The Transformers Stamp Fun featuring the Evil Decepticons

The Transformers Stamp Fun Featuring The Evil Decepticons
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So, what would the other side say about you? Object Type. How do you take your coffee? Seeing their "glorious leaders" abandon the battle, Soundwave and Hun-Grrr sounded a retreat. For , Soundwave was reissued as part of Takara's Transformers Collection "book-box" series.

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See our disclaimer. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Similar figure scale to Legion class Transformers action figures. In the year , the Autobots had been driven from Cybertron and were now based on their homeworld's moons and on Earth. After scouting from Laserbeak, Megatron concocted a scheme to strike at the heart of Autobot strength by sacking their great fortress of Autobot City. During the subsequent battle , Soundwave deployed an array of his cassettes against the Autobot communications array manned by Blaster.

Little did he know Blaster had since gathered a group of cassettes of his own, and in any case Soundwave's minions failed to stop the distress signal. Soundwave's loyalty to Megatron was demonstrated when he recovered the seriously damaged Decepticon leader, who'd been left for dead after Optimus Prime defeated him. But while Soundwave was loyal, he was far from stupid, and he kept his nonexistant mouth shut when Megatron was subsequently ejected into space. Although he did suggest himself as a replacement leader, he again loyally served Megatron when that being returned as Galvatron.

The Transformers: The Movie. In the year , although operating in a less prominent capacity for most of the time, Soundwave played a prominent role in Galvatron's attempt to learn the secret of a sonic weapon on the planet Eurythma , where sound and music were the way of life, leaving Soundwave entranced by the planet's perfect melodies.

Recording each piece of the harmony that formed the devastating sonic effect, Soundwave was defeated when the Eurythmans countered the harmony with white noise, and he was again pulled into a confrontation with Blaster, who erased his recordings. Carnage in C-Minor. How the hell does he fit all of those tapes in his chest?! The real question is why the hell does he have a shoulder cannon he never uses?! In , Soundwave and his squad of cassettes were deployed to the construction site of Autobot City while the balance of the Autobot forces were engaged in an evacuation of Cybertron.

He managed to record a secret conversation between Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus where the Autobot leaders discussed hiding the Autobot Matrix of Leadership in a bunker at the build site, against the chance Prime would be captured or destroyed while off-world. Soundwave returned to the not-so-secret bunker and deployed his minions to dig up the Matrix.

Just as the artifact had been secured and Soundwave was about to call for retrieval, the young Autobot Hot Rod took the Matrix and defeated Soundwave's team. Madman Transformers Comic. While Megatron and the Decepticons engaged the Autobots in battle in Arizona, Soundwave and his cassettes were dispatched to do something unspecified but likely evil in Tokyo.

Optimus Prime dispatched a unit of Autobots led by Bumblebee and Kenji to track them down. He was ultimately defeated when Bumblebee got the drop on him with a patented "Bumble-Kick" and shattered his chest. This made it impossible for his cassette forces to return to him, leaving them to be captured as well. Super Robot Lifeform Transformers issue 2 When he next appeared, Soundwave hadn't quite got over his injuries, and was seen with bandages stuck to his chest-window.

Super Robot Lifeform Transformers issue 3. When Soundwave learned that the Autobots were keeping themselves in shape by having a friendly race, he set up a trap within a narrow canyon, walling the Autobots in and opening fire on them.

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Luckily, Hound arrived on the scene and delivered a powerful punch to Soundwave's chest, shattering his tape door once again. Soundwave immediately fled. In , the Decepticons were offered a chance to regain control of Cybertron when Vector Sigma began to destabilize due to the release of the energy of the Matrix. To discover the Autobots' plan of action, Soundwave and his cassettes infiltrated Autobot City.

Although discovered by Blaster and his own cassettes, they escaped with the knowledge that the Matrix was currently missing, and that the Autobots were preparing to search Earth for it. Blaster and Hot Rod subsequently embarked on a search mission to the Arctic, where Soundwave and his cassettes attacked them. Blaster allowed Hot Rod to escape, and he and Soundwave engaged in a one-on-one battle, with shattered chests and severed limbs aplenty. The two combatants ultimately inflicted fatal damge to one another, and Soundwave's body exploded even as Blaster collapsed.

The Mystery of Planet Master. The deceased Soundwave's cassettes were able to recover fragments of his body, allowing Decepticon Headmaster leader Scorponok to reconstruct him using the planet Master 's super-technology. Soundwave was thusly restored to life as Soundblaster , although now black in appearance as opposed to blue. Immediately Soundblaster set to work using his broadcasting powers to direct the Decepticons' latest creation, the Madmachine , in another attack on Cybertron.

