Ruby Cookbook (2nd Edition)

Ruby Cookbook, 2nd Edition by Leonard Richardson, Lucas Carlson
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The vast majority of Linux users are downloading Linux themselves. And that's a great thing to see.

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Sanitchat, who was lovingly taught to cook Thai food by her mother and grandmother, has authored the second edition of The Everything Thai Cookbook , released by Adams Media. Sanitchat covers all of the essential Thai dishes within her plus recipes; includes chapters for vegetarian options using soy protein, tofu, and seitan ; and offers Thai-inspired versions of dishes like omelet tacos a serving method of pad thai in Thailand , green curry pizza a dish found at many pizza joints in Thailand , or spicy Thai tuna salad the absolute best way to dress up canned tuna.

Chapters follow the logical menu categories, including a nice assortment of desserts yes, you'll find recipes for some of her fantastic ice creams served at Thai Fresh.

SketchUp Models In This Chapter

Why spend time on coding problems that others have already solved when you could be making real progress on your Ruby project? This updated cookbook. Lucas Carlson. & Leonard Richardson. Ruby. Cookbook. RECIPES FOR OBJECT-ORIENTED SCRIPTING. 2nd Edition. Updated for Ruby

Sanitchat emphasizes that Thai recipes are to be used as a road map to a dish; the cook needs to rely on his or her own preferences to adjust the five essential flavors sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter to taste. Thai food is a highly personalized cuisine that often gets customized with condiments at the table.

Review: Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition

But for the neophyte that hasn't developed his or her Thai palate enough to know what to adjust, Sanitchat has locked in excellent tasting examples of the dishes; follow the recipe and it will taste as it should. Her recipes are logical and easy to follow, and the ingredients are easily obtained.

Any cook who wants to get into cooking Thai food at home needs this book. With very little practice, you can be making your own delicious baked shrimp and bacon with noodles goong op woon sen , dry noodles with pork guay teaw haeng , or fish dumplings with green curry and eggplant gang kiew-wan pla grai.

JUNOS Cookbook

See additional Unix tips and tricks. MySQL is one of the most popular open source databases.

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With an estimated 10 million active installations and more then 50, downloads every day, it runs on nearly every Unix platform and Windows as well. Along with this popularity, however, comes a host of questions from users on how to best accomplish any of a myriad of tasks.

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Whether you're new to MySQL or a long-time user, you will find numerous "tricks" that you can put to immediate use.