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Secrets of an Organized Mom: How to Declutter and Streamline Your Home for a Happier Family - eBook
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gatsby-estates.co.uk/bribem-beaver-logs-on.php Both of my boys have loads upon loads of Legos. When in a hurry and clean up is a must, The Maven recommends using a clear shoe or jewelry organizer see above so that similar colored Legos can be easily organized. Best of all, they are less likely to get underfoot when checking on the kids at bedtime.

Shoe organizers seem to have a starring role in this post and Lifehacker gives us one of the reasons why. Like to camp?

You need a storage solution that rolls up for travel and hangs for prompt access to cooking tools. A shoe organizer may be just what the grill master ordered.

Lego sanity

Easily hung from a tree and you have a portable organizer for utensils, kitchen equipment, food, towels and anything else you might want to keep up off the ground and away from critters. Instead, screw a small section of wire closet shelving vertically, yes, vertically , to the side of a closet wall. They are stored out of the way, but they are within reach when the holidays roll around. Tired of never having enough hangers for all your beautiful tank tops and camis? Unclip a shower ring, thread each strap of the cami onto it and re-clip to the base of your hanger.

Just be sure to fold each tank lightly and not to crush too many of them together, so as to not create wrinkles. We were constantly being lined up to do something—in size order from shortest to tallest.

5 Back-to-School Organization Hacks for Busy Moms

Right before visiting day, the camp would conduct what was called the Moss Hunt. Remember, this was Florida, so moss grew everywhere.

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But rather than hire people to clean it up, the camp came up with the brilliant idea of making it an activity for the campers. In addition to moss, there was an elaborate system of points for all the gum and candy wrappers, bottle tops, and beer bottle caps we could find. My cabin always won the competition, thanks to my zeal for the job.

I loved that camp to a bizarre and possibly pathological degree. I loved all the order. And I really loved laundry day. There was no better feeling for me than when all my clothes were clean at the same time. I loved to refold each item and put it in its proper space in my cubby. I loved making hospital corners on my bunk bed. My moment of triumph occurred during Camp Color War. It made sense that a camp as army-like as this one would have a cabin neatness event. I remember my beating heart as every girl in my cabin stood at attention in front of our beds and cubbies, waiting to be inspected by scary Dan, the camp director with the shiny whistle around his neck and the clipboard that seemed permanently attached to his hand.

He stopped in front of my bunk, flanked by the captains of the gold and the blue teams, and he scanned my bunk and my cubbies up and down, then down and up. He lingered, I perspired. Was something not arranged at a perfect right angle?

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He nodded. One group of people tells us to follow our heart. The other tells us to be practical. There are few things that give me greater joy than practicality. And I like to think that I communicate my joy to the clients who hire me to help organize their homes. These moms get understandably panicked every time they miss a birthday, are assessed a credit card late fee, or look for an outfit to wear to work. The world is full of all kinds of wonderful people, and chances are, your family members range from the neatest to the most organizationally challenged.

The key is that your home works for you and everyone in it. I guarantee that a messy, disorganized home works for no one. So you go out and buy a bunch of storage containers, and you hope that the containers themselves will organize you. This is where I come in. Everyone has messes, whether the mess is in the back of a walk-in closet or in the corner of the living room. Some of us have the luxury of a little more space, and some of us have barely enough to turn around in. We all need to work with the space we have. I visit all of my clients personally.

I sit down with them at their computers and go through their emails, and I press the delete button—over and over and over again. I tell them what to keep, what to toss, what to file. As a married mother of twins, not to mention someone who has been in the farthest recesses of countless homes, I know all the trouble areas.

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Better yet, I have the solutions. My advice applies no matter what your household circumstances—whether you live in an apartment or a house, in the city, country, or suburbs, and whether you have one child or multiple. No stone goes unturned, from your front door to the deepest recesses of your computer and your storage areas.

10 Painless Organization Tips For Busy Women

Most important, this book shows how every member of your family can breathe easier, live happier, hang up their own coats, find the Advil, use the milk before it spoils, and maybe even open a closet without grimacing or covering their eyes. About The Author. Photograph by Rebecca Weiss Photography. Barbara Reich. Product Details.

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7 Genius Busy Mom Organization Tips

She claims most things can be done in 2 hours! This book did not provide me with any break-through email tips. In my chart I breakdown tasks by activity and category. And I purge constantly. When my husband told me we needed a Roomba , I thought he was crazy. I highly recommend that method.

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