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'The Hate U Give' is required reading for this American moment
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see url Suddenly I felt someone bump into me from behind. I turned around seeing an old lady looking at her groceries that were on the floor. After that, she walked away and I noticed that my hand was empty. I suddenly heard a bark from afar and I knew that it was Clouds. I quickly ran to the barking sound while screaming Clouds name a couple of times. I turned around a corner and I just froze. He smiled brightly at me while standing up again with Clouds leash in his hand.

Khadijah Adebola: It's s good and fully erotical even though there is no actual sex scene. A kind of Cinderella saved by love. Everyone above 14 y. Could read this story. It's smooth and I liked the characters very much. Samantha Lynne Mead: Omg reading this had my emotions going everywhere. I love this book! Some lines gives you real goosebumps. All in all it's a good read. Good story-line and pace. Beverly Ebejer: It is very descriptive and gets you in the mood.

Venus: The erotica? Excellent specially the lesbian sex, and I'm not even lesbian. The plot? I wasn't expecting anything that happened, totally caught me off guard all the time. The characters? I loved every single one of them, especially Sarah. The writing? It was just so natural, so good. I'm no expert Heather: Totally hooked! I like the emotions, characters, and the settings. The author is great and could publish books. You pay way more than that on the galatea app.

I want to finish the series, b Wendy: This is the first story I ever read on here when I stumbled upon this app and I realized I never did review it. So let me get down to it. The story was awesome and amazing. I liked the sense of humor in it too. I couldn't help but laugh through out the book. I shared it with a few of my friends a Donna Marie Topley: I loved this book. Loved the story line. Loved the characters. The characters are interesting, great character development and fascinating story all together.

Keep up the good work. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Upload Story. Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack! How it works. Chapter 1 Just imagine the person you hated the day you first saw that person, eventually became the most important existence in your life. I really just wanted to say it. Chapters 1. Chapter 1. Further Recommendations. Learning From Sin by Queen Vega. Njoki Wa Njoroge: Amazing Survival of the Rose by Audra Symphony.

When it was getting darker outside, James and his friends entered the common room as you were reading a book in the sofa near the fireplace. We are going to do a spell game? Before James could say anything back you had already walked up the stairs to your room. You slammed the door behind as you startled a girl in your room that was reading a book. You mumbled a short sorry as you paced around in your room.

I would kiss the hell out of him. You sighed and walked over to the window. Downstairs the four of them were playing their little spell game. James had conjured a fire spell that got out of hand. Lily quickly ran to the back of the common room and got back with a small bucket of water.

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Childish tone, check. Blaze and Charisma had some heated moments between them and they kept me constantly wondering if they were going to push each other away or end up tearing each others' clothes off. Confessing feelings, saying the words I love you to each other, embracing and just enjoying each others presence. Lust, heartbreak, and longing try to wage war with your brain. He smiled brightly at me while standing up again with Clouds leash in his hand. Let's go before crap gets explicit. That vas very sweet.

She poured the water over the fire. The fire was put out with a hissing sound, as the smell of burn carpet filled the room. The boys ran quickly to their own bed as Lily made her way to your bedroom. You were already sleeping as Lily silently crawled in her bed. She took a deep breath hoping the danger had past. Downstairs in the empty dark common room, the small fire that Lily had put out started to flicker again. James must have used a rare spell because the fire was burning again and stronger than before.

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Read Crush x Reader- I Hate You from the story C/N. by pink with reads. crush, jealous, reader. This is a request for @turtltaes Hope you enjoy!. You had always hated Park Jimin, and he had always hated you. I do not own BTS or the images used. ⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙ Highest Ranking: #46 in FANFICTION [3/2/] | #22 in JIMIN [8/31/] - Winner of BEST DESCRIPTION in the Envie Awards.

Soon the common room was filled with thick smoke, the furniture had caught fire and started to smell like burnt fabric. The smoke made their way up towards your rooms. You were moving around in your bed as you coughed a few times. Still not waking up the smoke in your room got thicker and thicker, making it unable to see anything clear. You started to cough harder and louder as you finally opened your eyes. Finally arriving in the common room, you nearly were burnt by the fire that kept burning uncontrollably.

You tried to get closer to the origin of the fire as your face had turned all grey and dark of the black smoke. You coughed a few more times as you tried to visualize a figure from the smoke.


