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Friedrich Berg has written,. Fred Leuchter was apparently persuaded to fall in line and use the same argument. The fact is that cyanide in air is only explosive in concentrations higher than 5. Berg also quoted from the Military Fumigation Manual , published in , which said that hydrogen cyanide gas could be present with an open flame and not cause an explosion,. Furnace rooms should not be sealed but the door should be locked and barred to prevent entry…. The furnace if coal should be stoked so that heat will be satisfactorily maintained for the short period of exposure required, if possible.

If not possible, the furnace tender should wear a gas mask when tending the fire. In the Leuchter Report , Leuchter claimed there were design and safety problems with the Auschwitz gas chambers which were so serious that they could not have functioned as gas chambers. They are either contradicted by the documentary evidence or the supposed problems are not as bad as Leuchter claimed and he knew it. He told Trombley that American gas chambers were not safe.

However, in spite of their safety flaws, they still worked and killed the prisoner without killing anyone else Likewise, although Leuchter claimed that the Auschwitz gas chambers would not work because there was no heating, he told Trombley that American gas chambers were not heated They still worked.

Because hydrogen cyanide boils at 25 degrees Celsius, Leuchter claimed that Zyklon B would not have worked and Jews would not have been gassed if the temperature in the gas chamber had been below 25 degrees Celsius He does not appear to know the difference between evaporation and boiling. Water evaporates and turns into steam below its boiling point of degrees Celsius.

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Just as water evaporates well below its boiling point, Zyklon B releases hydrogen cyanide gas its boiling point of 25 degree. During the war, the German Society for Pest Control experimented with delousing at cold temperatures. Irmscher reported that at even —18 to —19 degrees Celsius The Zyklon B took longer to release gas at lower temperatures but it still produced enough hydrogen cyanide to kill people.

Revisionists, who say the temperature had to be 25 degrees to kill people with Zykon B, are simply ignorant. Pressac reproduced wartime construction documents, such as letters, telegrams, invoices, plans and worksheets, which contained references to gas-tight doors, undressing rooms, the ventilation system and heating. In accordance with your suggestion, the service agrees that cellar I should be preheated with the air coming from the room of the 3 forced draught installations. The supply and installation of the ductwork and blowers necessary to this end are to be effected as soon as possible.

As you point out in your above mentioned letter, execution should commence this week. We should ask you to send in triplicate detailed quote and supply for installation. At the same time, we should ask you to send an additional quote for the modification of the air-extraction installation in the undressing room. This idea would be absurd if there had not been a change of function changing these rooms from morgues to gas chambers, where the temperature had to remain high enough for the product to vaporize rapidly.

If the Auschwitz gas chambers were heated, but the American gas chambers were not, this presumably means the Auschwitz gas chambers were better designed than the American ones.


He would often testify against prisons which did not buy his execution hardware Leuchter must have known from experience that the design and safety flaws described in the Leuchter Report would not stop a gas chamber from working. The laws of chemistry are the same in Poland and North America. He appears to have been telling his revisionist employees what they wanted to hear.

If the prosecution, rather than the defence in the Zundel case, had approached Leuchter and paid him, he would have presumably produced a report proving the existence of the gas chambers. Gas-tight doors for the gas chambers. The area has been examined by the author and no evidence of doors or door frames has been found. At this occasion we remind you of another order of March 6, for the delivery of a gas door x cm for morgue 1 of crematorium 3, Bw 30a, which must be equipped exactly in the form and size of the basement door of crematorium 2, located opposite, to be made with a spy-hole of double 8mm glass with a rubber seal and metal fitting.

Growing Impact of the "Leuchter Report" in Germany

This order must be considered as very urgent. Eyewitnesses, such as Henryk Tauber 24 , said there was a peephole in the gas chamber doors so the SS could tell when the Jews were dead.

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This letter confirms there was a peephole in the door. These eyewitnesses must have been in the crematorium to know there was a peephole, so this document makes their accounts of what happened on the other side of the peephole more credible. Pressac said there were no water pipes connected to the shower heads, so they were dummies Witnesses reported that there were fake shower heads in the gas chambers to deceive the Jews into thinking they were only going to have a shower. These 30 x 40 cm windows can be seen on the plans for Crematorium IV.

