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Develop the art of revolution! Strengthen the courage and heroism of the masses and their will to victory! May your congress be the impetus to a wide front of struggle against fascism, against imperialist wars, and for the defense of the Soviet Union, the fatherland of the toilers of the world. Ardent revolutionary greetings to the first American congress of revolutionary writers.

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Letters, telegrams and cablegrams were also received from. Henri Barbusse sent a cablegram, the last sentence of which urged intellectuals to "follow the mass of workers as well as teach them. Innumerable cultural and scientific institutions, which took us centuries to build, have been wiped out in a few hours by the Japanese imperialists. Darkest reaction reigns in China and, while the Japanese militarists plunder and pillage our country, the Nanking traitors become Japanese henchmen in order to prolong their power. Now, almost daily, there are wholesale arrests and torture of workers, professors, writers and students who have joined our Association.

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Kenneth Burke - American Writers University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers. •. Author: Merle E. Brown. Kenneth Burke - American. Kenneth Burke. To meet a need which had been felt for some time both in the United States and abroad, the pamphlet series, the University of Minnesota.

This was Granville Hicks, who, a month later, was discharged from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he had been teaching English, because of his participation in just such activities at the Congress typified. Malcolm Cowley was among the speakers, but the ideas he presented that night were more extensively treated in the paper which is part of this book and which he delivered at a subsequent session of the Congress.

Josephine Herbst spoke of "the stirring movement" she has witnessed in such disparate places as Iowa and Cuba, where she has lately been, and in Pennsylvania, where she lives, among workers and farmers. These men and women are becoming aware of the economic realities behind their troubles and they are beginning to fight. What has this to do with writing?

So far as I am concerned, it has everything. It is impossible for me to stop myself from writing about anything so real. It is a subject matter that.

Edmund Burke

It would be a very dark world to-day were it not for the hope reposing in the working class. This is a marvelous time in which to be alive. It is immeasurably better than , when literature was devoted to trivia. To-day we have everything but triviality to write about.

The same thought was expressed in another way, and from another point of view, by Hays Jones, the editor of Marine Workers' Voice , whose blunt, sincere vitality elicited abundant applause. Jones said:. I may be a propagandist after a fashion, but a writer, no. I want, however, in the name of the workers of New York, and especially of the marine workers, to issue an invitation and an ultimatum. They make their living by writing, and I am just wondering whether they want to starve today or not. Because if they don't want to starve, they have got to do certain things, and that is to come down to the place where they have a market.

You have heard that story about the poet who starves to death writing beautiful poems in a garret. There just is nothing to it. As professionals they ought to aspire to white tile bathrooms and things of that kind, and I don't blame them because we workers also aspire to those things. I rather imagine these writers arc also losing hope of finding them in capitalism unless they go in for some decidedly unpleasant things. But I say that to-day the only thing that's alive in capitalist society is the working class.

The day in the life of a man who spends nine hours in front of a punch press or on a ship has more reality, more beauty and more harmony than you will find in all of Park Avenue with its boredom, its waste of time and its quest for joy that doesn't exist. Therefore we want to issue an invitation to these writers assembled to-night, to come down among the workers to find that life and to create a synthesis for it with their tools as writers.

Well, that is a big job.

The Journal of the Kenneth Burke Society

Some of us are a little skeptical about it. If the writers accept our invitation, we will furnish the market for their works and that is what they are looking for. They can go on writing about the dead until. The last speaker, Michael Gold, was introduced as "the best loved American revolutionary writer"; he spoke on "The Workers as an Audience for Writers. It has heroism, intelligence, courage. We must never forget that a class which has such depths of creative power deserves only the best literature we can give. This charge is made by intellectuals who believe they do not wear a uniform-the uniform of the bourgeoisie.

Well, we are proud of our role.

Permanence and Change An Anatomy of Purpose By Kenneth Burke 3rd ed | Course Hero

This great meeting to-night, attended by more than four thousand people, many of whom are workers, could not have been convoked by any bourgeois audience or any group of bourgeois writers. This meeting, and the Congress which it opens, is a demonstration of the creative depths that are in the working masses. May this Congress be another of the landmarks in American history by which our happier descendants will discern the steps in our progress toward a richer and more social life and a more intelligent America.

There were six sessions of the Congress-the public one on Friday evening, morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday for the delegates and guests, and a group of small craft meetings on Saturday night. I have prepared a running account of these sessions which will be found in an appendix, entitled "Discussion and Proceedings. The arrangement of the papers which compose this volume does not follow the sequence of their delivery before the Congress.

An attempt has been made to place them in an order which will make it easier for the reader to discern the general purpose and scope of. Editing the proceedings of this first American Writers' Congress has not been easy, for it entailed some more or less arbitrary decisions uncongenial to a temperament such as my own. The labor of bringing so much material into publishable form was considerable, and I would like to thank Joseph Freeman, who wrote some of the sentences at the opening of this introduction and who reduced much of the discussion retrieved from stenographic notes taken during the Congress sessions to usable proportions; also Kenneth Burke and Edwin Seaver, who edited many of the papers in order that their individual length might not exceed the exigencies of space.


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