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https://abnetrambproped.gq/pagan-christian-creeds-their.php As a member of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition RHSC , USAID collaborates with other public, private and non-governmental organizations to ensure that people living in low and middle-income countries have access to high quality reproductive health supplies. The coalition works to reduce supply stock-outs, assist governments in achieving their reproductive health goals and improve the market for contraceptive supplies. USAID and UNFPA support national governments in their efforts to step up ownership and financing for their family planning programs and on their journeys to self-reliance.

USAID recognizes the importance of partnering with the private sector to expand access to health services for women and girls around the globe. A few examples of our public-private partnerships include:.

All you need to know about family planning methods (EN) - part 1

Innovations in Contraceptive Technologies. The Advancing Partners and Communities Project advances and supports community-based programs seeking to improve community health, especially in relationship to family planning, by providing global leadership, small and medium-sized subawards and building technical capacity.

The Central Contraceptive Procurement project was instituted to ensure a steady and reliable mechanism for the supply of contraceptives for voluntary family planning programs; such as, oral contraceptive pills, implants, injectables, IUDs, CycleBeads, and emergency contraceptive pills. CCP tasks include the procurement, warehousing and freight services of contraceptives to USAID missions, as well as quality control and testing.

The Combination Contraceptive and Anti-HIV Vaginal project focuses on the development of a day vaginal ring that combines the recently proven HIV prevention drug, tenofovir, with the hormonal contraceptive, levonorgestrel. If shown to be safe, effective and acceptable, this combination ring would confer protection against HIV while delivering a highly effective contraceptive method, thus filling two reproductive health needs in one product. Delivering Contraceptive Vaginal Rings Project. The Demographic and Health Surveys Program works to improve the collection, analysis and presentation of population, health, and nutrition data which is used to facilitate planning, policymaking and program management.

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The key strategic focus of this initiative is on improving access to contraceptives through delivering assured services, ensuring commodity security and accelerating access to high quality family planning services. These include contraceptive implants, intrauterine devices IUDs , and male and female sterilization. Join the Discussion. Financing innovations for supplies owned and locally led by those working in-country are key to securing contraceptives for their citizens. Figure 1.

Envision FP works to develop, introduce and expand the understanding of contraceptive technologies and approaches within communities in order to enhance personal choice and reduce unmet need. E2A, supported by Pathfinder, works to increase global support for the use of evidence-based best practices in order to improve voluntary family planning and reproductive health services, access and quality.

The FACT Project tests strategies to increase fertility awareness and expand access to fertility awareness based methods at the community level. The GREAT Project aims to develop and test a package of evidence-based, scalable, life-stage tailored interventions to transform gender norms, reduce gender-based violence, and promote gender-equitable attitudes and reproductive health among adolescents in post-conflict communities in northern Uganda. GHSC-PSM aims to ensure uninterrupted supplies of health commodities in order to prevent suffering, save lives and strengthen supply chain systems in low and middle-income countries.

Breakthrough ACTION is focused on strengthening in-country capacity to implement state of the art health communications, including mass media, community level activities, interpersonal communication and new media. Breakthrough RESEARCH catalyzes social and behavior change by conducting research and evaluation and promoting solutions to improve health and development programs around the world.

Increasing Age of Marriage. Increasing Age of Marriage will systematically test a combination of interventions to delay marriage and track associated program costs with a view of scaling-up proven approaches. However, the changes to this and other variables would not have a substantive change in the overall result that would change the conclusions of recommending the program for continuation or expansion to similar settings in Pakistan. Another weakness of the evaluation was the assumption that all services provided for by the voucher program and therefore counted as additional services, with their associated CYPs, attributed to the presence of the SSF.

This assumption may have biased the result toward a more positive outcome: a lower cost per CYP than there may actually be. This compares favorably to other interventions with similar objectives and appears affordable for the Pakistan national health-care system. It is therefore recommended to help address the unmet need for contraception among MWRA in these areas of Pakistan by considering a trail implementation in the country more widely. This research involved the analysis of routinely collected data from patients that were completely anonymous.

No additional data were collected. The research was therefore exempted from full Institutional Review Board review in both Pakistan and the United States. EB designed the study, wrote the protocol, performed the analysis, and wrote the first draft of the manuscript.

WH and AG collected data on effectiveness of the program and provided information of implementation. SS and IB collected the cost data and helped perform the preliminary analysis on costs. WH, AG, and SS all had critical input on the design of the study, protocol development, and all versions of the manuscript. All the authors approved the final version of the manuscript.

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. The authors acknowledge Ms. Family Planning FP Momentum at the Midpoint. Google Scholar. Matern Child Health J — Family planning in Pakistan: applying what we have learned. PubMed Abstract Google Scholar.

Community-level Advocacy Effective in Improving Indonesia’s Family Planning Programs

Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey — Engaging with community-based public and private mid-level providers for promoting the use of modern contraceptive methods in rural Pakistan: results from two innovative birth spacing interventions. Reprod Health Reducing unmet need and unwanted childbearing: evidence from a panel survey in Pakistan. Stud Fam Plann 45 2 — Increasing access to family planning choices through public-sector social franchising: the experience of Marie Stopes International in Mali.

Glob Health Sci Pract 5 2 — Innovation for Poverty Action. Progress Out of Poverty Index. Economic evaluation of family planning interventions in low and middle income countries; a systematic review.

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PLoS One 11 12 :e Vouchers in Fragile States: reducing barriers to long-acting reversible contraception in Yemen and Pakistan. Marie Stopes International. Measure Evaluation. Comparing private sector family planning services to government and NGO services in Ethiopia and Pakistan: how do social franchises compare across quality, equity and cost? Health Policy Plan 26 Suppl 1 :i63— Costs and utilization of public sector family planning services in Pakistan.

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The World Factbook: Pakistan. Washington, DC: World Bank Modelling cost-effectiveness of different vasectomy methods in India, Kenya, and Mexico. Cost Eff Resour Alloc Janowitz J, et al. A comparison of cost-effectiveness of contraceptive methods.

Courage, Commitment, and Community

Kampala, Uganda Manzoor K. Cost-effectiveness of the family planning programme in Pakistan. Pak Dev Rev 33 4 Pt 2 — Induced abortions and unintended pregnancies in Pakistan. Stud Fam Plann 45 4 — Induced abortions in Pakistan: expositions, destinations and repercussions. A qualitative descriptive study in Rawalpindi District. J Biosoc Sci 48 5 — Aslam F, Aslam M. Report: a study of morbidity of induced abortion data from women belonging to Karachi, Pakistan. Pak J Pharm Sci 28 1 — Costs and net health effects of contraceptive methods. Contraception 69 6 — Vlassoff M, Tsoka M.

Benefits of meeting the contraceptive needs of Malawian women. Issues Brief Alan Guttmacher Inst 2 :1—8. Stud Health Technol Inform — Keywords: contraception, family planning services, Pakistan, cost-effectiveness analysis, rural health services. Public Health The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author s or licensor are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice.

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