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We combine our strong Mendix skills with agile and digital transformation expertise, enterprise architecture and process analysis skills. The focus is allways on creating business value. With more than 50 certified Mendix consultants, of which 30 Advanced and Expert level, we have the flexibility to scale up when necessary while maintaining our high quality standards. All our Mendix consultants have a university degree and combine in-depth technology skills with strong communication and consultancy skills. As a project driven organization, we support our customers with a wide variety of issues or projects.

Present issues that have an impact on changing business models and the way products and services are positioned. In dealing with these issues, together with our clients we focus on the process behind it and take this as a starting point. We believe that the process should always be leading and not the solution or technology itself. FlowFabric is an organization driven by business consultants with domain knowledge in various industries. With our agile project approach and best practices, we are able to quickly understand business processes and optimize them.

Becoming an ABS-Recognized External Specialist

In different fields of expertise, we serve multi-nationals and smaller companies who innovate with big complex projects or small fast projects. Incentro helps organisations with their Digital Strategy so they can excel and stay ahead of their competition. With around incentronauts, we help you Work, interact and sell in the digital world.

Digital transformation is about more than just IT. Your culture is key to your success. Incentro knows that all too well. But just like you, we needed to take a critical look at our way of working. Everything will be digitalized. You could sit back and watch it happen, or we can make a digital breakthrough together.

Are you bold enough to step into the unknown? We are. Not to do a bit of a refresh, but to truly do things differently —for a change. If you want to innovate smart with Mendix, start innovating with ITvisors. ITvisors supports you in starting up and maturing your Mendix journey. As a Platform and Certified Support Partner we have the right experience to make Mendix successful within your organization.

These tailored best practice solutions offer direct access to innovative cloud services like document management and form generation systems, AI, IoT, AR, process and resource optimization, etc. Are you planning to establish your own internal Mendix team? We ensure that your team is trained, guided and supported with the capacity and quality when necessary.

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Our ITvisors team consists of highly experienced ERP and business consultants who know how to innovate in critical business processes. We know how to let Design2Change platforms, such as Mendix, collaborate seamlessly with Built2Last platforms, such as SAP, and provide you to benefit from both worlds. Magnus adds measurable value by realizing innovative solutions that, without fail, exceed the clients expectations.

The way to achieve this is close interaction with the client, working shoulder-to-shoulder, using architecture designs, a proven methodology and a healthy dose of commitment to a successful project. Extensive experience with mobile solutions and SAP-integration often come in handy. More than ten years ago, Mansystems transitioned towards the low-code development platform Mendix SAP RAD to empower our customers to become digital innovators.

We take customers on a journey. Our Mendix Expert consultants create a space in which innovation blossoms. We also maintain these applications in our Mendix certified support center. All the while on this journey, we empower our customers with the Mansystems Mendix Academy to become independent in innovating and building their own applications. We give customers the tools to build on top of the first application success and give them the best return-on-investment to keep innovating. All-in-all, we offer customers a complete range of services that guarantees innovation and quality applications: We are the very best in consultation, implementation, tools, maintenance, and tailored courses.

Nokavision Software has a clear Mendix Platform focus. Surely, we embrace cool Apps but moreover we help our customers to roll out the Mendix platform. With a range of business driven Appswe enable them to innovate and digitally transform their business and industries so they become more effective and relevant in their market. Nokavision differs in thorough business process knowledge and long-term expertise in adding value to people, processes and existing core applications such as ERP and WMS. Our team has a wealth of experience and a track record of successful implementations with our preferred platform vendors as: Mendix, OpenText, and Box.

For these platforms we have build API-based connectors so our customers are able to deliver the best possible fully integrated experience to their customers, suppliers and partners via Web Applications, Mobile Apps, and Multi-Channel Trading Documents. We gladly share our best practices and experience and are committed to make your Mendix projects successful.

Ordina Digital Services stands for guaranteed continuity, growth and performance of your Mendix platform. Keeping your company relevant online is challenging. Ordina Digital Services supports your digital execution so that you can focus on doing your business. Business platforms have to be available at all times and offer room for value-driven innovations in the service of customer satisfaction, performance and efficiency.

