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7 Smart Reasons You Should QUIT Porn And Read Erotica Instead
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Ernest Greene, author of Master of O , a BDSM novel with a dominant male protagonist, revealed that only 20 percent of erotica readers are male, reflecting wider trends in reading. That characterization is an especially unfair double standard because for him, the genre is as much about learning about what arouses women as it is about getting off.

The guy strips off his medical jacket, and in the text, they were military jackets.

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Lopez usually reads erotica targeted to women because it speaks to him more. It could be I need to take you on the kitchen table right now. Cookies are important to the proper functioning of a website.

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  5. Read erotica. Just don’t call it Mummy Porn..
  6. Readerotica 50 - A Compilation of 50 Erotic Stories for Your eReader by PriveCo Inc..

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People Caught Reading ’50 Shades of Grey’ in Public [PHOTOS]

A Case of Nixonian Deja Vu. Fascism Facts. Is Paris Burning? The Eyes Have It! Ashley Madison vs. Publishers are enjoying a boom in sales of erotic fiction, with one in three sales being a digital copy — a far higher proportion than for any other kind of books. So basically, more women are now buying erotica because they can put it on their Kindle or iPad. Far easier to download something at home than brave the raised eyebrow of the check-out guy at Waterstones.

More power to the ladies hitting the download button, I say. So, by all means get downloading the erotica. She spends a bit too much time on the Internet. She's also a very happy Mum to Flea, the world's coolest ten year old. I have been reading fan fiction for years , i love the stuff but 50 shades just reads like a bad one — if this was a fan fiction i would of quit after the first few pages.

There is some amazing fan fiction out there im totally addicted to Roswell and Buffy stuff but this is not a good example of it.. In all the hype, nobody mentioned there was cheese…. Rubbish fan fiction that has somehow caught the eye of an unimaginative editor and turned into a media fest is not my idea of fun. There is plenty of much better stuff out there.

And lots more crap too, of course. There really is no need for erotica or porn, for that matter to be badly written and badly edited. Tasha Goddard recently posted..

How to keep from shouting at your kids. The authors books are position 1,2 and 3 in the paperback chart in the Sunday Times. Someone must be buying this rubbish. Alex recently posted.. And it is. Why do some people like cheese and other people hate it? Do you like cheese? No less unoriginal than any of the gajillion updates of various classics, etc. Keris Stainton recently posted.. Many may disagree with me but I enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot more than the porn without pictures. I found the sex scenes, while an important part of the plot, very repetitive.

There are however only so many earth shattering orgasms a person can endure when reading about them. That aside, erotica is erotica, and Mummy Porn does seem like a rather pigeon-holed label. We had a discussion about this on the playground of all places the other week while we were waiting for the children to come out. I downloaded FSOG last week to see what the fuss was about and believe me, it is about as erotic as a tea towel, as saucy as mayonnaise. Mummy Porn is a patronising term that just perpetuates the myth that women the other side of motherhood become sexless, desperate housewives.

The Kindle as revolutionary for erotica as the brown paper bag was for sex shops! You big misery guts, as a fellow reader of just about anything you need to read them, they are fabulously hilarious, plus how can you say it is badly written if you have not read it ms w.

J x northernmum recently posted.. Why have I got to?

I’m a Feminist and I Read Erotica

Why would I read something BAD? I quite enjoyed them… Hmmmmm mr grey! Jane northernmum recently posted.. You will thank me… northernmum recently posted.. Notmyyearoff recently posted.. Project 52 — Week I thought it rather sounded like a boring paint chart,! Stop the blogging roundabout..!

Dislike the term mummy porn though — yuck. Now that rocked my world. Each to their own I guess, books are so personal. I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a copy and attempted to read it, and can confirm your suspicion that it is, in fact, crap. Food choices. Jayne recently posted.. Absolutely agree with everything you say — I hate this patronising, reductive nonsense — in business or in the bedroom.

MumReinvented recently posted.. Meal Planning Monday.

Fifty Shades of Grey (excerpt from page 227)

Did my tweet this morning set you off?? I have less than zero desire to read it. Lindy recently posted..


The art of forgiveness. I read it back when it was fan-fiction, and as fan-fiction goes it was pretty good — but it was free then. For the record I think fan-fiction can be quite fun. Fan-Fiction lets you borrow your favourite characters and take them on a new adventure though it can take a while to wade through the rubbish stories before you find something worth reading.

Another Goldfish recently posted.. It is badly written and needs some serious editing and the female in it drove me nuts but I do like the love story and did end up enjoying both books. Susan Mann recently posted.. I would just be reading out of curiosity to find out what the fascination is, not with the intention of enhancing my sex life. I read somewhere the film rights have already been bought. Great thing about kindle is at least I can indulge my Georgette Heyer addiction without colleagues seeing my books and having to totally rethink their uber-bitch view of me — at least I can keep up appearances now!

Muddling Along recently posted.. Sneezes and sniffles and advance planning. How timely.


The Readerotica Compilation is a compilation of fifty erotic short stories for your eReader. These stories were selected from previously. Readerotica 50 - A Compilation of 50 Erotic Stories for Your Pleasure - Kindle edition by PriveCo Inc.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC.

Have just been invited to write a newspaper rant about mummy porn and EL james and had never heard of either of them. Rosie Scribble recently posted.. Learning to trust. But nevertheless brilliant. Emma mummymummymum recently posted.. How so? The language is atrocious. The editing is questionable. I have heard so many things about the book, but the stand out is that its not very well written.