The Paths of the Dead (The Khaavren Romances, Book 3)

Steven Brust’s The Khaavren Romances
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Sword fights! Young persons having adventures! Beloved older characters having adventures, too! Snappy dialogue! Extravagant food! And the missing heir to the Imperial Throne!

The Paths of the Dead

In the swashbuckling, extravagant manner of The Phoenix Guards, Five Hundred Years After, and The Paths of the Dead, this is an old-fashioned adventure--moving at a twenty-first-century pace. The Interregnum is over. To everyone's astonishment, Zerika, a very young Phoenix, has coolly emerged from the Paths of the Dead, carrying with her the Orb, which everyone had thought was lost in Adron's Disaster.

The Orb is the heart of the Dragaeran Empire, the source of all its magic--and the infallible sign that Zerika is the new Empress. But not everyone is happy to hear the news. It's been years since Adron's Disaster, and power vacuums never stay that way for long.

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He now controls almost half the area that was once the Empire -- in effect, the Empire re-created, with himself on the throne. Among those opposing him is a young Dragonlord named Morrolan - the same Morrolan familiar to every reader of the Vlad Taltos adventures.

Until recently, Morrolan was an orphan raised among Easterners, unaware of his lineage, but it has belatedly come to his attention that he's a high-ranking Dragonlord, and now he means to act like one. And from Sethra Lavode he has received a gift of immense significance and power: Blackwand, a magical artifact in the form of a sword.


Hudspeth, E. Griffith, Clay and Susan. Hardinge, Frances. Finlay, Charles Coleman C. Published Reviews. Vlad Taltos tells the story of his early days in the House Jhereg, how he found himself in a Jhereg war, and how he fell in love with the wonderful woman, Yendi, who killed him Date Edition Publisher Phys Desc.

For since Adron's Disaster, when Dragaera City was turned instantly into a sea of amorphia, the Empire has been in ruins. Trade has declined, brigands rule the roads, plagues sweep through the population. Now an ambitious Dragonlord means to rebuild the Empire in his own name.

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But unknown to him, the true heir, the Phoenix Zerika, has already retrieved the Imperial Orb from the Paths of the Dead. Sethra Lavode means to see Zerika on the throne. To do so will entail a climactic battle of sorcery and arms, told with all the swashbuckling flair for which Steven Brust is known. Steven Brust's Tiassa tells a story that threads its way through more than ten years of the remarkable life of Vlad Taltos—and, to the delight of longtime fans, brings him together with Khaavren, from The Phoenix Guards and its sequels.

Khaavren may be Vlad's best friend—or his most terrible enemy.

At first Burz isn't such a bad place, though the paper mill reeks to high heaven. But the longer he stays there, the stranger it becomes.

No one will tell him where to find his relatives. Even stranger, when he mentions the name Merss, people think he's threatening them. The witches' coven that every Fenarian town and city should have is nowhere in evidence. And the Guild, which should be protecting the city's craftsmen and traders, is an oppressive, all-powerful organization, into which no tradesman would ever be admitted.

Then a terrible thing happens. In its wake, far from Draegara, without his usual organization working for him, Vlad is going to have to do his sleuthing amidst an alien people: his own. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Steven Brust August 18, The long-awaited sequel to The Phoenix Guards and Five Hundred Years After Two hundred years after Adron's Disaster, in which Dragaera City was accidentally reduced to an ocean of chaos by an experiment in wizardry gone wrong, the Empire isn't what it used to be.

Along the way, we'll also encounter swordplay, intrigues, quests, battles, romance, snappy dialogue, and the missing heir to the Imperial Throne.

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The Paths of the Dead (Khaavren Romances, #3: The Viscount of Adrilankha Each of these books is an installment in Brust's KHAAVREN ROMANCES and. Two hundred years after Adron's Disaster, in which Dragaera City was accidentally reduced to an ocean of chaos by an experiment in wizardry gone wrong, the.

It's an old-fashioned adventure, moving at a 21st-century pace. She's the oldest person in the Dragaeran Empire, a military genius and master of sorcery whose own story stretches back to before the dawn of history. Now, after a long absence, she's returned to take an active role in the Empire's affairs-and the affairs of her friends Khaavren, Pel, Tazendra, Aerich, and all their friends and relations. Khaavren Romances 5 books in series. The Phoenix Guards Summary. Like Follow Edit. Writes mainly fantasy. His complex plots move a great speed which sometimes leads to the problem of not explaining all that is going on.

They hold the readers attention very well and can be read cover to cover without a break. The Taltos books are really excellent. Raised in a family of labor organizers, Steven Brust worked as a musician and a computer programmer before coming to prominence as a writer in with Jhereg, the first of his novels about Vlad Taltos, a human professional assassin in a world dominated by long-lived, magically-empowered human-like "Dragaerans.