But how do you achieve this? With Ordina as a partner. We devise, build and manage IT applications in the public sector, financial services sector, in industry and in healthcare. Our strategy: simplify and surround. Simplify — Ordina is a strong believer in a stable and simple foundation. That is why we focus on robustness, flexibility, rationalisation and reducing the complexity of business platforms, enabling you to move beyond the tangle of old systems and applications. Surround — We increase the productivity and versatility of your business platforms by developing low-code Mendix platforms and other business apps around the standardised core.

This safeguards the reliability of the business platforms and lets us put you in a position to flexibly embrace new solutions and rapidly and intelligently make them available to users. New IT trends arise every day.

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At rond we see two large trends that have a very big impact on every organization. The total amount of data is growing every day. Rond does not only see data as the by-product of process improvement, but as the raw material for the renewed revenue model. At the same time, every company is becoming increasingly dependent on IT. Processes are increasingly automated and robotised. In recent years, organizations have invested a lot in stable environments to ensure that the primary processes of companies always keep running.

We help organizations with the rond digital execution program by creating all available data, information and interpreting this information in the right way.

Notes from the AI frontier: Applications and value of deep learning

Bringing business and IT closer together and constantly challenge each other for the best insights. As an organization, you are able to guarantee the data integrity and stability of systems to the maximum, but also deliver the speed so that the business can be competitive. Rond , now more than ever, believes that it is not the companies that are now the strongest, but the companies that can adapt the fastest to the constant changes in the market.

We apply cutting edge technology like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Mendix to create intelligent, game-changing solutions that help you perform better, work faster and make your business future-proof! We focus on making a real difference by creating disrupting applications focussing on new business model development and modernizing legacy landscapes. We use the most innovative technologies, the best people in the field and our years of experience to create inventive solutions that really help your business get ahead of competition!

Combine Mendix with our intelligent solutions, like Automated Planning and Smart Warehousing, to obtain business flexibility and to prepare yourself for future changes. Proactive Enrich your Mendix applications with Predictive Maintenance or Real-Time Data Insights and other smart concepts like facial recognition, speech recognition and smart chatbots to enable real-time actionability.

LUMI: The smarter way to learn and play music by ROLI — Kickstarter

We achieve this by trusting in User Centered Development which means putting the user first in our development process. This way we ensure successful and sustainable digital transformations. We stand for clarity, no vague processes and uncertainty in terms of lead time and budget. By thinking from the perspective of the user, we reduce the risks of each development process. At WebFlight we like to make beautiful digital things, as long as they make sense.

Our ingredients: design thinking, co-creation and validation. We truly believe the success of digital transformation lies in creating and testing new products and services. As part of the Makerstreet network, we are surrounded by digital specialists from different disciplines. This allows us to build solutions that are welcome in every business. And those complex projects in which others lose overview? Wij zijn Mendix specialist die expertise combineert met een gedegen branchekennis en innovatieve oplossingen.

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Note: The defendant bears an evidential burden in relation to the matter in subsection 3. See subsection Skip to main content. Sign In. Not an AMA member? Join now. Search Search. Medicare requirements for referrals to specialists and consultant physicians The following information has been compiled to explain, in the simplest terms, the Medicare benefits rules for referrals and the implications of not adhering to them.

Component shortages, production-line testing and validation, and other unknowns can impact delivery timelines. However, ROLI has years of experience in working through product-related issues. Start making music! Or gift one to a friend and duet together. Start your own band! Enjoy a hands-on demo with our talented product specialists, plus vegan lunch cooked for you on site. Start a band! Gather your musical friends! Play and jam along to songs for an incredible super early bird price! First backers only. Play and jam along to songs for a discounted early bird price! Available for a limited time only.

Create your own music on two cutting-edge keyboards for an unmissable Kickstarter price! For desktop music makers. Jun 18, - Jul 18, 30 days. Share this project Done.

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Tweet Share Email. LUMI: The smarter way to learn and play music. The illuminated keyboard and app that lets you play great songs and learn music as you go. Last updated August 20, Share this project. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. If you want to add extra items to your pledge then simply increase your pledge by the amount displayed above for your reward tier.

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