Women and the Law: Leaders, Cases, and Documents

The Women’s Leadership Gap
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C K v Shalala Domestic Partners.

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Gay and Lesbian Adoption. Kirchberg v Feenstra Marvin v Marvin OBrien v OBrien Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements. Reproductive Rights.

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Contraceptive Equity. Ferguson v City of Charleston Right to Privacy. RU Mifepristone.

Jeffrey Epstein found unconscious in jail cell, say reports

Sanger Margaret Skinner v Oklahoma Thalidomide and Abortion. Weddington Sarah Violence against Women. Date and Acquaintance Rape.

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Dworkin Andrea Kansas v Stewart MacKinnon Catharine A Michigan v Lucas Reno Janet United States v Morrison Workplace Rights. Allred Gloria Backus v Baptist Medical Center Burlington Industries v Ellerth Chambers v Omaha Girls Club et al ChavezThompson Linda Comparable Worth. Diaz v Pan American World Airways Disparate Impact. Equal Pay Act Faragher v City of Boca Raton Frank v Ivy Club General Electric v Gilbert Harris v Forklift Systems Inc Hill Anita Hodgson v Robert Hall Clothes Johnson v Transportation Meritor Savings Bank v Vinson Oncale v Sundowner Offshore Services Inc Phillips v Martin Marietta Corporation Richmond v J A Croson Company Washington v Gunther Proposed Equal Rights Amendment The Civil Rights Act Title IX of the Education Amendments of Declaration of Sentiments of the National Organization for Women Key Historical Concepts and Pioneers.

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Labor Rights. Women as Jurors. It takes patience to build trust in such relation-ships, but it pays off. The Asia Foundation research documents reviewed for this paper demonstrate that when NGOs adopt this more patient approach, traditional male leaders have often ruled in favor of women as a party to a dispute on such matters as inheritance, choice of spouse, child custody and divorce.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Women's Rights Cases Centered On Money

These impact studies of various projects showed that rates for resolving cases in favor of women disputants improved three-fold. Effective engagement with religious leaders takes significant time, effort and funding to build the essential ingredients of trust and ownership. Afghanistan has witnessed the failure of multiple projects in which the international community offered large sums of money to traditional leaders as an incentive to gain their support for a particular ideology, an outside government or a nation-building exercise rather than embark on a process of true engagement and dialogue.

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Such strategies fail with Afghan religious leaders because they fall short of real consultation. The reasoning of these well-meaning groups is that the messages have been crafted with an Islamic philosophy and thus should be endorsed. But this strategy usually fails even when the religious leaders broadly agree with the message; they find ways to undermine it because they were not consulted in developing the messages.

Religious leaders, therefore, need to be part of a process that is meaningful—and not superficial. All of that takes time to build an ongoing dialogue.

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Messages and programs that are plucked out of context will not be sustainable. Any outsider, even an urban resident of Kabul visiting an Afghan village, will not be seen as having the credibility to argue for modifying old notions of class and gender.

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Before engaging with traditional or religious leaders, though, local stakeholders need to be interviewed carefully in order to find leaders with such common goals—a mapping exercise of sorts. More broadly, for this sort of engagement to succeed, it must be made clear that support is being given for processes of change that local Afghan leaders themselves believe are needed.

An externally-driven agenda will not generate much real change. Responding to needs that are identified by local traditional leaders—and by implication the local population—will naturally foster a greater sense of local ownership. This approach is best pursued by working with trusted intermediary organizations, particularly Afghan faith-based organizations or individual religious leaders who are already trusted within their communities.

Such organizations and individuals can become the face of projects and programs. Public trust can then grow over time by supporting an Afghan-led process. For instance, community gatekeepers on these issues do not generally represent the formal justice sector.

Unsealed documents show allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and his inner circle

For that matter, champions for women and justice have emerged across all sectors, including government, law, civil society and media. Still, legal cases can be referred to the traditional or the state justice systems, depending upon which has the reach and ability to hold parties to an agreement. It is critical to foster opportunities for dialogue, learning and collaboration between local traditional leaders and state actors on these justice issues. Such an approach is the way to promote sustainable, positive change and long-term peacebuilding efforts.

The halt to U. The United States and Afghans have a chance to shape a new phase of talks to maximize the possibilities for a peace accord that Afghans can accept, the experts said at USIP. Some urged resuming talks as quickly as possible.

We provide analysis, education, and resources to those working for peace around the world.

On April 24, , the Section entered into a settlement agreement with the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township, Indiana to prevent and respond to peer-on-peer harassment in schools. Jeffrey Epstein's indictment is just the tip of the iceberg. The departments gathered evidence indicating that the district meted out disproportionate discipline for the students involved in the November incident and that the district's policies, procedures and trainings were not adequately addressing harassment against Somali-American students. On December 11, , the Court entered a Consent Decree designed to remedy teacher and principal assignment and course offerings. In these cases, the plaintiffs, both students of Kansas State University K-State , allege that K-State discriminated against them on the basis of sex in violation of Title IX when K-State allegedly refused to respond to or investigate their reports of sexual assault by K-State students during parties hosted at and by fraternities recognized and supported by K-State. At the same time, other states began making changes in their laws to eliminate distinctions that unfairly precluded women from receiving equal treatment.