The science of Master had also restored the Autobot Blaster to life, however, and under the new name "Twincast" he destroyed Soundblaster's sonic control and foiled the Decepticons' plot. Operation Cassette. Soundblaster continued to serve in his role as a spy for the Decepticons, and he and his cassettes would regularly snoop on the Autobots on Cybertron, Earth and Athenia. Soundblaster and his team were responsible for discovering that Vector Sigma was in the process of creating Cybertonuron , Cybertron is in Grave Danger, Part 1 but they didn't take kindly to the arrival of the new intelligence officer, Counterpunch , who seemed able to dig up information that they couldn't because he was actually the Autobot double-agent, Punch.

Return of the Immortal Emperor Soundblaster was himself specifically responsible for the destruction of planet Mars, acting upon the twisted orders of Scorponok; he readily pressed the button which triggered the detonation of plasma bombs placed at the Martian magnetic poles in accord with Scorponok's scheme. Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears. Although rarely doing little more than standing guard and relaying information over large distances save for one daring instance where he and Ratbat actually managed to sneak board Battleship Maximus , Soundblaster was a regular battlefield presence and accompanied the Decepticon army on interplanetary energy raids, voyaged to planet Master, and was present on Earth during the final battle at the North Pole.

After their defeat at the North Pole, the Decepticons were preparing to retreat from Earth entirely when Scorponok instructed Soundblaster to remain on the planet in secret to act as a spy for the Decepticons. Soundblaster proved that he wasn't up to the challenge by making his presence and intentions known almost instantly when he kicked Wheelie square in the face and took the Witwicky family hostage. Chromedome was left powerless to do anything but surrender, as Slugfest and Overkill brutalized Spike and threatened Carly.

Daniel finally snapped and beat the living crap out of the two Cassette dinosaurs, leaving Soundblaster open to Chromedome's poorly named "Master-Chrome Hurricane Throw to the End of Hell! The Headmasters issue 8. Also, Soundwave is really, really whiny in these stories. Soundwave was among the many Transformers strewn about the bridge of the Ark when the Predacon Megatron infiltrated the ship on his mission to destroy Optimus Prime.

The Agenda, Part 3. Soundwave is one of the ancient warriors who appears from J'nwan to help battle the warlord Shokaract. Soundwave was chosen by Megatron to lead his second assassination team against the new Autobot supreme commander, Optimus Prime. With the aid of his cassette troops, most notably Ravage, as well as Shrapnel , Bombshell , and Kickback , it was assumed he would have no problem with a young, peace-loving Autobot. Soundwave, like many others, underestimated Prime's resolve and was quickly incapacitated. He recovered quickly enough to rescue Megatron after the latter's own battle with Prime.

The War Within. In the present day, Soundwave was among the Decepticons defeated by the Autobots and their human allies. The spacecraft that would have taken the Transformers back to Cybertron was sabotaged by General Robert Hallo and Adam Rook , and it exploded upon liftoff, scattering the robots across the artic ocean. Soundwave others recovered, Autobot and Decepticon alike, were reprogrammed by Rook to accept commands and were leased to terrorist organisations and military juntas as powerful weapons of war.

Prime Directive issue 2 After Megatron freed himself and the other Decepticons, Soundwave developed a 'metallic virus' that cyberformed Earth organics into cybertronic materials. Prime Directive issue 3 During the subsequent battle with the Autobots in San Francisco , Soundwave warned Megatron of a nuclear missile launched by Hallo was headed for the city. The Decepticoned used the distraction to escape. Prime Directive issue 6. Later, Soundwave was among the Decepticons who quickly joined Shockwave's forces upon returning to Cybertron.

War and Peace Soundwave had little loyalty to Shockwave and readily joined up with Starscream when the Seeker decided to return to Earth and take over. Though Soundwave feigned subservience to Starscream, it was later revealed that he had been serving Megatron the entire time in secret. The Route of All Evil. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances.

Long before the war began, Soundwave was the personal assistant to Senator Ratbat. When Megatron caught Ratbat's eye as a champion of the illegal underground gladiatorial matches, Ratbat sent Soundwave to offer Megatron funding and weapons technology. When two Autobots were discovered listening in on their conversation, Soundwave dispatched Ravage, Buzzsaw, and Laserbeak to capture them. Some time later, Soundwave was assigned to find a warrior with flight capabilities.

He found the Seekers : Starscream, Skywarp , and Thundercracker. During a recruitment rally in which Megatron attempted to kill Senator Decimus , a raid by the Autobots under Sentinel Prime resulted in the participants being arrested. Soundwave, however, was freed under Senate directive, something which greatly angered Sentinel Prime. Soundwave had apparently switched loyalties at this time, becoming one of Megatron's own in not only helping Starscream exterminate Kaon senators but also to the extent that he destroyed Ratbat's original body, placing his spark into a relatively weak cassette form and thus forcing him into the Decepticons.

Megatron Origin. Looking for fun and feeling groovy Centuries later, after Shockwave disappeared, Megatron assigned Bludgeon to delve into Shockwave's research and relay all the information back to him. As the Decepticon leader did not fully trust Bludgeon, Megatron also assigned Soundwave to spy on him.

