All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860 (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series)

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If you are a longtime fan of cartoonist Gary "Far Side Larson , you may think the reason the Dinos Died was that they were all standing around smoking cigarettes! Perhaps the relatively mundane but lucrative task of photographing objects at the British Museum, which he began in February of that year, gave Fenton the means, experience, and confidence to try work- ing in the field with glass negatives and to employ a significantly larger camera than he had previously used when traveling. For the purpose of his trip was not to produce propaganda, not to provide images that could be used as evidence either in support of or against the war itself; it was to create a commercially viable portfolio of photo- graphs. Includes sculpture, painting, pottery and artifacts from such pre-Columbian groups as the Aztecs, the Mayas and others. Small wonder that Hilla Rebay persuaded Solomon R. Many objects had complex allegorical or symbolic meanings.

Bashford Dean. Beard, Geoffrey W. Beeny, Emily A. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Benedek, Nelly Silagy. Benisovitch, Michel N. Biddle, James, Byron A. Born, and Yvonne Hackenbroch. Biddle, James. Boggs, Jean Sutherland. Bolles, Marion Preston. Myers, and Victor Wiener. Born, Byron A. Bouffier, Jacques Olivier. Bowlt, John E. Arkhip Kuindzhi's Red Sunset on the Dnepr. Breck, Joseph and Meyric Rogers. Handbook of the Pierpont Morgan Wing. Brettell, Richard R.

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Olson, and Burkard von Roda.

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Playing with Fire: European Terracotta Models, — Draper, James David. Dunn, Ashley E. Delacroix Drawings: The Karen B. Cohen Collection. Farwell, Beatrice. Faxon, Alicia Craig. Fenton, Edward. Signac, — Master Neo-Impressionist. Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney. Gardner, Albert TenEyck. Gardner, Elizabeth E. Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed. Gere, Charlotte. Goldthorpe, Caroline.

From Queen to Empress: Victorian Dress, — Hackenbroch, Yvonne. Hadler, Mona. Rosenheim, and Virginia Heckert. Selections from the Gilman Paper Company Collection. Herbert, Robert L. Georges Seurat, — Husband, Timothy, and John Goldsmith Phillips. Ives, Colta Feller. Pierre Bonnard: The Graphic Art. Daumier Drawings. Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings. Ives, Colta, and Susan Alyson Stein. Goya in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ives, Colta, with Elizabeth E. Ives, Colta. Ivins, W. How Prints Look: Photographs with a Commentary. Ivins, William Mills.

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Bearden, Romare. Belloli, Lucy. Photography by Platon. China: Through the Looking Glass. Bolton, Andrew, with an essay by Michael Chabon. Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. Wild: Fashion Untamed. Bolton, Andrew. Bowles, Hamish, with essays by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. Brown, Sally B. Buckle, Richard, and foreword by Diana Vreeland. Diaghilev: Costumes and Designs of the Ballets Russes. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art:. Usually the annual Costume Gala Shmata -Show is confined below stairs in three rather cramped spaces at the foot of what once must have been a Grand Entrance Stairway —or an Unloading Dock.

But in another, it failed. Vreeland understood very well how to show her frocks to Best Themed Advantage. There was always a real sense of overall show-design and showmanship. Chanel, unfortunately, had her trademark confections confined to a series of banal white boxes, running in regimented rows in a very dimly lit low-ceilinged room. As though strong white light—instead of strikingly complementing a strong white Chanel suit with black piping—would actually cause the fabric to disintegrate.

This did not show these fabulous outfits to even Mediocre Advantage. But then the Gala has always been much less about the museum-quality clothing on display and much more about the Museum-Quality Famous Ladies who plan the galas and who pose artfully for famous photographers in their own fabulous wardrobes.

And, on the Night, most of the grand spaces of the Metropolitan are devoted not to the actual costume-show, but to the famous Celebrities who throng this Grand Met Money-Raiser. The question is not : Did you see all those wonderful Chanel outfits on the mannequins? But instead: Did your table have a clear view of Nicole Kidman? The Photographs of Roger Fenton, Given the weight and awkward design of cumbersome cameras and tripods, it is remarkable that Fenton was able to manoeuver his equipment to take some of the more haunting of his historic photographs.

He was not only a pioneer photographer but also one of the first real Photographer-Artists. What is oddly interesting about him is that he gave up this Profession, Art, or Calling when cheaper cameras and the spread of popular photography made it impossible for him to earn a real living from his work. Fenton sold his cameras and equipment. He also resigned from the National Society of Photographers and returned to the practice of the Law!

Even though he had—among other achievements—set the standard of quality in photographing architecture, he put this all behind him. Not Epic Pique, but simple economics…. That old stone weathers exceedingly slowly…. Like Fenton, I thought it important to preserve at least some images of these famous structures as they continued to age—and not always gracefully… The difference in our pictures is that mine are in color, whereas his are all in softly glowing sepia tones.

Fenton likes to adorn ruins with occasional Victorians, leading against ancient walls and thriving ivy. I wait until the tourists are gone. It is certainly not true that when you have seen one lovely old chest you have seen them all. Although Boston , Philadelphia and Williamsburg are often cited as major centers of furniture-making in the Colonial Period and after, Newport was also a very important source of elegantly-designed and marvelously hand-crafted furniture. Why a small city such as Newport should have such a thriving furniture-business was owing largely to the wealth acquired through its Port, a major harbor for various seafaring ventures.

