Accommodation Coefficient of Gaseous Ions at Cathodes

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To test this hypothesis, momentum experiments of the type already reported for helium ions striking a molybdenum cathode have been continued for argon ions striking molybdenum and aluminum, respectively.

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The transfer of momentum was measured by the deflection of a delicate pendulum, whose bob consisted of the metal cathode under investigation, the surrounding argon atmosphere being strongly ionized by a discharge between supplementary electrons. The experimental data made possible the computation of the accommodation coefficient for the positive ions and also the fraction of the current carried by electrons at the cathode.

The accommodation coefficient for argon ions on molybdenum was 0.

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For example, a chucking voltage of only volts D. Yet another configuration where neutrals modeling may be called for are devices featuring a neutral flow. Oxford: Oxford Clarendon Press The surface to be implanted may be a single-crystalline bulk wafer or a SOI silicon-on-insulator layer. The simulations also indicate that heavy-particle ionization processes contribute signif- icantly to the ionization balance of the discharge.

The classical theory would be expected to hold in such cases where the energy of the impinging particle greatly exceeds the thermal energy of the cathode. Three cases are analyzed: first, impact by large ions which do not penetrate into the cathode; second, impact by smaller ions which may penetrate only a few layers into the cathode; and third, impact of very small high speed ions which may penetrate many layers of atoms in the cathode. The experimental values of accommodation coefficients are shown to conform sufficiently closely to the predictions of this analysis to indicate that the phenomena of loss of energy and momentum are at least approximately described by the postulates of this analysis.

Thermodynamics: expansion coefficient and isothermal compressibility derivation

Compton and E. Lamar Phys.

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Compton KT, Van Voorhis CC. Heats of Condensation of Positive Ions and the Mechanism of the Mercury Arc. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Dec;18(12) Accommodation Coefficient of Gaseous Ions at Cathodes. Compton KT(1). Author information.

Abstract Authors References. Abstract On the classical theory of momentum transfer at impact of a moving particle with a stationary particle, one of us suggested that the accommodation coefficient for positive gas ions striking a metal cathode should be less than unity only if the mass of the metal atom exceeds that of the gas ion.

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