aspects such as migration, multinational corporations and free movement of workers have an increasingly important role to play in health and safety.

This event focused on the comparison and recognition of qualifications in health and safety in Europe. The workshop was divided into three parts: lectures and keynotes highlighting several aspects of the mobility challenge, three fora on the topics competence, safety card and construction, and finally a round table discussion.

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Please click here for a report of the workshop, including handouts, presentations and pictures. Young people are among the groups facing the highest risks of dying while on the road: , young people aged 15 to 30 have lost their lives on European roads since ; of them in Bild: Portugal, Latvia and Spain lead the pack in reducing the number of young people road deaths. Good progress was also made in Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland, who have become the safest countries in terms of young people killed per young inhabitants. Young people in these countries benefited not only from measures specific to young people but also from general road safety measures, enforcement efforts and improvements in infrastructure.

Working together for youth employment - From education to the workplace: a global challenge. During the seminar, the agencies highlighted the complementarity of their work by each presenting different aspects and perspectives related to youth employment in Europe and its neighbourhood countries. Topics included the transition from education to the workplace, guidance for young people at risk, safe and decent jobs for young people, the 'NEETs' phenomenon and its economic costs, the active inclusion of disadvantaged young people in employment and the global dimension of youth employment.

Shop Dresden Teamwork Concept For Medical High Risk Organizations 2008

On the website of Eurofond , the report is available for download, as well as full speaker presentations. The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Hesse UKH is a regional institution of the statutory accident insurance for the public sector. In the Federal state Hesse of Germany, it is responsible for the insurance of a total of approximately 2.

The project covers different sectors, such as hotel and restaurant industry, wood processing, metal working and plastic industry and aims at promoting occupational safety and health in small and medium-sized enterprises. Target groups are employees and employers in SMEs as well as stakeholders. One of the main target groups is teachers and trainers. The project website in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian offers examples of good practice, ideas, contents and tools, which may be used in the practice of SMEs.

Petersburg, Russia, has joined our network as a new member. About 65 years the institute successfully provides training, consultation and information services in different spheres of OSH and related issues including vocational training for employers, employees, safety officers and OSH specialists and managers for Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region and other regions of Russia.

For more information, please have a look at our member's area or the Training Centre's website. With demographic change - recently defined as one of the four key challenges for European regions by the EC - and the current economic crisis looming, the cities and regions of the BSR have to find creative ways of disclosing and utilizing unused opportunities.

The result will be a pool of older professionals who are healthier than ever, well-educated and motivated and who can be mobilised to counteract the negative effects of demographic change —shrinking regional workforces and the socalled "brain drain". The project will survey successful approaches and goodpractice examples, develop them further and transfer them to the partner regions with low-key Best Ager involvement. Part of the project are also conferences and events, press releases, a website and a Facebook page, a Webinar-sequence for business planning and a newsletter.

A special Mentor Programme in Denmark has already educated more that 80 mentors for young employees. More information on the project and activities: www. Asbestos became increasingly popular among manufacturers and builders in the late 19th century because of its sound absorption, average tensile strength, and its resistance to fire, heat, electrical and chemical damage. It was used in such applications as electrical insulation for hotplate wiring and in building insulation. This serious risk for worker's health is closely linked to construction safety.

Although materials containing asbestos are out of use in the construction sector, workers have to deal with this very dangerous substance in demolition works or reconstruction projects. Another risk is the long-term problem because of the causation of serious the illnesses even many years after contamination. In our collection of good practice examples, we have a number of projects dealing with this problem.

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The new Hot Topic shows a list of these examples. Please choose "Hot Topics" in the main menu on the left to access this new one, as well as our other Hot Topics. The institute has been carrying out continuous activities for more than 50 years now, dedicated to education and research in the prevention of occupational risks, the legal grounding of industrial safety, occupational safety and development of the training system in this area, as well as in development of practical solutions and technical assistance to enterprises to improve working conditions.

More information in our member's area and on the institute's website. The aim of the workshop is to provide the participants with information about initiatives aiming to facilitate and stimulate cross-border mobility such as the European Qualifications Framework EQF and the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training ECVET , the harmonization of professional qualifications e. These three approaches will be outlined by different speeches.

In addition a market place with projects and good practice examples of how to improve the comparability and the acknowledgement of qualifications in Europe in different sectors will be carried out. A round table discussion will complete the workshop. Simultaneous translation will be provided in English and German. The film shows a normal work day of three slightly different young workers - Michael, Micky and Mike.

They encounter the same situations and risks, but their actions and reactions are completely different. The main goal of the film is to motivate young trainees to deal with issues of safety and health at work, on the road and in their leisure time. You can watch the whole film here. For more information, please visit the website of the World Media Festival and the webite of the "Youth wants self-experience" campaign. In Greece, the number of youth driving fatalities is the highest in Europe. Young Safe Drivers, a Greek Non-Profit Organization, wants to promote responsible safe driving through in depth research and education.