Soundwave followed Bludgeon and his team as they left for Earth in and established a base within Mount St. Helens , eventually discovering that they intended to resurrect Thunderwing. Though Soundwave tried to stop them, Iguanus used an experimental cannon from Shockwave's arsenal to lock him in his alt mode while they instigated a volcanic eruption. He was eventually recovered by a team of unwitting humans who sold him to a pawn shop.

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Spotlight: Soundwave. Soundwave was purchased by a human teenager and taken to his home. When Ravage and Laserbeak were reprogrammed by the American government agency Skywatch to find the other Transformers, Skywatch's control signal was blocked by a signal emanating from a functioning Soundwave, still in cassette-player mode. Devastation issue 4. In a dream set in an alternate universe wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a soft taco shell dreamt by Mirage , Soundwave was part of the Decepticon strike force who attacked the last stronghold of the Autobots.

Soundwave was attacked by Hound , who snapped his head off, killing him. But it was just a dream, so it didn't matter. Spotlight: Mirage. One year on, Soundwave had been freed and returned to his position at Megatron's right hand. He was present during the attack on a human city, and detected the incoming human military jets. The planes fired, and on Megatron's orders, Soundwave calmly detonated the arsenal. He then launched Laserbeak to take out the human resistance. All Hail Megatron issue 1. Soundwave reported that the humans had sent a sizable ground force after the Decepticons.

Following Megatron's orders, he released Frenzy and set him loose on the humans. The only being immune to Frenzy's infrasonic manipulation, he silently observed his minion's work. All Hail Megatron issue 2. After Rumble was seriously injured by human attackers Soundwave was left distraught, so much so that he could no longer focu on jamming communications to and from New York city, allowing Spike to learn of the impending destruction of the city by the millitary.

When Starscream made his inevitable play for power, Megatron revealed that he had known about it all along, as Soundwave had been spying on Starscream for him and the betrayal was all part of Megatron's plan to weed out the elements of the Decepticon army that he no longer had a use for.

Following Megatron's serious wounding by Optimus Prime and Spike, Soundwave and his cassettes kept watch over him to prevent the oppurtunistic Starscream from assasinating Megatron.

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And, once Starscream used the Matrix of Leadership to assume command over the Decepticon army, Soundwave sealed himself and Megatron in the hip where he worked on repairing him, desiring to return Megatron to power and end Starscream's ineffective and weak leadership. Soundwave transforms into a realistically sized microcassette recorder of indeterminate manufacture and possibly a n SUV-style communications truck, and he includes weapons that turn non-functioning batteries that can store inside his non-functioning battery compartment in his back.

Takara 's release of Soundwave in the Transformers line was nearly identical to the Microchange "MC Cassette Man" toy on which he was based. This meant that along with being packaged with Rumble previously a red "MC Micross" , he came with a set of non-functioning headphones that allowed you not to listen to the silence not recorded on his non-functioning tapes with the non-functioning microphone.

Hasbro packaged Soundwave with Buzzsaw rather than Rumble and omitted the other non-functioning accessories. For , Soundwave was reissued as part of Takara's Transformers Collection "book-box" series. This iteration of Soundwave came packaged with Laserbeak. Another reissue of Soundwave and Laserbeak was seen in with Takara's Transformers Encore series. This release featured significantly lighter blue and tweaked stickers to match the new shade used. Proceed on your way to oblivion.

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release. Released by Diamond Select Toys in , Sound Blaster was sculpted by Mark Wong of Art Asylum , limited to 1, pieces, and comes with a scale version of Frenzy in tape mode that can be freely removed. This is Sound Blaster's first North American release. His name has been changed from "Soundblaster" to "Sound Blaster" and his Tech Spec contains some interesting new information. Notably that his body was reconstructed using technology stolen from Nebulos and his shoulder cannon is now an "electric launcher" capable of firing charged particles at 38, volts.

His tech spec stats are also completely different from his original Japanese release. His motto reads "Volume the same, destructive power doubled. Soundwave gets slagged by Vehicons, and Nightscream escapes. How's that for injustice? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The name or term Soundwave refers to more than one character or idea.

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The Transformers Stamp Fun featuring The Evil Decepticons on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Transformers Stamp Fun Featuring The Evil Decepticons book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

For a list of other meanings, see Soundwave disambiguation. Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics. Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details. Note: The events of American cartoon continuity, as detailed above, occur in the Japanese timeline, except the events of are pushed back to The Japanese continuity proceeds to insert many new storylines and events in, around, before and after the events of the The Transformers cartoon, as covered below. Note: Soundwave went through the entire main series without saying two words.

His only lines are in the War Within series. Note: It is interesting to note that while the actual product uses the Soundblaster mold, the package photos show Soundwave with the single-tape door mold used for Takara's TFC reissue. Pimp My Ride. You mean we don't use brick-sized microcassette recorders anymore? Hidden category: Resurrected characters.

Let's see what you can see This article is in need of images. Specifics: Appearances in fiction. I want to tell you about the Transformers! This section covers fiction that is ongoing. It will be added to as the story progresses.