U.S. vs. Them: Conservatism in the Age of Nuclear Terror

Environmentalists Say They're Averting Climate Disaster. Conservatives Say It's Terrorism.
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US-Iran tensions: All the latest updates

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World Show more World. Cakir, Emanuela C. Sinatora, Zeinab Ghasemi Tari. Author: Babak Rahimi.

Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs

During the Safavid period, the Shi'i Muharram commemorative rites which had been publically practiced since the 7th century, became a manifestation of state power. Already during the reign of Shah 'Abbas I the Muharram rituals had transformed into an extraordinary rich repertoire of ceremonies and ceremonial spaces that can be defined as 'theater state'.

Under Shah Safi I these ceremonies ultimately led to carnivalesque celebrations of misrule and transgression.

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This first systematic study of a wide range of Persian and European archival and primary sources, analyzes how the Muharram rites changed from being an originally devotional practice to an ambiguous ritualization that in combination with other public arenas, such as the bazaar, coffeehouses or travel lodges, created distinct spaces of communication whereby the widening gap between state and society gave way to the formation of the early Iranian public sphere.

Ultimately, the Muharram public spaces allowed for a shift in individual and collective identities, opening the way to multifaceted living fields of interaction, as well as being sites of contestation where innovative expressions of politics were made.

u s vs them conservatism in the age of nuclear terror Manual

In particular, the construction of the new Isfahan in is linked with the widespread proliferation of the Muharram mortuary rites by discussing rituals performed in major urban spaces. The debate on Orientalism began some fifty years ago in the wake of decolonization. In a recent attempt to broaden the debate, the papers collected in this volume, offered at various seminars and an international symposium held in Paris in , critically examine whether Orientalism, as knowledge and as creative expression, was in fact fundamentally subservient to Western domination.

By raising new issues, the papers shift the focus from the center to the peripheries, thus analyzing the impact on local societies of a major intellectual and institutional movement that necessarily changed not only their world, but the ways in which they represented their world.

World history, which assumes a plurality of perspectives, leads us to observe that the Saidian critique applies to powers other than Western European ones — three case studies are considered here: the Ottoman, Russian and Soviet , and Chinese empires. Other essays in this volume proceed to analyze how post-independence states have made use of the tremendous accumulation of knowledge and representations inherited from previous colonial regimes for the sake of national identity, as well as how scholars change and adapt what was once a hegemonic discourse for their own purposes.

What emerges is a new landscape in which to situate research on non-Western cultures and societies, and a road-map leading readers beyond the restrictive dichotomy of a confrontation between West and East. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement.

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Economists typically think that people who vote are making a mistake, or there are other benefits to voting that we have not considered. No partisan hacks. But isn't it unfair to impose on all cultures a definition of morality drawn from the European Enlightenment tradition? But every child is needier than the most intolerably demanding friend or lover. How We Believe: Science, Skepticism, and the Macron said the idea would be to begin a discussion and set up the parameters of talks ranging from Iran's nuclear activities to its wider role in the region. Hook was speaking by telephone from Oman, where he is touring Gulf countries before heading to Paris.

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