The organization is dedicated to finding innovative methods through mobile phone software development and education that can be implemented not only in Greece but internationally. The overall goal is to prevent distracted driving and promote safety on all Greek roads. The website and a Smartphone App preventing mobile phone use while driving is the answer to a safer driving network through out our world. The App, which is available for Android and Windows devices, blocks incoming and outgoing calls and texts while an automobile is in motion, the GPS software is activated when a vehicle reaches a given speed.

More information on the website: www. The European Organisation for Stress Hazard Evaluation is a non-profit organization founded in Sweden with the aim to help reducing European occupational stress related costs: human costs to workers and their families, business costs to organisations and companies and costs to society. The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training Cedefop published a new report on lifelong learning: "Learning while working".

This report calls for strong synergies between policies and programmes for innovation, research, enterprise development and training, which should go hand-in-hand. It is based on previous research undertaken by Cedefop between and More information and the full report for download are available on the Cedefop website. It is our HT Demographic Change. In the future, the demographic change will start to increase its influence on all areas of life.

Companies will have to deal with problems and challenges caused by this development - more elder workers, special, age- related injuries, risks and illnesses. Because of this, the demographic change will affect occupational safety and health as well. Take a look at all our Hot Topics by clicking the link in the main menu on the left. We now have members from 23 different countries! The university wants to spread ideas and transfer knowledge of modern integrated approach to safety through education and training of safety experts, labour representatives, employers and their beneficiaries.

Click here for the partner's page of the University College. The European Commission plans to adopt a new Communication on the modernisation of higher education in the third quarter of to provide strategic direction for the development of European higher education in the next ten years. This new Communication will revisit and update the existing Communication on modernisation of higher education, which was adopted in In preparation to this, you can participate in an interactive policy making online consultation on priorities for modernisation of higher education in Europe: education, research and innovation.

The process of public consultation is an effective instrument for political participation at the European level. Here you have the opportunity to draw attention to your concerns of the integration of safety and health in the university on curricular and organizational level. The consultation can be accessed here , either as an online questionnaire or PDF file. At an awarding ceremony in Brussels, the European Safety Charter, an Initiative by the European Commission, awarded seven organisations which have undertaken specific commitments to reduce the number of road fatalities in their communities.

The winners were selected from more than signatories of the Road Safety Charter following an evaluation made by the Commission. Two of the winners have been undertaking special educational efforts for road safety: 1. All links in this article lead to the website of the European Road Safety Charter. This directorate covers two sectors in the headquarters office and 12 Regional Directories in every district of Albania The number of the staff covered by this directory is persons.

The State Labour Inspectorate SLI is a central public institution, under the Minister of Labour Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, which is composed by the General Directorate on central level, regional directorates and local labour inspection offices. For more information, please visit the partner's page in our member's area here. Emily grant applications are being accepted until midnight on March 31, Four mini-grants will be awarded in the spring of Emily grant application guidelines are very easy to follow. Each application received will be given full consideration.

For further information regarding the application process, please refer to the Emily Sandall Grants section of the website endchildlabor.

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Reports of past award grantees are contained on the website as well. Students, youth, young adults and teachers are encouraged to apply. Peter Smith from Goldsmith, University of London explained what is exactly meant by violence, bullying and cyberbullying in schools. She also discussed the possibility of introducing measures for preventing violence as early as childhood.

Therefore, ETUCE has opened a call for subcontracting external expertise for a European-wide survey — assessment, comparison and evaluation of the impact of psychosocial factors on teachers at their workplace in the EU. Please click here for the call for tenders PDF file. The Ordem dos Engenheiros Association of Engineers , is active on two levels: nationwide, covering territories on the mainland and the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira, and regional. Since the Order started to be represented in five regions and 12 colleges. The association gives priority to the progress of engineering in its various areas throughout the national territory.

The activities of the association covers holding of national conferences and other events such as symposia and seminars, as well as a systematic disclosure of publications of scientific and technical papers produced by the community of Engineers. Seminars, courses and other training as well as the existence of an updated library are examples of activities with major impact on training of engineers.

Our network now consists of 50 members from 21 different countries! Riga Technical University is an accredited, internationally recognized European level university offering a wide range of academic and professional degree programmes across various fields of study. Several faculties of the Riga Technical University integrate occupational safety and health into their studies - for bachelor degree, master degree and, in the future, even for the doctoral degree.

Janis Ievins and Assist. Janis Berzins came to Dresden and signed the membership form in person. Click here for a picture of this visit. Teachers and trainers for the future: Vocational training in a changing world. The ILO estimates that unemployment is up by more than 30 million worldwide since The number of unemployed youth increased by 8.

Against this sombre economic background, technical and vocational education and training TVET systems worldwide are under pressure to deal with a host of employment and workplace challenges. Within this course, I are many in how the other biases that are potential suspect want, with a important browser on how these investigations Want for neurons and apes.

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