Creative Expression Activities for Teens: Exploring Identity through Art, Craft and Journaling

Creative Expression Activities for Teens: Exploring Identity Through Art, Craft and Journaling
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Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Making art in the workshops will help participants form connections by sharing their stories. The girls will learn about and experience female expression and share, teach and act upon their own creative expression. The youth will learn how to make informed choices about their reproductive health, and their media art will advance understanding of the importance of improving access and availability of comprehensive reproductive health care in eastern Kentucky.

The act of storytelling will help each participant feel empowered and validated, and the finished book will preserve the history and heritage of the strength of Appalachian women.

Creative Expression Activities for Teens Exploring Identity through Art, Craft and Journaling

The girls will be encouraged to set goals and journal about their lives and their progress, which will ultimately empower them to set and realize goals throughout their lives. Through the festival, local feminist activists seek to create a diverse cultural and educational space in which community members can learn together, challenge injustice, and work for social change.

The project will provide an avenue for empowerment, assist the writers to be lifelong contributors to the community, and encourage them to continue to write and be a model for women and girls in Kentucky. The program will encourage the young women to discover their own voices with confidence and self-respect. The course will introduce the students to diverse female artists, encourage them to create their own art inspired by these artists, and dispel stereotypes about women. By creating t-shirts and images, the women express their experiences and break the silence around abuse, helping the women and raising awareness in the community about violence against women.

Dreams With Wings, Inc.

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Creative Expression Activities for Teens: Exploring Identity through Art, Craft and Journaling: Medicine & Health Science Books. Creative Expression Activities for Teens: Exploring Identity through Art, Craft and Journaling eBook: Bonnie Thomas: Kindle Store.

The program gives participants the opportunity to express themselves through art and earn income from the sale of their work. Her goal is to encourage, uplift and educate African-American women by engaging them through dance. Joy L. The project will help connect women artists through a cyber network and encourages them to become agents of social change. The book will incorporate stories, history, images and recipes relating to healthy food and sustainable agriculture and provide the girls with opportunities for creative expression and learning about making informed, healthy food choices.

The project will encourage women musicians, educate citizens about the effects of mountaintop removal, and show the connections between feminism and environmentalism. The conference fosters the literary growth and community engagement of women and girls in Kentucky through writing workshops and contests, readings, discussions, publishing seminars, and a spoken-word competition. Kimberly A. The workshops will include studying African-American praise poems, and guiding participants to write their own praise poems to identify and unlearn dominant belief systems, appreciate their own beauty, and help change social views about women.

The program will give survivors an opportunity for creative self-expression, provide artists an opportunity to use their skills, and raise awareness about violence against women in the community. Making the masks will help the women see the incongruence in the two sides, overcome negative self-concepts, and take steps toward a positive and accurate self-image.

The workshops will open new avenues of awareness for participants and encourage creative expression as a means of healing, self-empowerment, and empathetic connectivity among women. Susan J. The program will promote understanding, acceptance and sisterhood among the women and build self-esteem through the creation and presentation of art. Creating a high quality and secure exhibition will encourage area quilters to participate in the quilt show and promote this art form.

She will create a multimedia piece consisting of photography, audio and video that will be exhibited in Kentucky and Bosnia to help the women bring closure to this trauma and raise awareness about the issues faced by women refugees. Through the collages, the women will express who they are, including their healing journey, the journals will provide opportunities for personal reflections and sharing with other women undergoing similar challenges. Publishing work by local writers will open a space for critical examination of social factors that lead to sexual violence in the community and help make Lexington a more hospitable place for women.

The program is designed to strengthen self-esteem, encourage self-reflection, and promote the exploration of opportunities for lifelong education. In addition, the young women will serve as mentors and perform their work, helping them to discover their own voices with confidence and self-respect, leading to their empowerment as women. Chrysalis House, Inc. Participants will create a mosaic art piece using recycled trash collected from the neighborhood that will be installed on the exterior of their local community center. Participants will learn about food choices and sustainable agricultural practices and create a portable mural based on what they learned.

The mural will travel to their schools and encourage the girls to promote healthy eating. Terri L. YMCA using traditional African drumming and dance, to help the girls develop self-confidence and form a circle of support to help each other develop as women and leaders in their families and communities. Hannah L. The participants, many of whom are cared for by women, will also string the recycled glass beads into bracelets, which can be marketed and sold, providing economic possibilities to the participants.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Project Women, Inc.

Creative Expression Activities for Teens

The tiles will be displayed at the center, will create community awareness and education, and will help the women to live their goals for the future. Americana Community Center, Inc. Benning, GA to close the School of the Americas, which will address the connections between sexism and violence related to the military-industrial complex, and in human relationships. Doris C. Alliance for Girls, Inc. Robin D.

Creative Expression Activities for Teens

California Block Club Federation, Inc. Kentucky River Community Care, Inc. Jennifer A. Pamala G. Ann Andaloro and Julie A. Artists Collaborative Theatre, Inc. The Center for Women and Families, Inc.

The Children of Ruth, Inc. Louisville Arts Council, Inc. Erica E. She is writing her life story, which involves a childhood rape, and plans to use it to help other rape victims in their healing process. Hispanic Latino Coalition, Inc. Rainbow Community Music of Louisville, Inc. The completed book of photo essays will follow 30 children for three years.