And a portrait of two dogs by Gilbert Stuart , perhaps…. The Goddard and the Townsend Families were the leaders in this Newport trade. Among them, John Townsend is today the recognized master. As well as other examples of Newport furniture crafts. Most notable was his use over almost three decades——of the strong Block-and-Shell design.

On desks and chests, this had a central concave shell, flanked by convex shells, framed by the block from which they were carved. But Townsend did not endlessly repeat himself. Chests and Secretaries gave way to card-tables. When Americans discovered Classic Greece and Rome, he introduced some elegant Neo-classic design elements.

Townsend was clearly proud of his work for he signed many pieces, unlike his fellow-craftsmen. To do this, he did not carve his name into the wood but pasted signed labels into drawers or on undersides of surfaces. Several examples are on display. Still, there are a lot of desks lined up with an intimidating precision.

He is buried in the Marquesas. Marquesans are most famous for Totally Tattooed Bodies. No live or Tussaued examples are in this show, but there are vintage visuals. Great Stuff —but my report on this wonderful selection of native arts is now in Microsoft Hell , alas…. They are made of modeled foam, with fiberglass and epoxy-resin. The most impressive feature bright blue, yellow, green, and red colors on their shafts. But, as LeWitt has often created entirely white ensembles of right-angled geometrics he calls "structures," there is one white Splotch , paired with a sleek black Splotch.

The colored Splotches look especially interesting against the Manhattan skyline on the Met roof. Whirls and Twirls is a wall-painting, designed by LeWiit, but executed by four artists over four weeks. Great Stuff —but my full report on this colorful roof-display is now in Microsoft Hell , alas…. In Madison Square Park:. He has designed two structures of concrete-bricks. His second artwork for the Park is Circle with Towers. Similarly, it is a low ring with the same concrete-brick columns.

On a recent sunny afternoon, mothers were sitting on the circle as kiddies frolicked around the columns. At the Museum of Modern Art:. Lee Friedlander has had a long and adventurous career, making powerful iconic images in stark black-and-white. Fortunately, he has been able to have his best photos preserved and presented in a series of handsome themed photo-books, so they are permanently on view anytime anyone opens a volume. But this show is the most extensive retrospective, with over images. His Nudes are something else: no clutter.

Great Shots —but my full report on this impressive exhibition of masterful photography is now in Microsoft Hell , alas…. Some of these visions are so densely rendered, with so much complicated detail, that one needs some time to study them closely and decipher, if possible, their secrets.. Others are so brash, bold, and colorful that their mysteries resound only afterward. Great Stuff —but my full report on this delightfully light exposition of imaginary worlds is now in Microsoft Hell , alas…. Your reporter from America was, however, able to visit the historic city of Goethe, Liszt , and Schiller , even in the s.

But this is the first time that most Americans will be able to see the cream of the Ducal collection of 18 th century French drawings. Some 70 sheets are now on view at the Frick. An avid collector of French drawings himself, he counseled the duke to collect as well. Now the two collections have been merged, and the Frick is the temporary beneficiary of these loans of some of the best of the Weimar treasures.

At the Morgan Library:. In the meantime, most of its invaluable collections have been in storage, awaiting completion of the new subterranean vaults, library-shelves, and reading-room. There will be a new and much larger auditorium below grade. Light in the Piazza! Some summers ago, Mark di Suvero has a major outdoor exhibition of his large-scale works in brightly painted steel at Storm King Mountain Art Center.

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Four of these monumental sculptures remained in place and will be joined this summer by photographs of his works by Richard Bellamy. Some of these abstractions are very heavy. But all of them—ranging from 16 inches to 8 feet in height—are Kinetic. At the Queen Sofia Institute:. The Hispani c Society of American is years old.

It is located in a magnificent Beaux Arts complex on Audubon Terrace. Its collection of important Spanish paintings is the largest outside Spain itself. New Yorkers and tourists, passing by on buses up to The Cloisters , may have wondered at this remarkable architectural achievement, without stopping off to investigate. Three large galleries are graced with visions of Spanish people in distinctive costumes and celebrations, as well as handsome landscapes and architectural images. The poster-boy is not a Spaniard, but the American artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany , shown at his easel, palette and brushes in hand.

He is backed and flanked by luxurious and colorful blooms, with his dog at his side. And after seeing these major and minor masterpieces, viewers will surely want to take the Muni bus up Broadway to Audubon Terrace! At the Park Avenue Armory:. Great Stuff —but my report on this wonderful exposition of rare and beautifully-designed books is now in Microsoft Hell , alas….

High Up in the Reuters Building:. The view is terrific.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Related Posts in Now at the Met. All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, – for all things exotic, Fenton produced a series of Orientalist posed costume pictures in which he. All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, [Gordon Department of Photographs, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and Sarah.

The perceived problem is that the "Bowtie" formed by the midtown crossing of 7 th Avenue and Broadway is already overrun with pedestrians, local and tourist. Pedlock , they call it. But, if you ban buses, trucks, and cars in the bowtie, traffic-chaos will abound all around! NY Their brochure gives no phone, fax, or email, so look it up?