The Complete Peanuts, Volume 2: 1953-1954

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None of that is really the point. Peanuts — a title Schulz loathed, but one the syndicate forced upon him — changed the way comics strips were received and perceived, and showed that cartoon comedy could have edges and nuance as well as pratfalls and punch lines.

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Following a moving reminiscence from legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, this second gargantuan x 33x mm landscape hardback compendium also available in digital formats offers in potent monochrome the third and fourth years in the life of Charlie Brown and Co: an ever-evolving procession of insight and hilarity in still-fresh episodes seldom seen or reprinted once the strip had achieved its global domination.

Here a still rather outgoing and jolly Charlie Brown and high-maintenance — but essentially dog-like — mutt Snoopy interacted with bombastic Shermy and mercurial Patty all out doing kid things.

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They are memorably joined in this volume by human dust storm Pig-pen as well as the invention of a certain mystic tranquiliser dubbed the Security Blanket…. By the end of the daily diet of rapid-fire gags had evolved from raucous slapstick to surreal, edgy, psychologically barbed introspection, crushing peer-judgements and deep rumination in a world where kids — and certain animals — were the only actors, and even inanimate objects occasionally got into the action with malice aforethought. The first Sunday page had debuted on January 6 th a standard half-page slot offering more measured fare than the daily.

Perennial touchstones on display herein include playing, playing pranks, playing sports, playing in mud, playing in snow, playing musical instruments, learning to read, the new domestic sensation of television, coping with kites, teasing each other, making baffled observations and occasionally acting a bit too much like grown-ups. The soft-soap ostracization of Charlie Brown begins and his feelings of alienation are well explored but in truth Lucy is the star here, with episodes seeing her expelled from Kindergarten as her insufferable know-it-allness grows.

The Complete Peanuts 1953-1954: Volume 2

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The vultures and flying aces and tennis matches aren't far behind. No No, I don't need my Bookworld details anymore. This will move to Sally at some point, with Lucy just being meaner as time goes on. In he approached the United Features Syndicate with his best strips from Li'l Folks, and Peanuts made its first appearance on October 2, Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Search expired listings. Hi There, Did you know that you can save books into your library to create gift lists, reading lists, etc?

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