They are on the outside walls of the rooms described as gas chambers by witnesses Not all the windows in Crematoria IV and V had gas-tight shutters, only the windows to the gas chambers, suggesting that gas was intended to be used in these rooms. Some of these shutters have survived and are kept in Crematorium I He simply made up new explanations to explain away the new evidence even though he was contradicting what he had written in the original Leuchter Report.

He now wrote,. Second, Leichenkeller 1 was to contain the decomposing older bodies, which might be even more of a problem. Leuchter did not explain how he supposedly knew that Leichenkeller 1 contained older corpses or why they would store decomposing bodies in a morgue when there fifteen crematorium ovens upstairs. First, there were no doors. Then, there were doors, but they were doors to morgues, not gas chambers.

Leuchter does not explain why, if it is so obvious morgues would have doors, he said there were none in the first place. The original Leuchter Report had gone down the Orwellian memory hole and been conveniently forgotten. Leuchter did not concede that gas-tight doors suggested there were gas chambers. Leuchter, Jr. A methane gas chamber? This foreman and his crew had been working here for a number of days and perhaps he or someone in his crew was flatulent during that period. Revisionists must think this is a very unfortunate coincidence. Out of all the places in Nazi-occupied Europe for someone to make such a joke, they did it in a building that would later be said to be a gas chamber for killing Jews and their joke would be misconstrued as evidence for those gas chambers.


Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf. The Leuchter Reports. Critical Edition. 5th, corrected and enhanced edition. Uckfield, East Sussex. 5 The idea to publish this critical edition of the Leuchter Reports was trig- gered by the fate of the person on whose behalf they had been compiled: Ernst Ziindel.

It is hard to take revisionists seriously. They say there is no documentary evidence for the gas chambers, and then, they come up with explanations like this for a document mentioning a gas chamber in Crematorium IV in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Ventilation for the gas chambers. Leuchter claimed the gas chambers had no ventilation. Again, this is not true. When the wagon arrived, these components were missing, so that your fitter Messing was unable to continue. On the telephone, Mr Prufer told us that all the material had been sent.

Now a consignment note arrives with a consignment date of 6th February After examination of this and a conversation with your fitter, it appears that a No.

Also, a 7. Reply by telegraph.


Bischoff wrote that the crematorium could not be brought into service without the ventilation and air extraction system for the underground rooms. If these were ordinary crematoria, as revisionists maintain, they could have still burned bodies in the ovens upstairs without ventilation in the cellars.

It is hard to imagine how the lack of ventilation in the cellars could have prevented the crematorium upstairs from operating. It does make sense if there were gas chambers in the crematoria. The gas chambers could not have operated without a ventilation system to extract the gas afterwards.

A Quarter Century Ago: “The Leuchter Report”

The ventilation system is also mentioned in five construction worksheets from March to April In the original Leuchter Report , Leuchter claimed that there was no ventilation system in the gas chambers of Crematoria II and III, so the gas chambers could only have been used once a week 41 and there would have been time for the cyanide to react with the iron in the bricks and form Iron Blue Because there were no Iron Blue stains, Leuchter argued that they could not have been gas chambers.

Under cross-examination during the Zundel trial, Leuchter was shown documents referring to the ventilation system, however he still denied there was any ventilation and said,. Although the roof is caved in, most of the facility and all of the building material is there. There are no holes, there is no provision for duct work, ventilators, fans, et cetera. Crematorium III is not all there, but I can speak from experience and from inspection and investigation at Crematorium II, there were no ventilation fans on the premises at all. The ventilation duct at the bottom of the wall of the gas chamber in Crematorium III is still visible Leuchter must have been standing a few feet from it when he took his forensic samples from Crematorium III Although he claims to have inspected the site and could not find any trace of the ventilation system, it looks like Leuchter could not recognize a ventilation duct when he was standing next to one.

Photo by Omer Arbel. Leuchter, Fred A. Publication Timeline.

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Inside the Auschwitz 'gas chambers' by Fred A Leuchter Book 4 editions published between and in English and held by 8 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Death : the rise and fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. Leuchter, the self-taught execution expert who made a career consulting with prisons across the country. When called upon to testify at a sensational trial, his ego, bravado and absurd testimony ruins him, instead of validating his views as he had expected.

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