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SRTs are oral medications. SRTs are only available for certain patients due to the unique way the drugs behave in the body.

Substrate Reduction Therapy (SRT)

Summary. Carefully crafted to provide tightly focused and authoritative information, the Directory of Therapeutic Enzymes covers all approved therapeutic. Directory of Therapeutic Enzymes. Edited by Barry McGrath and Gary Walsh. ykoketomel.mlE - In Google Play. VIEW · Wiley Online.

For instance, SRTs are not approved for use in people under 18 or women who are breastfeeding, pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Learn more about whether you can receive substrate reduction therapy for Gaucher disease. Infusion centers are facilities that specialize in IV infusions. Many patients receive ERT at infusion centers, but the process can be time-consuming due to traveling and waiting for staff to prepare the medication. Still, many patients prefer the familiarity of infusion centers and friendly staff. Specialists at Gaucher disease treatment centers can help track your health, monitor symptoms and adjust your dosage as necessary.

While going to a treatment center still involves travel and waiting time, it may be more convenient in terms of allowing you to combine appointments.

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You can locate one of these specialized facilities with our Gaucher disease treatment finder. Many patients find home infusions more convenient. One disadvantage is not having extra staff on hand if complications arise. While not all insurance policies cover home infusions, pharmaceutical case managers can help you navigate your insurance coverage.

Pharmaceutical case managers help answer patient questions, and you can contact one through the pharmaceutical company that manufactures your ERT medication.

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Learn more about home infusions for enzyme replacement therapy for Gaucher disease. In addition to ERT and SRT, which address enzyme deficiency and glucocerebroside accumulation, you may need other treatments for symptoms and complications of Gaucher disease. It is essential to work with a Gaucher specialist who can help you determine your best treatment option and manage your symptoms.

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KSQ Therapeutics. Affinity Life Sciences. Skyhawk Therapeutics. Alopexx Oncology. Zebra Biologics. Learn more about enzyme replacement therapy for Gaucher disease. Durham RiboWiz Scientific Inc.

Find a specialist with our Gaucher disease treatment finder. Find Providers.

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Skip to content. Treating the Symptoms of Gaucher Disease In addition to ERT and SRT, which address enzyme deficiency and glucocerebroside accumulation, you may need other treatments for symptoms and complications of Gaucher disease. Systemic enzyme therapy: problems of resorption of enzyme macromolecules. Cas Lek Cesk ; 19 Kleine MW. Introduction to systemic enzyme therapy and results of experimental trials. Sports, Medicine and Health. Excerpta Medica. Amsterdam, p Rahn HD. Efficacy of hydrolytic enzymes in surgery. Amsterdam: Duskova M and Wald M.

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Directory of Therapeutic Enzymes

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