Confessions of a Police Constable

Indonesian police apologises after using snake to extract confession from suspect
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A very enjoyable read.

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Buy Confessions of a Police Constable (Confessions Series) (The Confessions Series) UK ed. by Matt Delito (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store . Confessions of a Police Constable (The Confessions Series) eBook: Matt Delito: Kindle Store.

I finished reading it in one sitting. I'd recommend this book to anyone who has a geeky curiosity about the Metropolitan police force.

10 DISTURBING Police Officer Confessions - Darkness Prevails

I mean service. Jul 23, Kim rated it it was ok.

Police Interrogation and Confessions -

I read confessions of a NY taxi driver and at the end, this was recommended to me by Kindle. I think this book would be far more enjoyable for those not in the job, unfortunately, for me, even though I'm not an officer, I work with them, so the mystique was not quite the same. There were a few laughs, and he seems like a nice guy.

If you're curious about the world of response policing give this a go. Imagine you're sat in the pub and this guy at the next table starts chatting about his work. This is the conversation you'd be having as he tells you about some of the things he's seen as a police officer. I enjoyed reading about his exploits and, as mentioned, it was written in an easily accessible style. Jul 14, Lauren rated it really liked it. An interesting and entertaining insight in to modern policing in the UK.

May 07, Laura Clode rated it really liked it. Bit slow but the collection of stories are quite amusing and weird. Sep 13, Laura Clode added it. Read in one sitting, a great insight into police life and the things police officers, constables and more have to endure on a day to day basis.

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Jan 01, Zara rated it liked it. I am a little disappointed because I was hoping to see more introspection in this book like the other Confessions book I've read - Confessions of a GP. No real thoughts about what works and what doesn't work so well in terms of what measures have been tried to improve the police force - whether it is the right thing to do certain things or not - e. There's also not much discussion about his "customers" and the circumstances they live in - being on the force he's certainly met quite a lot of them - so it would be good to hear what he thinks about why do some people end up in crime and others not?

At the end of the day, the author does deliver stories about being on the services and I have gained a better insight into the mind of a police man, but I was hoping for a lot more.

Tactics to Get Confessions

View 1 comment. Nov 24, Peter rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , true-stories , crime. A fascinating insight into some of the situations and challenges faced by an English policeman. It's not a particularly long book, but it has a good range of stories. I found the narrative engaging and well-written, but I also appreciated learning a few little technical details here and there, such as how some of their radio protocol works. I find books like this tremendously helpful in appreciating life from other people's points-of-view.

This one is a particularly good example, so I would recom A fascinating insight into some of the situations and challenges faced by an English policeman. This one is a particularly good example, so I would recommend it to pretty much anyone. Jan 07, Matt rated it liked it. It's ok probably better if your not related to serving and retired coppers who tell stories grittier and more entertaining at times. It was an easy read though but not the best I've read it is probably more to do with the fact I thought it would be written like Blood sweat and tea but I should know better!

There were a few good bits but the dark humour which I have too didn't seem to come across as well as it should but still give it a go it's still worth a read! Apr 29, Clare rated it it was amazing. Been reading his articles on Gizmodo for some time, so purchased the book as soon as it was released. Like the other review states some of the stories are reprinted but it was definitely worth the purchase.

A good, informative read. Sep 24, Mel rated it it was amazing. Love this book, easy to read, covers some of the serious stuff but also some light hearted cop banter and 'so crazy it must be true' stories. The author must really love his job, doesn't have the same 'fed up' attitude similar memoirs have.

Jan 08, Glenn Keenan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone.

Classic Confession: Constable X's Initiation

A fantastic book which was both very funny and completely shocking in places. Shows how hard the work of the police can be but also how rewarding their efforts can be. I completed the book in just over a week. Feb 08, Ashley rated it liked it.

Preventing torture: moving away from confession-based criminal justice

With plenty of enjoyable anecdotes however Confessions of a Police Constable does lack occasional bite. I get the feeling these are reserved confessions on the basis of not being too explicit or out there.

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Mar 16, Katy rated it really liked it. Very easy, enjoyable read. Lots of short stories mean this book can easily be finished in a day or two, alternatively drawn out for longer if you want to just dip in. Feb 17, Andrew Tuck rated it liked it. Good Stuff Very readable well written - funny but also tackles the serious issues. Will certainly look out for more books by the same author. Jun 18, Antonianmoon rated it did not like it.

With this person, the police way of talking does not make for enjoyable book reading.