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On most of them, you can upload your Microsoft Word file directly. Formatting a book becomes complicated if your book contains images. As long as you stick to text, this process will be easier than you expect it to be. The key to formatting the book is reading not skimming the instructions on the site. Watch and read all the tutorials the site has to offer before you start uploading your documents to it.

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Sometimes the hardest thing about writing and publishing a book is that once it is done, you want a parade. After I publish a book, I cook a really nice dinner for my family. You can write and publish a book for free. All you have to do is put in the work. Have you ever published your writing? What was that experience like? Let us know in the comments.

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Celebrate someone you know who has published a book. Maybe you!

Share the link to their book in the comments. Take fifteen minutes to write. Then, share your writing practice in the comments below so we can celebrate with you. And if you share, be sure to leave feedback for your fellow writers! Building an Author Website. Capture the Idea Every book starts with a raw idea. Either way, you need to capture the idea of the book so you know what you are writing.

Write the Book Arguably, this may be the most difficult step. Ask Readers to Read the Book Before you put your book in the world, have someone else read it and give you their thoughts. Decide on the Formats Are you publishing an ebook, a paperback, or both?

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Get a Cover If you have money, this is the other place I would spend it. Format the Book This is easier than you think. Between them they have written 16 books including APE. So when Guy decided to self-publish his previous book, What the Plus! In fact, had it not been for his friend Shawn who explained the complexities of self-publishing, he would have hit a wall.

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Together Guy and Shawn decided to write a book to help novice writers who are considering self-publishing. They humanize the publishing process, and remove all knowledge barriers that would otherwise make the experience traumatic. Some other interesting things you will learn are:.

APE is about empowering people who want to write their own book without giving up control to a publisher. To do this, you have to become an author, a publisher and an entrepreneur APE. If it has to be about your personal goals, let it be because you want to master a new skill. This way if no one reads your book, at least you went out on a limb, took on an intellectual challenge and learned something new.

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Being an author is a marathon. A high-quality book needs extensive testing and copy editing. Want to keep ahead of your competitors? Need to master a social platform? Discover how to improve your social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World , brought to you by your friends at Social Media Examiner. Get in early for big discounts. There are a variety of different publishing models , including print-on-demand, vanity, subsidy, and self-publishing.

POD publishing uses printing technology to produce books one at a time through a company at a cost-effective price. The books are printed individually as orders come in.

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Therefore, you can adjust the book's supply to meet the reader's demand. POD cuts back on costs and eliminates the need for space to store unsold copies. Typically editing, proofreading, or marketing is offered at an additional cost and you make money off of royalties from sales. In terms of rights, some can go to the POD publisher for a set amount of time but this varies depending on the publisher.

A vanity publisher , also known as a book manufacturer, publishes any anyone's work provided they have the money to pay for their services. The manufacturer prints and binds a book on the author's dime and does not offer editing, marketing, or promotional assistance. However, the author owns the printed books and retains all profit from sales.

A subsidy publisher is similar to a vanity publisher in that the author has to pay for the printing and binding process of the book. However, this type of publisher contributes a portion of the cost to editing, distribution, warehousing, and marketing. In this case, the publisher owns the books until they are sold and the author makes money from royalties.

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Self-publishing requires the author to invest their own money to produce, market, distribute, and warehouse the book. While this can be a huge time commitment, the process can be more cost-effective than vanity or subsidy publishing. In traditional publishing , the publisher handles the marketing, distribution, and warehousing for your book.

This is the traditional method to book publishing because there is no expense to the author—mainstream publishers make a profit from the book's sales. Whereas in self-publishing , depending on which type of publisher or platform you choose, the majority of the work falls on your shoulders and you pay for all expenses. The main advantages of self-publishing are that you control when the book is published, you retain all rights to your book, and you receive percent of the profits. In both cases, you have the option to choose what format your book will be published in—printed book, e-book , audio book, cd, dvd, and many more.

If you pick an e-book, which is essentially a book published in digital form and available on e-Readers and other electronic devices, it can be downloaded instantly, has the ability to be translated into different languages, and can never go out of print.

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How to Write and Publish a Book. Writing a good book is a big achievement. Your book could either turn you into a celebrity and/or millionaire or gather dust at. You'll find lots of practical advice on writing and how to publish your work: everything the writer needs from composing that opening paragraph to seeing your.

However, the as e-book formats and file types develop and change over time, many may need to be converted to a new file or format.