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Intergenerational dialogues will focus on how women are taught or not taught social values regarding their roles as first teachers to their daughters, sisters and friends and will compare storytelling experiences of Kentucky women with those of African women. This program, which will be performed in regional concert halls, will feature the musical work of both women and will demonstrate the empowerment of music commissioned by a woman.

The dance will integrate women of different ages and backgrounds from the Louisville community who have experienced the impact of breast cancer in their lives. The women will explore the connectedness between the earth and themselves. The participants in this project will be young women ages The purpose of this project is to provide a venue for emerging and establishing artists from diverse disciplines to create a month-long, community-wide celebration of African-American Independence that emulates the original Juneteenth celebration in Nye would participate in readings panel discussions, and small-group workshops.

It will be comprised of 25 two-hour sessions for 20 girls, aged , in a racially diverse low income middle school in the south end of Louisville. The girls will study, observe, and participate in art making. This project creates an opportunity for refugee women and LAFTA artists to interact by art making and reflecting about their own lives and heritage.

The girls will learn how clowning is a performance art fostering creativity and the ability to think quickly. This program is for homeless women who are single parents and their children. The first session includes participation in music making and painting. The second session includes analysis and design. In Part One, 25 women caregivers will construct 3-D representations, illustrating the sources of energy that sustain them. Part Two is a written description of their visual projects and their meaning. The Athena Festival reaches a broad cross section of women and men in western Kentucky and across the nation.

Pleiades will identify four women theatre directors to lead the seminars and open the seminar to 10 participants from across the state. During each of the four, 6-week sessions the women and girls will compose a dance or music to express their life experiences. The Celebration includes theatre, performance, exhibits, film, lecture demonstrations, youth events, annual play writing contest and other interactive forums to educate and inform the public about social issues related to class, race, gender equity and human rights in our nation with a specific focus on the female voice in America.

Appalachian Heritage Alliance, Inc.


Welcome House of Northern Kentucky, Inc. The program will provide artmaking skills and an opportunity for participants of different cultural backgrounds to interact, build a new social support network and enhance their English skills. This project addresses the exploitation of women around the world by creating employment opportunities, products and markets that support empowerment, and raise awareness about sex trafficking in Kentucky and around the world. The workshops will provide the girls with multimedia art skills and an opportunity to tell their stories and connect with their families.

The exhibition will raise awareness in the community about the changing lives and challenges of Kentucky women and girls over the generations. The retreat will create a safe space for exploration and connection via different art forms and writing methods, and the zine will provide a sense of pride and accomplishment among participants while raising awareness about the diverse experiences of military women.

The events will expose participants to art activities they may not otherwise have access to and teach them to walk with confidence, love themselves, and embrace their own beauty and power. The documentary has a special focus on the effects of misogyny and the impact women have made on Hip Hop. The program will empower young women to share their stories as they discover their strengths and find hope for their future, while providing a growth opportunity for collaborating artists. Through workshop discussions and the writing process, female inmates will improve their critical thinking skills, helping them successfully reintegrate into civilian life, stay on a path to recovery from substance abuse by focusing on self-care, and develop healthy relationships with significant others, family members, and friends.

The Buttafly Center, Inc. Participants will discover their voices with confidence and self-respect, and the mentoring component will forge connections between women writers of varying ages. The project provides emotional expression and an artistic outlet for women to break the silence that often surrounds their experience, while raising awareness about violence against women in the community.

The Festival will provide a diverse cultural and educational space in which participants can enjoy art, build community, promote healing, deepen public consciousness and inspire themselves and others toward action for living in harmony with nature and one another. Sam L. The project will encourage participants and audiences to think more critically about their own perceptions of Appalachian women, and hopefully inspire more nuanced, multi-dimensional media portrayals of women in the region.

Commonwealth Theatre Center, Inc. The residents will create original artwork relating to the play. The performance and residencies will raise awareness and understanding in our community of the immigrant and refugee experience while empowering students to tell their stories as agents of social change. Donna M. The workshops will promote self-awareness and healing among participants, and the play will instill pride, courage, strength, and a sense of place in the larger Estill County community.

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Drawing on psychodynamic, systemic and attachment theory, the book provides an integrated theory base for using play in therapeutic work with children. Ann Andaloro and Julie A. The activities will provide a creative outlet for participants while giving them tools to overcome adversity and achieve their goals. Expressive Arts Interventions for School Counselors. The writing program will help the girls empower themselves, transform their lives and share their experiences with other young women. This resource comprises a collection of accessible, flexible, tried-and-tested activities for use with people in a range of care settings, to help them explore their knowledge of themselves and to make sense of their experiences.

The events will give an opportunity for women actors and playwrights of color to gain experience, learn new skills, and have their work showcased in a supportive environment, while increasing exposure and recognition in the larger Louisville theatre community.

These fun ideas can be tailored to suit the individual, and require minimal equipment and even less artistic know-how, so can be enjoyed by all. The book concludes with a useful section for counselors and other professionals who work with young people, which explains how these activities can be incorporated into treatment goals.

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