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This pattern includes all 3 girls. Upon completion of his degree in the London College of Furniture where he had studied the making of musical instruments, he emigrated to New Zealand. Down studio. There is a three-dimensional construction to her hollow forms. An additional monument, at Takalik Abaj in Guatemala , is a throne that may have been carved from a colossal head. She has separate fingers and newborn socks and shoes are on her feet. This is a really big pattern with lots of pages so prepare to do a lot of printing for the e-pattern.

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Katia Katie Ogle Katie Pasquini This exciting edition includes all you need to know to make powerful and attractive Indian bows with an easy-to-follow text. The reader is shown how to use both primitive and modern techniques of bow and arrow making. Making bow strings with techniques that are understandable to even the beginning bowyer; and shooting the way that Indians did years ago. Paperback , 98pp,. This magnificent volume has more than photographs from more than 60 leading museums and private collections that have never before been published describing the clothing in fascinating detail, from moccasins and tunics to sashes, bags and ceremonial and burial costumes.

There are also many examples of native pottery and other historic artifacts that depict themes used in the clothes. Take a fascinating look at the clothing styles of 19th and early 20th century Native Americans and learn what influenced their dress; from cultural traditions, status, the environment as well as dreams and visions. Over 50 vintage photographs show the diversity of styles worn by Native People of various regions from formal ceremonial regalia to everyday combinations of Native and western pioneer garments.

Most of the items described here are accompanied by illustrated instructions for recreating apparel at home. The book, edited by award-winning beadwork artist and NMAI curator Emil Her Many Horses Oglala Lakota , presents a fascinating array of Native women's clothing from the Plains, Plateau, and Great Basin regions of the United States and Canada, dating from the s to the present and including dresses, shawls, moccasins, belts, bags, and hair accessories.

In addition to superb color plates of the clothing, Identity by Design contains lively and perceptive essays by Her Many Horses, artist and professor Colleen Cutschall Oglala Lakota , and scholar and author Janet Catherine Berlo. Striking historical and contemporary photographs depict Native life and Native women and their attire. They also reflect Native history and identity during a time of intense social and cultural change. The words, insights, and memories of a number of contemporary Native women artists who design and make dresses enrich the text of Identity by Design and add a fascinating new dimension to our understanding of this magnificent attire.

Beautiful color photographs highlight the pages with expert explanations of dress construction. Bringing the early dresses into the contemporary powwow scene are interviews and photos of some of today's top dancers and crafts people. Excellent resource. One of a kind book with illustrations throughout and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

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By Clark Wisseler. This important work from by the famous anthropologist Clark Wissler is a full-color, comparative study of the forms and distribution of Plains Indian men's shirts, coats, and women's dresses featuring specimens in the American Museum of Natural History. In this modern version, actual color photographs have also been added to supplement many of the original black and white illustrations. Any student wishing to discover tribal and regional characteristics of Plains war shirts, dresses, and coats will find this a valuable resource.

Cherokee ceremonial dances and costumes are described and illustrated in full color in this beautiful "how-to-do" book by Donald Sizemore, author of How To Make Cherokee Clothing. Paperback, pp. By Evard Gibby. A new and exciting book for those interested in traditional Native American dress and for anyone who wants to know how to make use of their own deerskins and other animal skins, in either a traditional or modern manner.

Extensive, well researched and fascinating to read! This book first explores the Traditional Dress of Native Americans in the nine major cultural areas of North America, with an emphasis on everyday or "work" clothes. Individual items of clothing are then discussed in detail. Selected pieces of dress clothing, primarily from the Plains, are discussed. Included are drawings, patterns and ideas for making replicas of primitive clothing.

There are also sections on how some people currently live in buckskin year round and surprising facts about native clothing. Buckskin Today describes clothing made in modern times in both period and modern styles. In addition bags, pouches and parfleche are covered and there are tips for sewing and cleaning buckskin.

Tanning Buckskins and Fur emphasizes Indian brain tanning methods including dry-scrape and wet-scrape techniques. Coloring and dyeing hides are described. Over references on these subjects are provided. Classic work on American Indian ribbon work. Includes explanations of Plains style ribbon work, templates for various ribbon work patters, easy to follow instructions for multiple ribbon work patterns for dresses, straight dance suits, shawls and many other projects, color photos, easy to follow sewing and quilting instructions. Our video "Ribbons of the Osage" sold out makes a good companion to this classic work.

Our Straight Dance clothing pattern also has excellent instructions. Expertly written, photographed and illustrated articles. Blackfeet Women's Clothing: Complete study from pre to present. Back in Print and better than ever! Added is explanations of Woodland designs, beliefs and symbols of the Great Lakes Region. But the real beauty of this books are the designs for men and women clothing during the s to s. Covering the northern, central and southern plains, as well as the plateau, this comprehensive craft guide shows how to recreate both cloth and hide dresses of the 19th century, as well as the accessories worn with these dresses.

Great old photos. In each, the victims are children. In each, the perpetrator is a man of power and renown. And in each, the pursuit of just Try another floral If the wire breaks while you are working, you can add a new wire in the same manner as you would add a thread; pull a new loop through the existing loop and continue as if the wire had not broken.

When you have progressed a few beads into the pattern, work Here are the very best examples of this attractive and sophisticated craft, from jewelry to home accessories. Thanks also to Carolyn Reese and Ariel Glassman for their help in stitching models for this book. B Ideas for clothing accessories and jewellery - using seed beads, pearls, crystals and so on - include a fringed scarf, a butterfly camisole and a Victorian black lace collar. These more than 50 projects for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are all marvelously easy to make, using only the most basic stitches.