Biodiesel- Quality, Emissions and By-Products

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Biodiesel from the seed oil of Treculia africana with high free fatty acid content. Alexandre, A. Dias, I. Seabra, A. Portugal, H. Biodiesel obtained from supercritical carbon dioxide oil of Cynara cardunculus L.. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids , 68 , Energies , 5 7 , Leonardo, M. Murta Valle, J. An alternative method by pressurized DSC to evaluate biodiesel antioxidants efficiency. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry , 2 , A statistical investigation of biodiesel effects on regulated exhaust emissions during transient cycles.

Applied Energy , DOI: Jaichandar, K. Effects of open combustion chamber geometries on the performance of pongamia biodiesel in a DI diesel engine. Impact of biodiesel application at various blending ratios on passenger cars of different fueling technologies.

Possibilities of using Camelina sativa oil for producing biodiesel fuel. Transport , 27 1 , Kuang C. Lin, Jason Y. Lai, Angela Violi. The role of the methyl ester moiety in biodiesel combustion: A kinetic modeling comparison of methyl butanoate and n-butane. Fuel , 92 , Tavares, N. Queiroz, I.

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From these, 67 articles reported production by transesterification reaction and 12 articles by esterification. All auto diesel fuel sold in Norway contains as much as 7 per cent biodiesel. In addition, the use of polystyrene-bound biguanides as recyclable catalysts was showed for the transesterification of several vegetable oils. Transesterification can occur in different temperatures depending on the type of oil employed. The German eminence in this topic is due, among other factors, to the absence of active petroleum deposits in this country and to the governmental support to new technologies based on renewable sources. You can be assured our editors closely monitor every feedback sent and will take appropriate actions. Pick and Choose.

Santos, A. Souza, E. Cavalcanti, A. Barros, R.

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Sunflower biodiesel. Comparison of particle emissions from an engine operating on biodiesel and petroleum diesel. Fuel , 90 , Fazal, A. Haseeb, H.

Low-Level Blends

Biodiesel feasibility study: An evaluation of material compatibility; performance; emission and engine durability. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , 15 2 , Jinlin Xue, Tony E. Grift, Alan C. Effect of biodiesel on engine performances and emissions.

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Leal, P. Borges, P. Seidl, L. Honary, C. Conconi, S. Ahmet Necati Ozsezen, Mustafa Canakci. Determination of performance and combustion characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with canola and waste palm oil methyl esters.

Biodiesel: an overview

Energy Conversion and Management , 52 1 , Simon Ng, Steven O. Saving energy and reducing pollution by use of emulsified palm-biodiesel blends with bio-solution additive. Energy , 35 , Yu, H. Li, B. Jan C. Bart, Natale Palmeri, Stefano Cavallaro. Processes for biodiesel production from unrefined oils and fats.

Palm Oil - Biofuel

Technical Tables. Biodiesel Production. Kapila Wadumesthrige, Steven O. Salley, K. Simon Ng. Effects of partial hydrogenation, epoxidation, and hydroxylation on the fuel properties of fatty acid methyl esters. Fuel Processing Technology , 90 10 , Beaulieu, H. Park, A. Ballew Mims, M. Extension of green bell pepper shelf life using oilseed-derived lipid films from soapstock. Industrial Crops and Products , 30 2 , Moser, Aaron Williams, Michael J.

Haas, Robert L. Exhaust emissions and fuel properties of partially hydrogenated soybean oil methyl esters blended with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Fuel Processing Technology , 90 9 , Prediction of performance and exhaust emissions of a diesel engine fueled with biodiesel produced from waste frying palm oil. Expert Systems with Applications , 36 5 , Biodiesel production, properties, and feedstocks.

Cool, Fred L. Composition of reaction intermediates for stoichiometric and fuel-rich dimethyl ether flames: flame-sampling mass spectrometry and modeling studies. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 11 9 , Experimental investigation on regulated and unregulated emissions of a diesel engine fueled with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel blended with biodiesel from waste cooking oil. Science of The Total Environment , 2 , Farooq, D. Davidson, R. Hanson, L. Huynh, A. An experimental and computational study of methyl ester decomposition pathways using shock tubes.

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Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , 32 , Lertsathapornsuk, R. Pairintra, K. Aryusuk, K. Fuel Processing Technology , 89 12 , Kapila Wadumesthrige, Jeremiah C. Smith, John R. Wilson, Steven O. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society , 85 11 , Ioannis Arvanitoyannis, Theodoros Varzakas. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition , 48 3 , Ioannis S.

Arvanitoyannis, Theodoros H. Vegetable Waste Management. Preparation of mesoporous polyoxometalate-tantalum pentoxide composite catalyst and its application for biodiesel production by esterification and transesterification. Green Chemistry , 10 7 , Jon Van Gerpen, Gerhard Knothe.

Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Bioenergy and Biofuels from Soybeans. Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods , 18 , Dantas, A. Almeida, Marta M. Ultrasonic transesterification of Jatrophacurcas L. Awalludin et al. An overview of the oil palm industry in Malaysia and its waste utilization through thermochemical conversion, specifically via liquefaction. Meneghetti et al. Ethanolysis of castor and cottonseed oil: a systematic study using classical catalysts. Smith et al. Encinar et al. USA en. Pelletizing and briquetting of coal fines using binders produced by liquefaction of biomass.

Lu et al. Mardhiah et al.

Biodiesel burns much cleaner than petroleum diesel

This book entitled "Biodiesel: Quality, Emissions and By-products" covers topics related to biodiesel quality, performance of combustion. biodiesel-quality-standards-and-properties.

A review on latest developments and future prospects of heterogeneous catalyst in biodiesel production from non-edible oils. Van Gerpen. USA1 en. Naik et al. Harnessing the power of raw materials We specialise in producing our clean, green fuel from waste by-products of other industries - tallow, used cooking oil, fats oils and grease, sewer grease and high FFA products - which have few alternative uses About Argent Energy.

Pioneering the Future. We specialise in converting wastes into energy and supplying our carbon-saving fuels to HDV users. Argent's vision: To reduce the world's carbon footprint. Giving businesses a means to dramatically, and sustainably, reduce their carbon emissions.