James groaned and started to put out the fire with anything he could find. You made your way closer to the fire as you fell to your knees, coughing hard and loud. I will rip out your throat. You took your wand from your pocket and pointed it towards the fire as your vison started to get blurry.

The water that hit the fire started to make a loud hissing sound as the room got filled up with more black smoke. Sirius and James drew each their wand and pointed it at the ceiling. You had pulled yourself to your feet, still using the aguamenti spell on the fire. The fire started to shrink as the air around you started to clear. Finally, the fire was under control and shrank until there was nothing left, the smoke was also cleared and the only thing that remained was three students covered in black smoke and a demolished common room.

You could have killed us all!

The Hate U Give

James started to puff his chest even more and came closer to you. You raised your hand to slap him, but he grabbed it before it could hit him. I saved your life! We could have died because of your stupid spell! You moved your head a bit back as his hand came closer to you.

He chuckled soft as you gave him a mean look. He wrapped his arms around you, preventing you from leaving.

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It was clear that he had longed for this moment for a very long time now. James released himself from your kiss and threw a burned pillow at him. To be heartless? Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: spxce-frxckles , alex—awesome—22 , httpschanwoo , fandomnerdsarecool , miss-fangirl72 , babyplutoszx2. You had gotten the message that your English teacher was sick, meaning your first hour was now free.

You were the only student who was qualified for the assistance. You had aced your paramedic license over summer so you now you could help her out whenever you wanted. You made your way inside with a smile on your face as you passed several students. Some were running around in the halls almost bumping against you as you quickly moved out of the way. You first stopped at your locker to change your English book with the one for second period.

Her head shot up at the knocking sound as she smiled. Keep reading. Requested by: miss-fangirl72 , Forever tag: spxce-frxckles , fandomnerdsarecool , httpschanwoo , alex—awesome—22 , babyplutoszx2. Gilbert was waiting for you in the woods as you arrived, appearing from behind some trees.

You were the one to laugh now as you wrapped your arms around him. Both of you then pulled away from the embrace as you gazed at him for a moment. Lucky to be best friends with Gilbert Blythe even though you wanted more. Gilbert inhaled deep as he turned you around and wrapped his arm around you. You also wrapped your arm around him as you started to walk. Suddenly you moved your right foot over his left foot as it made him stumble a bit.

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As he looked down to what you were trying to do, laughed he soft and joined your silliness. Gilbert then placed his left foot over your right foot on the ground as you did the same after his turn and so onwards. The two of you kept walking this silly until you were out of the woods and arrived at school. Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: spxce-frxckles , fandomnerdsarecool , alex—awesome—22 , miss-fangirl72 , httpschanwoo , babyplutoszx2.

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You rather just staid at home, life your life how you wanted it, but your big brother Stefan and Damon thought it would be better for you. School was finally over as you were near your locker, emptying your backpack with all the useless books. You grabbed the book from your locker and closed it as you then faced him directly. You gave him one of your typical smiles as you tilted your head a bit. You stuck out your tongue behind her back as Jeremy chuckled soft.

Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: spxce-frxckles , fandomnerdsarecool , alex—awesome—22 , httpschanwoo , miss-fangirl72 , babyplutoszx2. Your classmate, your friend… your Gilbert.

It felt like your whole world had fallen apart when you first heard about him leaving. You always thought he would stay for you no matter how much everything reminded him of his father but still he left. In those months he was gone, you tried to build your life up again. One without Gilbert in it as it seemed he would never return.


And then one day he did, one day he was standing in class again, casually chatting with his friends like he never had left. You remembered that day very clear as you were shocked to hear his voice and actually see him standing in front of you. Requested by : narnianathogwarts , forever tag: spxce-frxckles , alex—awesome—22 , fandomnerdsarecool , miss-fangirl72 , httpschanwoo , babyplutoszx2 , klauseneedshisgrass. Marilla had to push herself against the wall to prevent being run over by you as Anne followed you on foot. You and Anne ran into the kitchen where Matthew was as he almost got dizzy as you ran around him followed by Anne.

She gave him a stern gaze as he moved his hand nervous to his mouth. Matthew then pulled up his shoulders as you and Anne seated yourself down. Marilla went and fetch the tea as Matthew seated him down, holding the newspaper in front of him.