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Repairman Jack
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He lives in Wall, New Jersey. Paul Wilson.

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By the Sword

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The sword some how survived the blast and now it has been stolen from the family plantation in Hawaii, and the thief has made it back to NYC. Since Harbingers I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible to just drop in on these repairman Jack novels.


The events of Bloodline built in minor ways on the events of Harbingers but By the sword builds directly off of the last novel. Without knowing the depth of of the events in the last novel and Black wind to a lesser extent the full power of this novel might be lost.

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By the Sword is a clear step up the ladder towards the end of this exciting series. This is an important and exciting entry in the series that is must read, but it helps to have read all the other books in the secret history of the world as well. Post a Comment. Paul Wilson Repairman Jack By The Sword by F.

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