Girl on a Wire

Girl on Wire by Lucy Estela and Elise Hurst
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Current Affairs. Historical Fiction. Parineeti Chopra is refreshingly easy to talk to and incredibly laidback in general, finds Sitanshi Talati-Parikh, as she chats with the banker who became a movie star. Alive wire buzzes with an electric current that creates energy all on its own, without sapping any other source.

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In cinema, the screen is ripped to shreds with the power of its intensity. She has a lovely structured face, instantly appealing with its generous smile, fiery light-brown eyes, and translucent skin. She has a particularly defiant tilt to her jawline — as she speaks, she unconsciously lifts her face upwards, as if willing the world to see where she is headed.

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After all, that is what her name means. I worked all my life for it; I went to London. The year I graduated, was a recession — a financial breakdown in the world. Used to working and buying her own ticket home, she found that it was cheaper to fly into Mumbai — a city she had never previously visited — than to fly to Delhi; staying with her cousin, actress Priyanka Chopra, before returning home.

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She opened them up right outside the drug store. Why not? I get to see my parents thrice a year. We both stare at my chocolate, caked in crud on the filthy ground. Post navigation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

She accompanied her to see the studio, out of curiosity. It fascinated me, as a fan. When I saw this place we are currently at the very same studios , I thought about applying for a job here — in finance or accounts, maybe. And so, using one of her other majors, Parineeti ended up doing marketing. I felt then that this is a creative field, requiring a lot of intelligence. Not only banking. A staffer nervously hands her a cup of her special hazelnut coffee, profusely apologising for being late, checking if it is okay.

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She notices my amused expression. Yash Raj treats its actors like stars: you are given that much pampering and importance, freedom and decision-making power, however new you may be. I used to take care of them, be their security person when they were out in the crowd.

Suddenly you are elevated to a pedestal that you only used to be a caretaker of. Six months of the year I used to be in Ambala as a small-town girl with a very conservative, disciplined upbringing and six months I would live the life of utmost luxury with my billionaire grandparents abroad. I am a good-mannered, good girl, yet very open-minded in life. I get to see my parents thrice a year. They let me take my own decisions — all I have to do is inform them. She stops, takes a sip from a glass full of green liquid — spinach juice, she reveals with a wry grin, a formula she is using to improve her near-perfect skin so that she can face the camera without make-up for her next film.

Ricky Bahl. My only real issue with this novel was the ending.

Girl on Wire by Lucy Estela and Elise Hurst

The entire book, Bond led up to this dastardly person who kept trying to bring up the past and cause harm. In the end, the villain breaks down and gave away their entire plan. I'm a something research proposal developer with a background in the life sciences and education. Reviewer of books since , amateur photographer by day, and aspiring author by night. I believe animals and books are better than people.

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Girl on a Wire

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